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the island of conclusions

Running out of WIPs

the island of conclusions

bright star

Running out of WIPs

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bright star
I love WIPs.  Mostly because I am that horrible kind of reader who skips around in stories, seeing if anything interesting is coming up, even (gulp) checking to see what happens at the end.  WIPs keep me honest, because there's no way I can find out what's coming next!

For a while there, I was in WIP heaven, but now they are all finishing!

Unless you've been under an LJ rock, you probably know that two epic fics have recently been completed:fleshflutter 's Someone You Might Have Been andoselle 's Lazarus Came Forth .  The two stories come from opposite ends of the SPN fanfic spectrum (the former is J2 AU NC-17, the latter is SPN gen apocafic), but they are both beautiful, wrenching, and highly satisfying.  If pressed, I might give the edge to "Lazarus," but I think that's only because I am a sucker for solo!Dean fic, which this story mostly is.

"Lazarus" goes AU after NRFTW, and imagines Dean's coming back from Hell into a near-future that's heading for an apocalypse that's either Lilith's doing, or entirely humanity's own fault.  Sam is nowhere to be found.   The world, and especially the various OCs Dean encounters as he searches for Sam, are incredibly well-realized.  The language is spare, but extraordinarily emotionally resonant.  The story does what the all the best science fiction does, and uses the supernatural to explore the nature of humantity.  Did I mention that the Dean whump factor is off the charts?

"Someone You Might Have Been" starts off as a fabulous romp: super-spy!Jared/ brilliant handler!Jensen with lots of sex and gadgets--kind of like "Alias" with two pretty boys.  But it gradually (over 39 chapters) becomes something much more intense and heart-wrenching.   The Jared POV is amazing--pithy, foul-mouthed, ultimately poignant.

So: now I'm left with only three WIPs to follow! (and I know I'm not alone in watching these):

pdragon76 's The Lee  (5 chapters so far):  What happens when an acknowledged master of Dean whumpage takes on a Sam-centric fic?  Awesome-ness, that's what!   An intricately plotted casefic set towards the end of S2, the story takes place in WVA, and features Dean falling through several house stories and breaking his pelvis (wheelchair!Dean FTW!), while Sam tries to solve the case, make (lady)friends, and deal with an unpredictable set of psychic powers.  And that's just so far!

leonidaslion 's The Bright Lights of Disturbia (3 chapters so far):  I don't usually go for straight-up wincest--the kind of story where the whole plot revolves around the sex--though I have no problem with stories in which sex is the consequence of other plot developments (go figure, huh?).  BUT the hook is so good here--at Stanford, Sam accidentally sees Dean in a hardcore gay porno, and goes kind of crazy with unspoken anger, guilt, and lust (seemingly all the way through S1), while Dean seems to be suffering under some unhappy secret--that I have to make an exception.  Beautifully written, as always from this author.

calamitycrow 's Beasts and Outlaws V (5 chapters so far): The fifth part of this amazing 'verse continues the inventiveness and power of the first four parts.  If you've never read it, know that it pretty much goes AU after Dean comes out to his father.  Dean enlists, loses a leg, and when he gets out of the army lets John and Sam think he's dead.  Very much alive, however, he forms a lasting (and wonderful) OMC relationship, falls in with a gang of gay, Chicano, shapeshifting hunters (and you don't see that everyday!),  and is happier than he ever was at home.  Sam never goes to Stanford, also breaks with his brother over his sexuality, and hunts with John.  The first four parts tell the story of the Winchesters trying to reunite.   I love this 'verse to pieces, but in some ways it's the most AU of all the fics I've listed (or ever read), mostly because it imagines a Dean who definitively breaks out of the Winchester orbit, finding not only love, but also community with another, quite different, group of men.  Highly unusual, and pretty damn satisfying!  Also, if you have a hankering for the Southwest, as I do, this is the fic for you!

Lemme know if you have any good WIPs for me!

  • Wow, do you write book jackets? Because you know what? You should TOTALLY write book jackets.

    I like WIPs too for exactly the same reason...I can't cheat and read ahead. I had a number of people tell me while I was writing Lazarus that they wouldn't read it until it was done because they never read WIPs and I don't get that at all. That's like...waiting until an entire TV show has finished its run and been released on DVD before you watch it. And who does that?
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