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the island of conclusions

Dear Purim Gifts Author

the island of conclusions

bright star

Dear Purim Gifts Author

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bright star
Dear Purimgifts Author:

First of all, thank you so much for writing a story for me! Any fic in these fandoms would make me happy, so please just write what seems fun and interesting to you!

If it’s helpful, here are some things I like:

I like slash, gen and het equally—I’ll be as happy with a G story as I will with one that’s NC-17.

h/c is bulletproof for me, especially of the minor-injury/sick!fic/comfort!fic variety. Give character A the flu and have character B look after him/her and I’ll be yours for life.

If you do feel like writing porn, I’m quite partial to kink, if you can make it plausible for the characters. Any kind of sensation play/ pain play is great, as long as it’s RACK.

Other things I like: being in dubious battle; unexpected moments of empathy and compassion; tactile connections; altered states of consciousness; courage; honor; and questions of leadership and responsibility.

If you’re so inclined, I am very interested in explorations of faith and practice: how they affect a character’s life and relationships, and the place of faith in a character’s identity (I guess specifically Judaism for this exchange, but really all faiths).

I think the only things I don’t like are mpreg, watersports and non-canonical character deaths.

All my fic is over here on AO3 if you’re curious: if I like to write it, I like to read it!

I threw in a lot of fandoms this year! Here are some more detailed prompts for some, but not all, of them (in alphabetical order):

The Aubrey-Maturin series: Anything will make me happy! Post Captain and H.M.S. Surprise actually have a canonically Jewish character in Canning—treated with O’Brian’s usual dry sympathy and historical accuracy. Fic about the situation of Jews in early nineteenth-century England would be wonderful, as would any of the incidents of those books seen from Canning’s perspective (Canning/Diana would be fine with me!). Also, there can’t be a better Evil Vizier than Napoleon, right?

Hannibal: For all its focus on Hannibal and Will’s epic love, this is a show with amazing female characters: Alana, Abigail, Beverly, Bedelia Du Maurier. Anything you’d like to write about these ladies—their perspective on canon events, or adventures of their own—would be great. Pretty much all pairings are fine with me. I love Hannibal and Will in all the weird permutations of their relationship, but I’m less sold on “murder family” fic with Abigail. Still, I know a lot of people find that fascinating, and if that’s where your muse takes you, don’t worry.

Homeland: I love the nuanced attention to faith in this series, and I would love a fic about Saul’s faith—either back story or how it fits into his relationships now, with Mira or Carrie for instance. But I love Carrie, too, though, so if you want to write a Carrie-centric fic, that would be awesome. Carrie/Brody in all its forms is great, but I’m fascinated by Quinn and wouldn’t mind a little Carrie/Quinn either. I’ve seen all of S3, and quite enjoyed it, so fics about that part of the series or its aftermath are welcome.

Rivers of London. A new one for me (and I haven’t read Broken Homes, though I may have by March). Here, too, I think the women characters are great, and would love to read more about any of them (human and not-so-human). Plus, with it would be easy to imagine a story set in the world of the books about Jewish London, or Jews in London—a golem perhaps, or other kinds of Kabbalistic magic.

Sherlock: Anything goes here (except I’m not into Mycroft, especially in pairings). I have a thing for fic about Sherlock and Lestrade’s relationship (romantic or otherwise) before the advent of John. For this exchange three years ago I got a prompt for Jewish!Lestrade and have been writing fics in that series ever since. I’m not sure if it’s kosher, as it were, but you are very welcome to play in that playground if you’re so inclined. Heck, feel free to make it into a Lestrade/Sherlock/John threesome! Oh, and I love Mary--fic about Mary would be great!

X-Men: First Class: What’s a Purim fic exchange for if not to explore canonically Jewish characters? Anything you want to write about how Erik’s Judaism affects his life would be wonderful. Any pairing, any rating is fine with me. Don’t worry, though: if we match on this and you have no desire to write about Erik, that’s fine. Just write as your muse dictates—the characters are all wonderful and I’m sure I’ll love it.

If we’ve matched on any of the other fandoms I requested—the Michael Chabon novels, Cryptonomicon, Cabin Pressure or Peaky Blinders--that’s wonderful. I will be just as happy with fic in these fandoms as with the ones for which I’ve given more extensive prompts! All characters, all pairings are great in any of these.

Most importantly, though, have fun, and know that I really appreciate the time and energy you’re taking to do this!
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