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the island of conclusions

Sleepers Awake: an epilogue for the end of days (Merlin/SPN fic)

the island of conclusions

bright star

Sleepers Awake: an epilogue for the end of days (Merlin/SPN fic)

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bright star
Title: Sleepers Awake: an epilogue for the end of days.
Rating: gen, pg-13.
Word count: ~6K
Spoilers: for ALL aired episodes of Merlin and Supernatural. And Arthurian legend.
Disclaimer: Not mine, no profit.
Summary: When Arthur left the cave, alive again after so many centuries, the first thing he saw was an angel..

a/n: a sequel to or time-stamp for Two Boys from Kansas in King Uther’s Court. I don’t think it’s necessary to have read that one to understand this one: just know that the S1 Winchester spent some time in Camelot with the S1 boys from Merlin, and encountered some demons while they were there. There are no plot spoilers for TBfK in this fic.
a/n: I had a lot of help with this one. Much love and gratitude for the generous and astute readings the fic received from callistosh65, calamitycrow and debbiel66--it is infinitely better for them! All remaining mistakes my own.

a/n: for anniehow, for winning a guessing game, and for giving me the much needed encouragement to finally finish this.

Legend tells us that Arthur did not die after the last battle. Instead, he cast his sword into the lake, and gave his body into the care of its Lady, who graced him with a profound sleep. Legend differs as to the location of his resting place: some say he slumbers still in Avalon; some that he sleeps under a hill in Wales. But wherever it is, there he lies: the once and future king.

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  • As with all crossovers, I love how outside characters bring a unique perspective to a canon we know so well, but with this one it's more than that. Arthur isn't just giving new insights into Dean and Sam, but his whole take on what is a radically different culture is great too. Just the way that he thinks about and describes things is almost, well, beautiful.

    • Thanks so much for the lovely feedback! I'm glad you thought the Arthur POV worked--it was challenging to try and describe 21stC things with only 8thC words and ideas--but kind of fun too.

      Thanks for reading and commenting--I'm really glad you liked the fic!
  • in light of the newest episode, i realize that dean really does need to learn how to be a leader, and the only father figure he does have, isn't alway's perfect or a leader (more like a consultant/wise man than a leader really).
    please tell me there will be a sequel to this? i really love this story!
    • Yeah--I haven't seen 5.15 yet, but I think that's been such a problem for Dean all season (if not his whole life). This was my extremely convoluted way of helping him with it *g*

      This is already a sequel to a long fic I wrote about Sam and Dean in Camelot, so I doubt there'll be more. But if somebody else wanted to take up the story line of Arthur and Merlin driving around 21stC England on a motorcycle, I'd certainly read it!

      I'm so glad you enjoyed the fic--thanks for reading and commenting!
  • I read the original story and the timestamp and I had so much fun! I' ve never read a Merlin/SPN crossover fic before but both of your work was awesome! :)
  • *snort* Arthur on a motorcycle. I imagine him and Merlin doing a road trip through the UK righting wrongs and saving damsels.
    Very cool fic
    • I imagine him and Merlin doing a road trip through the UK righting wrongs and saving damsels.
      hee! I love that idea!

      Thanks for reading--I'm glad you enjoyed the fic!
  • That was a more than worthy coda for the story. I enjoyed it very much - especially, of course, the timetravel in the other direction (or fast-forward, rather).
    • Yay! I'm glad you liked it! The language thing was actually much harder in this direction--trying to remove all the 21st-century words for describing things (like "parking lot")

      thanks for reading all of it!
  • How do you *do* that?! This was positively stunning. The humor and OMG deep, heartfelt, tear-inducing emotion of this piece! Positively brilliant. In short - perfect. Just perfect!
    • Oh, I'm thrilled you liked this one! For a whole bunch of reasons this is one of the most personal fics I've ever written, and I have a soft spot for it. Thanks for reading, and for the kind words!
  • I've just discovered this, and the story before it. They are *brilliant*. You captured all the players so beautifully, and wrote with such wisdom and compassion and insight that the whole thing had me utterly spellbound from the start. I expected a kind of crack-fic when I saw the excerpt, but it is so much more. Thank you for a wonderful reading experience.
    • You're very welcome! Thank you for the lovely feedback! This sequel, in particular, if kind of close to my heart, so I'm happy you enjoyed it.

      Thanks for reading!
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