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the island of conclusions

Dear Crossoverings Writer

the island of conclusions

bright star

Dear Crossoverings Writer

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bright star
First of all, thank you so much for writing a story for me! Any crossover in the fandoms I’ve requested would make me happy, so please just write what seems fun and interesting to you!

If it’s helpful, here are some things I like:

I like slash, gen and het equally—I’ll be as happy with a G story as I will with one that’s NC-17. Pair the characters up within and between the fandoms as you see fit. I usually like M/M and M/F better than F/F, but in the right story, femslash is great. I don’t usually enjoy infidelity, but if you can think of a work-around (or turn it into a threesome!), that’s great.

h/c is bulletproof for me, especially of the minor-injury/sick!fic/comfort!fic variety. Give character A the flu and have character B look after him/her and I’ll be yours for life.

If you do feel like writing porn, I’m quite partial to kink, if you can make it plausible for the characters. Any kind of sensation play/ pain play is great, as long as it’s RACK.

Other things I like: being in dubious battle; unexpected moments of empathy and compassion; tactile connections; altered states of consciousness; courage; honor; and questions of leadership and responsibility.

I think the only things I don’t like are mpreg, ABO, watersports and non-canonical character deaths.

All my fic is over here on AO3 if you’re curious—I’ve written a bunch of crossovers: if I like to write it, I like to read it!

Here are all the prompts I left on the sign-up form. I think for a lot of them you can substitute in different fandoms:

House/Merlin : Merlin magically transports House (and any other characters you want) back in time to diagnose and cure an ailing Arthur.

Merlin/H50: Modern AU. Arthur (and any other characters you want) visit Hawaii on a royal vacation. The Five-O team is charged with protecting them.

Hannibal/House: Hannibal does some work for PPH.

Hannibal/Greek and Roman Mythology: So many cases on Hannibal involve the transformation of bodies; imagine a case drawn from Greek myth: woman turned into nightingales, spiders, etc.

House/SPN: House and Wilson, Sam and Dean are present at a case of demon possession. They have different ideas about how to proceed with the situation. Or do they?

James Bond/Orphan Black: Helena would make a great Bond opponent (or ally, I suppose).

Orphan Black/The Mindy Project: I love the comic parts of OB as much as the angsty parts. Imagine a clone going to the gynecologist's.

The Mindy Project/H50: Mindy and Danny vacation in Hawaii. Things do not go as planned.

The Mindy Project/SPN: Mindy's office (or apartment) is haunted. Sam and Dean show up. Hijinks and flirtation ensue.

X-Men movieverse/Raven Cycle: Ronan's ability to bring things out of his dreams catches the attention of Charles and Erik.

SPN/Raven Cycle: Sam and Dean have reason to dreamwalk with Ronan.

Orphan Black/X-Men : Siobhan's network also helps mutants.

Have fun!!
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