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the island of conclusions

Pssst...over here! (fic recs)

the island of conclusions

bright star

Pssst...over here! (fic recs)

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bright star
A couple of lovely stories showed up on my flist this week that aren’t being cross-posted to any of the usual coms. They aren’t f-locked or anything, just kind of under the radar.

Both are love stories, of the intense, bittersweet longing, rather than the porny, variety.

Both are also future!fics--one non-AU J2 future!fic, one Dean/Cas set in the 5.04 AU.

Other than that, they’re totally different brands of wonderful.

In the spirit of the authors’ stealthiness, I won’t send this rec. post to the newsletter. But if you happen to be reading it, sneak on over and enjoy these fics!

Links behind cut

Giving you the author’s summaries, and their warnings, which are almost as descriptive!

so let me set the battlements on fire by calamitycrow.
(J2, NC-17)
Summary: It's been nine years since Supernatural was canceled, and six years since Jared and Jensen broke up. When Jared gets the chance to work on another project with Jensen, he hopes he can finally set things straight between them. Some things, though, aren't so easily fixed.
Warnings: disability, alcoholism.
NB: this is a WIP at the moment--5/7 parts have been posted. But I expect the rest will follow pretty quickly..

As always with this author, the communities around the central characters are as interesting and moving as the Js themselves. And the things that have have led to the distance between Jensen and Jared are both plausible and heart-wrenching.

The Shame of it All by oselle (R, Dean/Castiel)
Summary: It's 2014, the world's gone to hell, and a good bath is hard to find in the post-Croatoan apocalypse.
Warnings: Language, sexual situation, unorthodox punctuation, no Sam.

Give this a try even if you don't usually read Dean/Cas. It's beautifully written, the post-apocalyptic setting is amazingly well done, and, as the author said in the comments to her first, gorgeous 5.04 fic, Once, who knew Dean and Cas would end up being the angstiest couple on the show?

  • Thanks for the rec! Do you think I should post it to the newsletter? I just feel kind of weird about it because it's Dean/Castiel and yet it's sort of...not, in that nothing really happens between them. I mean, the R rating should clue people in right?
    • It's a fabulous story--of course I think you should post it to the newsletter!

      Personally, I think the unrequited longing (and the images of wet, naked, fire-lit Dean) make it that much hotter. I would think that enough people read Dean/Cas these days, that there would be room for all kinds of flavors of 'shipping. But this is SPN fandom we're talking about, so who knows...

      Did you see there's a new com all about "The End" (here) You could post it there and test the waters...

      But basically, yes--it's a great fic, even aside from the hotness, people will want to read it--
      • I so love that "The End" was so potent it begat its own com. Personally I feel as if I've just fallen into a whole new fandom! Again...a great episode? Or THE GREATEST episode?

        For now I think I'll let "Shame Of It All" fly under the radar. There's something I can't quite articulate...I just really love the rich possibilities of Future!Dean and Future!Castiel and I don't want people to think I'm just about shipping them, if that makes sense. That doesn't mean I'm not going to ship them some more because HOLY COW that's hot but "Once" is sort of a better exploration of their relationship than a story in which sex is as prominently on display as it is in "Shame." Frankly if you'd told me before "The End" that I'd be writing Dean/Castiel at all I'd have said you were nuts.

        And man, do I love your icon. I need some "The End" icons bad.
        • That makes sense--I think you have to go with your instincts about where/when to post fics.

          It made me happy to see the non-sexual intensity of their relationship in both stories. I've read some more porny Dean/Cas stuff now that I've liked (and that doesn't make me giggle), but it's the other stuff that gives it the interest and depth, for me, anyway. And you're right that Dean/Cas is far more shippable than Dean/Castiel.

          You know, I loved the episode when it aired, but the incredibly good fic that has it has inspired may have pushed into possibly being THE GREATEST. (the whole Smith&Wesson AU got its own com last year--which I never checked out--but all that fic seemed like a lark, while this stuff has real depth.

          The icon is from here and, since we're on the subject of kinks, I like it because it seems to capture the slightly sub/dom thing Dean and Castiel have sometimes on the show, when Castiel gets in his face, and Dean does that whole turning his face away, lowering his lashes, looking slightly pleasurably ashamed (ahem..., I know it's a little sick of me to enjoy it)
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