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the island of conclusions

Recs: Sherlock Holmes and Merlin

the island of conclusions

bright star

Recs: Sherlock Holmes and Merlin

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bright star
So, the Sherlock Holmes movieverse seems to have eaten my brain for the past couple of weeks. I mean, I’d always suspected that Robert Downey Jr. as Holmes was going to be a treat, but who knew giving Jude Law a mustache, a sword-cane and an inconsistent limp was going to be such a boon to humanity? Or something like that.

I can’t say I’ve read exhaustively through the reams of fic that have been coming out, or even dipped into the impressive century's worth of previous stories (it was the first fandom, after all), but I wanted to pass on a few things I’ve enjoyed. Y’all probably know my tastes: hurt, then comfort, and then, apparently, in this case, sex.

The slash is working for me in this pairing more than it usually does. I blame RDJ and JL again—you just look at those guys and know they’ve done everything. Twice.

Recs below cut:

untitled ficlet from the sherlockkink meme by attentat. I think the prompt was for bathtub sex, but this is amazing Holmes-fighting-turns-Watson-on!porn. Beautifully written porn, too.

ETA: now also up at her lj: here

Quite Enough by [personal profile] circadienne (at AO3). Author’s summary: It's my version of the angry bantery hurt/comfort and makeup sex scene which was obviously cut from the latter part of the 2009 film. With more bathtub!sex. And great characterization of the intense, strained relationship between Holmes and Watson.

This Day to the Ending of the World by candle_beck. Okay, if you know the author’s SPN fic, you’ve probably already clicked on the link. This is a great AU of how Holmes and Watson met, with wonderful stuff about Watson’s war experiences and his dissolute London homecoming. The best part, though, is the intense charge the story builds between them. No bathtub this time, but pretty hot all the same.

Also, if you haven’t read it (I hadn’t), you can download Neil Gaiman’s wonderful Holmes/Lovecraft story, “A Study in Emerald” here . It finally made me see what all the fuss is about—and I don’t even know (or like) Lovecraft.

Finally, I haven’t read much Merlin fic at all lately, but I did enjoy Ulfyn’s Gift by lavvyan (also AO3). Author’s summary: It was a dark and wintry night… A young peasant has to deal with a black knight, a wounded boy, a gift he mustn't use, and someone who might well be the Crown Prince of Camelot. Oh, and his goats keep running off. Excellent, unusual outside POV. Very mild slash, really only implied.

Let me know if you’ve read anything good lately!
  • Recs! You are made of win!

    I just got back from watching Sherlock Holmes for the 2nd time. It's just as delicious. :-)
  • blame RDJ and JL again—you just look at those guys and know they’ve done everything. Twice.

    Holmes and Watson were how I discovered slash. I read the canon, and wanted stories that expanded on the absolutely canonical love between them that Conan Doyle wrote. And through the wonders of the internet I found some, and found there was a term for those sort of stories.

    Holmes/Watson: decades before Kirk/Spock!
    • Holmes/Watson: decades before Kirk/Spock!

      So true!

      I'm wishing I knew more about the history--I know Sherlock Holmes inspired the first fanfiction--but was it always slash? When was the first H/W slash written *iz curious*
      • No, the earliest fanfiction was people writing further adventures for Holmes and Watson, and they started doing that pretty much straight away. And a lot of them are published - two books that I have are The Seven-Per-Cent Solution by Nicholas Meyer (1974) which has Holmes being analysed by Sigmund Freud and Sherlock Holmes and the Hentzau Affair by David Stuart Davies (2007) which adds Holmes to The Prisoner of Zenda by Anthony Hope.

        I have a collection of "Sherlockian Studies" - books like Seventeen Steps to 221B (1967) which contains 'Studies in the Literature of Sherlock Holmes' by Ronald Knox (1928), which was possibly the first Sherlockian essay; The Sherlock Holmes Companion (1962); Holmes and Watson: A miscellany (1953); and several more. I'd describe them all as "meta" even though they come from decades before fandom had names for things like that.

        None of these talk slash, and I haven't found any Holmes/Watson slash in print, although apparently there's one called My dearest Holmes by Rohase Piercy. When I first looked up Holmes/Watson slash I found a site called Sacrilege at www.hwslash.net that had stories and links all over the place. So if you want to know more, that might be a place to go.
        • I read The Seven Percent Solution a long time ago, and have been meaning to re-read it, but I've never seen the 2007 one--will have to give it a try!

          I don't have the time for it right now, but it would be something, wouldn't it, to find the first piece of ur-slash?
          • I think finding ur-slash would be a fabulous PhD topic in cultural studies. Someone needs to go do this!
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