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the island of conclusions

Recs: Because Everyone Should Meet the Winchesters, Gifts, and Merlin

the island of conclusions

bright star

Recs: Because Everyone Should Meet the Winchesters, Gifts, and Merlin

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bright star
I’ve been meaning to post these forever.

1. Everyone should meet the Winchesters

I didn’t have time to read as many of the fics posted for the xover_exchange challenge as I would have liked, but here are a few of the SPN crossovers I enjoyed. If you enjoy crossover, though, you should go check out the whole site—there are some amazing combos—ones that made me wish I watched more TV.

Monsters vs. Aliens by strangevisitor7
Bobby and Mulder are old friends. If that isn’t canon, it should be!

SPN/Star Trek
Balance of Terror (and Zombies) by jaune_chat and brighteyed_jill
Authors’ summary: Sam, Dean, and Castiel encounter some mysterious strangers, one of whom is experiencing some scarily familiar symptoms.. I’ll just add that this fic goes a long way towards redeeming one of my least favorite SPN episodes.

Stolen Soul by jaune_chat
Author’s summary: Dean is stolen and taken to the Dollhouse to prevent him from ever fulfilling his destiny. Sam has to try to find him while he and Castiel attempt to avert Apocalyptic signs from destroying the city. Meanwhile, the inhabitants of the Dollhouse find their newest member may have more to him than his story suggests.
I don’t know anything about Dollhouse except the premise, but this is a great SPN S5 fic.

2. Presents are for sharing

Some people are generous enough to celebrate the holidays by writing fics for others. I was so excited to have these two fics written for my prompts.

You may know that I’ve been jonesing all season for some Yiddishe!Dean, and [personal profile] rivkat was kind enough to write a beautiful explanation of how he learned all those words as part of her "Eight Crazy Nights" fic bonanza. (she also wrote a great Fringe ficlet for me, A nice trip to the forest)

And chiiyo86 just wrote a wonderful missing scene/outside POV to her fic A Pig in a Poke (the one where Sam and Dean are holed up with H1N1)called Care.

3. And a couple of Merlin tags

I thought Merlin S2 alternated between being amazingly silly and surprisingly angsty and powerful. These two episode tags are of the latter variety. Just gorgeous, as is just about everything from this writer.

Fluency by [personal profile] rageprufrock (2.01 tag, gen or pre-slash)
Author’s summary: Even when Merlin hates Arthur, he hates it when Arthur is hurt.

Hold Fast by [personal profile] rageprufrock (2.08 tag, gen)
Merlin looks after Arthur following the end of “The Sins of the Father.” Just stunning.

  • Interesting! I didn't know about this challenge, and I always enjoy a good crossover.

    And thanks for reccing my fic ^^
    • You're very welcome! thanks for writing it!

      And, yeah, check out the com.--there were some astounding xovers, and they have a bonus challenge set of prompts going too--

      Happy New Year!
  • Thanks so much for providing the recs - loved the two Merlin ones as well.
    • You're very welcome! I'm glad you liked the Merlin ones--I thought the 2.08 tag was particularly amazing....

      Happy New Year!
  • Thanks for the recs! Going to check out the SPN/ST and Merlin ones. :D
  • Oooh these all look intriguing, especially the dollhouse one.
    Also thanks for the Merlin recs. I don't usually seek out fics for that show but I'll read if highly recommended. Also I loved rageprufrock's modern-day Prince Arthur and medical resident Merlin epic.

    Thanks. BTW I found your recs through the newsletter but would have missed them otherwise. Do you mind if I friend you?
    • You're very welcome! I thought the Dollhouse xover was great--but I don't watch the show, so I can't say how close it is to canon.

      I'm the same way about Merlin fic--in fact, I've been meaning to read rageprufrock's AU for a while. Have you seen her Dean/Cas AU (WIP), Asunder? Dean is a social worker and Cas is a pediatric surgeon (and Sam is a recovering drug addict). You wouldn't think it would work AT ALL, but it's incredibly romantic and touching...

      Am friending you! *waves*
      • Friending back. :)

        Oh yeah, if you have time, you should definitely read the Merlin AU. And yes I have been reading Asunder and am loving it. Even Ruby is kinda working for me and her Dean and Cas are utterly adorable together. I haven't checked recently but I think it's been a while since she updated.
        • I totally agree with you about Asunder! I read a new chapter in Nov.--but I don't think she's updated since then...*sigh* *waits patiently*
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