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the island of conclusions

Sticky Post: Fic Masterlist

the island of conclusions

bright star

Sticky Post: Fic Masterlist

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bright star
Fic Masterlist

A Cold Night Out (Holmes, Watson; gen, h/c)
Body Blows (Holmes, Watson; sequel to “A Cold Night Out”; gen h/c)
The Things We Say with Our Hands (Holmes/Watson; light R, h/c)
Nothing Between Us and the New World (masterpost) (Holmes/Watson, R)
A Beautiful Pea-Green Boat (gen)
The Silver Answer (Holmes/Watson R)
The Old Complaint (Holmes/Watson pg-13; h/c bingo--"bodyguards")

Sherlock (BBC)
you give me... (pg, h/c)
and the heat goes on...(where the hand has been) (John/Sherlock, NC-17)
The Khyber Knife(John/Sherlock, NC-17)
I get by with... (John, Sherlock, Lestrade; gen h/c)
In the Belfry (John, Sherlock, Lestrade, gen)
Jewish!Lestrade fics: Thy going out and thy coming in (Sherlock/Lestrade, pg-nc-17) and This Different Night (Sherlock/Lestrade, pg)
A Very Delicate Mission (the Unreal City remix) (Sherlock/OMC, Sherlock/John, NC-17 [REMIX 2011])
Certain Events in Lambeth (Sherlock/Lestrade, non-con, NC-17)
Reciprocity (Sherlock, Lestrade, John, gen h/c)
Three Continents Watson (John/Lestrade, R)

A Graceful Retreat (RPF; Benedict Cumberbatch, Martin Freeman; gen h/c)
Your voice along my spine (Benedict/Martin, R, on AO3)
Something for the Weekend (Martin, Benedict; light R; gen + UST)
The Sleepover (Martin, Benedict; pg; gen + UST)

Learning Curve (Sam, Dean, teen!chesters; gen, h/c)
Circuit Breaking (John, gen)
Four Things John Winchester Learned to Appreciate about Lego (John, Sam, Dean, gen)

Only Halfway Home (spoilers through 4.11; Sam, Dean, Castiel; gen, h/c)
What Will Sustain Us through the Winter? (spoilers through 4.12; Sam, Dean, Ruby, Castiel, gen, h/c)
Coming Untied (coda for 4.22; Sam, Dean; gen)
Out of Character (gen, h/c; Smith & Wesson)

Unafraid (coda for 5.02; Dean, gen)
Lost Saints (post 5.03; Dean, Castiel, gen, h/c)
Yet Still Steadfast (post 5.03; Bobby, Sam, Dean, gen h/c)
Where Ask is Have, Where Seek is Find (coda for 5.08; Dean, Castiel, gen)
The Latest Dream I Ever Dreamt (spoilers for 5.11; Dean, Sam, Erika, Tessa; R, het)
’So let it out and let it in' (spoilers for 5.13; Dean, Sam, gen h/c)
Raveled Sleeves (spoilers through 5.14; Dean, Sam, Castiel, gen)
Take Me to the River (no spoilers, Dean, Castiel, gen, h/c)
Every Man is Calvary (episode tag for 5.22)
In Our Embers (gen; Sam, Dean, Mary, Castiel, spn_summergen)
Banked Fires (Dean/Cas, nc-17)
Make me down a pallet on your floor (Dean/Lisa, Dean/Castiel, R)
Forever Ain't That Long (the Jordan remix) (Dean/Dean, Dean/OFC, R, End 'verse AU)
Thermography (Dean/Lisa, hard R)
Remember When You Were My Girl? (Dean/Meg, NC-17)

Without Oaths (post 2.12; Arthur, Merlin, gen h/c)
My Heart Going Boom, Boom, Boom (missing scene for episode 2.13; Arthur, Merlin, Balinor; gen h/c)
Triangular (missing scene for 3.12; Merlin/Gwaine, Arthur)
Gaius Redux: or, The Holiday (gen, for the "de-age" square on my h/c_bingo card)

The Bed Misses You (Jared/Jensen; pg-13, h/c)
In Your Skin (Jared/Jensen, pg-13, h/c)

STAR TREK (reboot):
Bedside Manner (Kirk, McCoy, Spock, gen, h/c)

House, MD
Safety Lights (gen h/c. S6)
Civilization and its Discontents (R, House/Wilson established relationship, S6). A remix of dee_laundry's In Which Wilson is, by Some Definitions, a Troglodyte done for Remix Redux '10.
There is water at the bottom of the ocean (gen h/c, post-S6)

White Collar
Waltzing with Bears (gen, h/c, Neal, Peter, Elizabeth)
A line that is always running (Neal, Peter, gen: hc_bingo prompt: build-up of job-related trauma)
Anchored (Neal, Peter, Elizabeth; gen; hc_bingo prompt: fever/delirium)
So We Move In Between (Neal/Peter, nc-17, breathplay)
The Toes of a Forger (Neal/Peter, R)
Thy firmness makes my circle just (Neal/Peter, nc-17)
The Silver-Tongued Conman Loses His Voice (gen)

Hawaii Five-0
Catching Waves on Dry Land (Steve/Danny; nc-17, gun play)
Island Comforts (Steve, Danny, gen h/c)
Like Death and Taxes(Steve/Danny; nc-17)
Sometimes a Blue Macaw (Steve, Danny, gen: hc_bingo prompt: wild card-chronic illness)
Take it from the Inside (Steve/Danny, nc-17, bloodplay, knifeplay)
Lather, Rinse, Repeat (Steve/Danny, R)
Both Sides of the Rainbow (team, hurt!Kono, PG-13)
Morning at Sea (Steve, Danny, gen h/c: coda for 1.20)
A moonlit night, a-wandering (Steve/Danny, h/c)
Kaikua'ana (Kono, Jenna, gen h/c)
Field Medicine for Your Living Room (Steve, Danny, gen h/c)

