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the island of conclusions


the island of conclusions

bright star


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bright star
Remix going live coincided with our week long,fun but strenuous road trip/family visit, so I was entirely remiss about posting about the lovely fic I got, or reading anything else in the archive. Now everything has been revealed, but better late than never, I hope!

This was my gift:

Nestling (The Fledglings Remix) (3342 words) by opalmatrix
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: The Eagle | The Eagle of the Ninth - All Media Types
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Marcus Flavius Aquila/Esca Mac Cunoval
Characters: Marcus Flavius Aquila, Esca Mac Cunoval, Sassticca (Eagle of the Ninth), Stephanos (Eagle of the Ninth), Original Characters
Additional Tags: Illnesses, Hurt/Comfort, Pre-Slash

The winter after the journey was hard on both of them.

This is Esca's POV on the events of the story, and I loved the way it fleshed out his experience, especially the crucial parts of the story that go on inside Esca's head, and that Marcus can only guess at. I haven't thought about the Eagle, or my Eagle fic for a long time, and this remix made me remember how much I love the characters and setting. So a big thank you to opalmatrix!

I wrote two remixes myself:

Though Seas Between Us Broad Have Roared (the 20x20 remix) (1632 words) by ariadnes_string
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Rivers of London - Ben Aaronovitch
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Peter Grant & Lesley May, Beverley Brook/Peter Grant
Characters: Peter Grant, Lesley May, Beverley Brook, Thomas Nightingale
Additional Tags: Remix, Retrospective

After the events of Foxglove Summer, Peter remembers some of the good times with Lesley.

This was my assignment. I think templemarker and I matched on H50, but I actually remixed one of their H50 stories for a previous remix, so I went looking for something else, and was delighted to find RoL fic. Since I'm still processing the events of Foxglove Summer, I recast this lovely older Yuletide story in the light of the current story lines. It made it a bit (well, a lot) sadder, but I was glad of the chance to reflect on Peter and Lesley's relationship, which I haven't really done before.

Five Times Rust Cohle Stayed Alive (the lend your lungs to me remix) (1226 words) by ariadnes_string
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: True Detective
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Rustin "Rust" Cohle/Martin "Marty" Hart
Characters: Rustin "Rust" Cohle, Martin "Marty" Hart, Travis Cohle
Additional Tags: Remix, Suicidal Thoughts

The thing about the ocean is, it rises up to the meet the sky as if it doesn’t know there should be a line between them. Rust loves it, and he fears it, because it makes him forget about other lines as well.

This was a pinch hit. The original is a gorgeous story about Rust in Alaska, from Yuletide 2014, which I hadn't read before. As always when I write TD fic, I had to go back to canon to figure things out (I may never have watched any other show as many times), but, as always, canon produced new riches, and that, combined with the wonderful details of the fic, made this fun to write (though I wish I'd had a bit more time!). The script and performances in the middle episodes of TD S1 are just amazingly layered, I've found.

And that was remix, which I always enjoy! As per usual these days, the huge bulk of fic was MCU, which I don't read, but I will try to go back and find some stuff from other fandoms.
  • Oh, wow. Knowing I was a pinch hit makes your story all the more impressive. I thought, when I looked early on, I had two potential matches, and then later I realized I only had one, so I guess I deserved that for writing mostly in tiny fandoms. So anyway, thanks a billion not just for writing an amazing version of my idea, but for doing it as a freaking bonus. I loved your True Detective work already, so I'm really glad you ended up as my remixer. And yes, writing in this fandom is so rewarding because of how much there is to take from canon, in the script itself and the amazing work the actors put in on top of it.

    I still haven't plowed through remix much myself, which I feel a little bad about, but I'll get there.
    • I dunno--sometimes pinch hits are better for me, because I don't overthink things and get bogged down. It was a pleasure to plunge into your fic and just let it happen.

      I write mostly in tiny fandoms, too, and I was really glad they opened up the matching this year, so that smaller fandoms get a chance--usually I get stuck in the Sherlock prison, because that's the last big fandom I had anything to do with.

      Will you watch the new season of TD? I watched the first episode, and was totally repelled by Colin Farrell's character/performance/everything--but I still think I might go back and watch more.

      • I am watching the new season, but I'm really not feeling it. I'm trying to avoid hate spewing all over tumblr, but so far I'm so displeased that I can't even get into the mood, so then I'm just staring at the screen scoffing. Which is a terrible way to watch tv.

        I don't know. I might still give it one more, but just ugh, mostly.
        • I've gotten to the beginning of episode 3, and I don't know if I can go on--it's just so...bad. Everyone else is kinda of bearably bad, but Colin Farrell is making my skin crawl, and the narrative seems most interested in him. What a disappointment!

          It makes me appreciate MM and WH's performances even more, since those are pretty unlikeable, even repellant characters, and they made them mesmerizing.

          • I know! I keep trying to figure out why I was so tolerant of Marty and Rust's terribleness but can't stand everyone here. I don't know. I do think MM carried the heaviness of Pizzolato's script better than anyone in season 2, and WH provided the necessary levity so we didn't have to take Rust so seriously. I just can't tell in season 2 what's being played straight, and what's so over the top I'm allowed to laugh at it. Like, I think was I allowed to laugh at Ray and Frank telling each other, completely straight-faced and monotone, how apoplectic with rage they were. But I don't think I was supposed to laugh at Frank's fucked up rat story? The fact that I can't tell the difference is just... ugh. I think that's on the show, not me.

            I remember NP saying in some interview that he thought the funniest line in season 1 was Rust telling the police board that the shootout at Reggie Ledoux's place gave him a "new appreciation for the value of the human life" or whatever, and just... ok, NP. I can't help but think that a lot of what I loved about season 1 wasn't just MM and WH's acting, it was the changes they brought to the script and the project as a whole. I'm less convinced that NP is great on his own. Or at least I'm pretty sure I'm less interested in what he's doing as a writer/showrunner.
            • Yes! This is my reaction, exactly!

              I can't help but think that a lot of what I loved about season 1 wasn't just MM and WH's acting, it was the changes they brought to the script and the project as a whole.

              I know what you mean about the tonal issues. I think VV is quite a good comic actor, so that scene with them saying how apoplectic they were was enjoyable--I wish more of it was like that. I liked CF's dream sequence, but that was really more the crazy soundtrack choice than anything else.

              The story about the rats was like some kind of self-parody, though. And another thing I liked about S1, especially on re-watching, was the secondary casting--all the actors in bit parts were interesting, and seemed like they actually could've been from Louisiana. But the minor players in S2 so far are really generic, imo.

              Maybe I'll finish watching 2x03, though...
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