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the island of conclusions


the island of conclusions

bright star


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JA chicon
Re-posting this from callistosh65, who totally made my day by spotting it.

Y'know, if you like that kind of thing.
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    • Oh, I think he's trying to kill us! It doesn't seem fair that I could crush out on Jensen-as-Dean AND Jensen-as-Jensen at the same time--

      I love how reluctant he is to do it--then how he totally gets into it--(and I love the implication that singing/playing the guitar is something he does when he's just hanging out).

      *iz dead*
  • Only too happy to pass the lurve on, me dear...*g*
  • It is ridiculous how those boys make my heart go pitty-pat. They are adorable.


    I really want to go to a SPN convention now...
    • sooo adorable!

      Though considering how I had to scrape myself up off the floor after watching that mediated by youtube, I don't think I could handle a convention. I'm going to Vancouver in August for work, and my fantasy is that I'll just, somehow, catch a glimpse of them. What? it could happen!
      • It could... will they be filming in August? You could always try to lurk on-location or something... ;)

        I'm sad now that I don't live closer to Vancouver (I'm on the other side of the country). We could totally have hung out. :)
        • Yeah--as far as I know they will be filming S6 in August (they seem to usually go back to filming in July). But lurking on location would require some sneaky ditching of my professional self (my professional avatar), who is kind of in charge for this trip...You never know though...Either way, Vancouver is gorgeous.

          We will hang out in spirit, while I'm in Canada (must get my passport renewed!).
  • Wow is right. Good god, how can he look that hot while being that adorably nervous?? The mind boggles. :D
    • I know!! It's like a superpower or something--

      Plus--he's so determined not to do it, then he's only going to play the guitar, then he ends up kinda getting into the song, being a little emotional with it....*iz ded again*
  • This is quite possibly the most awesome thing I have ever seen... Really, I just can't be coherent after watching that.

    Just... wow.

    • No--coherence has left the building. His voice? and the nervousness that turns into a kind of sweet earnestness when he's singing *iz ded all over again*
      • I had thought it was over mid-way, but then when he wanted to sing the last verse, and he's so damn sincere and sweet...

        *iz ded with you*

        I don't know what I'll do when this show is actually over... what will be left to flail over then???
        • I know--he wants to be all diffident and stand-offish, but then he totally gets into it...his singing voice is so sweet--so not-Dean, too...

          I don't know what I'll do when this show is actually over... what will be left to flail over then???
          Mourn Sam and Dean, for sure, but that little clip gives me more faith that the awesomeness that is JA will find a new home somewhere (JP, too).

          Or, y'know, get more rl work done!
  • I barely understood what was said in the beginning, as it is always the case with con vids (and damn, it's frustrating), but he was so adorably nervous and jesus, his voice... *melts*
    • No--I couldn't really understand what they were talking about either--I think it's just the quality of the vid. But--that man!--just when I thought I had built up my immunity to the con cuteness, he had to take it up a level. *iz a puddle*
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