That Ain't Why I Stay (Sherman, Cooper, R)
A Voice in Ramah (Sherman, Cooper, gen h/c)
Four Kisses (Sherman/Cooper, R)

The Eagle of the Ninth
The Place You Are (Marcus/Esca, h/c, a very light R)
In Any Tongue (Marcus/Esca, nc-17)
Fledglings (gen, book 'verse, h/c, Marcus-Esca)
With Our Arms Unbound (Marcus/Esca, pg-13, sequel to "In Any Tongue."
Narbo Martius (Marcus/Esca, R, follows on from "With Our Arms Unbound")

Here comes that rhythm again (Channing-Jamie, pg) at AO3

Am I Not Your Queen? (Starz Camelot, Merlin/Igraine, NC-17)
dancing on the legs of a newborn pony (Suits, Harvey/Mike, pg-13, for "broken bones" on my hc_bingo card)
looking for vines and olive trees (The Hour, Bel/Hector, Freddie, pg-13, for "cuddling" on my hc_bingo card)
Mercy Head (TTSS, RPS, Hardy/Cumberbatch/Oldman, R)
Bandaging (Downton Abbey, Thomas/Edward, PG-13)
Evolutionary Psychology (Grimm, Nick-Monroe, PG-13)
A wind that passeth away and cometh not again (Homeland, Carrie/Brody, NC-17, Yuletide 2011)

X-Men First Class
Libertad (Erik, gen)
Every Man His Lion (Charles, Erik, gen h/c)
Stars Hide Your Fires (Charles/Erik, nc-17, for "caning" on my kink_bingo card)

Two Boys from Kansas in King Uther’s Court (masterpost) (S1 Merlin, S1 SPN; Sam, Dean, Arthur, Merlin, gen)
Sleepers Awake: an epilogue for the end of days (sequel to TBfK; S5 SPN; Sam, Dean, Castiel, Arthur, Merlin; gen)

SPN/Star Trek
Don’t Care to Stay Here Long (Sam, Dean, Kirk, Spock, McCoy, gen)

SPN/Percy Jackson and the Olympians
We Hitch an Awesome Ride (Sam, Dean, Percy, Annabeth, Grover, gen)

Five Times Walter Bishop Met an Angel (Dean, Castiel, Walter, Peter, Olivia)

White Collar/ Sherlock
A Catch (Peter, Neal, Sherlock, pg-13)

Sherlock/ H50
Aloha, Dr. Watson (Steve, John, pre-series, gen); and a sequel, Pelekane: or, the English Visitor (pg-13, John/Sherlock, Danny, Steve & team)

Coattails (Sherlock, John, Chandler, Miles, gen)

Downton Abbey/Regeneration
Respite (Prior/Thomas, NC-17)

H5O/White Collar
Eight million stories out there and they're naked (gen)

  • Hi! I just thought I'd do the polite thing and let you know that I really like your attitude (and your fiction! Specific comments shall follow very shortly) and that I was so forward and added you to my friends-list. So, I'm sending you random hugs. You're awesome :)
    • I've friended you back, you polite person, you!*g* You're awesome yourself. I think it makes me much more happy that you like my attitude than that you like my fic :)
  • So, love your fic, and the whole brain twin comment fic meme thing AND your pretty pretty Bright Star icon, so I'm adding you to my friends list. :)
    • lol--I am perhaps most pleased that you recognized and liked the Bright Star icon! I love that movie....

      glad you're enjoying the fic (you know there's not a whole lot of SPN these days, yeah?)--can't wait to see what you come up with for the meme. Friended you back!
  • khyber knife

    I wanted to comment at sherlock kink but it said max comments had been reached, so I came here.
    SWEET TAPDANCING JESUS I THINK MY SOCKS JUST MELTED! That was fantastic! Please please please write a sequel!
    • Re: khyber knife

      I'm really glad you enjoyed it--and thanks so much for coming over here to let me know--I really appreciate it! (a sequel is very slowly percolating in my brain)
  • I just read "Khyber Knife" and almost PASSED OUT. That hit buttons I didn't even know I owned. I'll add my name to the list of people begging for a sequel...and I'm friending you as well. Anything you write for a fandom I'm even vaguely interested in, I want to read.
    • Thanks so much--I'm really glad you liked the fic! Friend away (though fic is always public)--I hope there'll be other stuff you'll enjoy!
  • Hi!

    I've enjoyed your fic in multiple fandoms and, though I am a bit shy and a bit of a lurker, I've enjoyed your public entries. Thought I'd add you to my f-list and delurk a bit. No need or pressure to add back in return, but feel free to take a look around my journal and see if anything entertains you.
  • I LOVE your fics, found them the last week on archiveofourown but I don't have an account there, I'm very happy that you have a LJ account!, I can follow City of Iron, City of Tears, *happy dance*.
  • Hi! I'm simonejester. I've added your master post to a directory I'm putting together at spnverticalfile. It's linked here. If you don't want it there, just let me know and I'll remove it. :)
    • no problem--thanks for letting me know!
      • Excellent!

        Yeah, figured I should be letting people know I was linking to them. :)
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