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the island of conclusions

Recs: Sherlock Holmes and Thigh Holster

the island of conclusions

bright star

Recs: Sherlock Holmes and Thigh Holster

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bright star
No, not Sherlock Holmes wearing a thigh holster. Sadly, ‘cause you know I would be all over that fic. But until the day someone writes that beautiful story, here are a few of each.

Thigh holster aka End 'Verse Dean/Cas(s) first:

Warmth by twotiming
I’m not usually much for PWPs, but this one has fucked-up!Cas and the thigh holster in a starring role, with a supporting appearance by the gun therein (and no, I don’t mean that euphemistically). It is extremely hot, in a desperate and bleak kind of way. (NC-17)

Feast of All Saints by oselle
Author’s summary: It's 2015 and the world's gone to hell in the Croatoan apocalypse. Separated from their group of virus survivors, Dean and his erstwhile guardian angel find themselves stranded in Appalachia. (NC-17)
This fic was inspired by a picture of thigh-holster!Dean, but it's pretty far from being a PWP; it builds slowly to an astounding depth of feeling. It may be as much about Cass’s love for God as it is about his love for Dean—it’s certainly about the way the two aren’t necessarily incompatible. oselle is a fearless writer—as willing to confront the horrifying things people can do to each other as she is the terrible beauty of not only love, but also compassion.

Sherlock Holmes

Quicksand by anonymous
From the sherlockkink meme: Prompt: Holmes gets shot. Watson gets angry. Watson has to take out the bullet.
Kink: Medical fetishism and ( penetrative ) somnophilia. Basically, I want war ravaged, bitter bastard!Watson putting Holmes under anesthesia and fucking him hard against whatever he happens to be using as an examination table. And he leaves his gloves on.
I usually don’t even click on non-con or dub-con fic. Not my thing. But the set up and the writing here are so compelling I couldn’t stop reading. The fic also made me remember that the late nineteenth century was a high water mark not only for the criminalization of homosexuality, but also for the pathologizing of all “deviant” forms of sexuality. Freud was only the tip of the iceberg. And the latter necessarily involved not just secrecy, but a lot of internalized shame and self-loathing. Which is good to remember sometimes.

And a couple of excellent fics featuring one of my favorite kinks: restraint.

Leaves Wreckage Where It’s Blown by black_eyedgirl
Author’s summary: Post-movie, Holmes tries to deal with a robbery alone. Some violence ensues. Watson tries to make it better, with variable success. (pg-13)

Five Times Holmes Touched Watson, and One Time He Didn’t by fyrethief (pg)

I feel like I’ve also read an awful lot of good SPN gen lately—but I’ll save that for another post.

  • Yay for recs! I read oselle's fic last night - so great. I'm looking forward to reading the other ones you have here soon!
    • Oh, "All Saints" is such a great story--it went places I didn't expect it to go-- Hope you enjoy the others!
  • You are awesome and I thank you for the rec and especially for the "fearless" comment. I don't think anyone has ever called me "fearless" about anything!
    • Really? It's one of the first words that comes to my mind about your writing--that kind of clarity of vision seems completely fearless to me--

      In any case, I adored the fic! I was going to send this rec list to the newsletter, but didn't know if your had/were going to post the fic to any coms--
      • The fic itself has been posted on the newsletter but I don't think they have any policy against accepting rec lists that contain fics they've posted. Besides, you've got other recs here besides this one, and I don't know if these were on the newsletter.
        • oh, I must have missed it! Then I got worried you wanted it to be under the radar like "The Shame of it All." But no, there aren't any rules about rec'ing things that have already been posted--I'll send it over post-haste! :D
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