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the island of conclusions

Some links for y'all

the island of conclusions

bright star

Some links for y'all

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via [personal profile] rivkat : this great comic

Also via [personal profile] rivkat: the new issue of Transformative Works and Cultures, entirely devoted to SPN and its fandom: here. Haven't read any of the essays yet, but they look pretty interesting.

And speaking of the joys of fandom: if you have the urge to wallow in sick!hurt!otherwise suffering!Dean fic--and I mean sink into the stuff until only the tip of your nose is showing--head on over to The Dean-focused hurt/comfort fic challenge masterlist for a bunch of amazing stories.
  • That comic: LOL. Spot on.
  • Off-topic :)



    I just realized that while I have been stalking your fic and admiring your comments in other people's LJs, I actually managed to neglect to friend you in the process.

    Heck, your username *alone* makes you awesome. (I am a HUGE mythology fan)

    So... would you mind if I added you?
    • Re: Off-topic :)

      Of course not--the admiration is mutual! *adding you now*

      (glad you like the name--took me forever to think of one I was satisfied with *fist bump of mythology fan solidarity*)
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