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the island of conclusions

Prompts, y'all

the island of conclusions

bright star

Prompts, y'all

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bright star
You've probably already seen that hoodie_time is holding a fic challenge here. You can post prompts up until 11/3 here.

Prompt claiming begins 11/5. You have 'til 2/14/10 to write the fic!

I posted three prompts, because it's something I kinda love to do.

::nudges you gently towards my prompts::

Two are just fishing expeditions for things I think would be fun: Dean, Ellen; and H1N1 voluntary isolation.

But if someone were to were to write a circa 2014 outbreak/epidemic!fic I would be...well, let's just say I would be very happy...

(whole prompt behind cut)

future!Dean, future!Castiel, set in the 5.04 AU, circa. 2014. Gen or Dean/Cas, your choice.

The conditions under which the resistance fighters live make them vulnerable to disease. Dean, Cas, et. al. struggle to deal with the an outbreak/epidemic of some disease (could be something caused by poor living conditions, like cholera, but doesn't have to be--just have it be human, not supernatural).

Dean eventually succumbs (to the disease, to exhaustion, even to despair, but something with physical symptoms, please, not just emotional distress). Castiel is there for him.

nb: they could also stumble on another community in the throes of an epidemic, and help them...

Or just adopt the bunny and ignore the challenge--that would be awesome too!

Of course there are (as of now) 86 other prompts to choose from--I won't be insulted if you pick another one instead! So go take a look--

okay--the shameless pleading is over now--you can go back to what you were doing!
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