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the island of conclusions

Sherlock Holmes and House h/c recs.

the island of conclusions

bright star

Sherlock Holmes and House h/c recs.

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H/W hand
This week’s essay topic is: sick!Watson vs. sick!Wilson. Compare, contrast, discuss. Papers will be due Friday.

But, seriously: y’all have probably noticed that one weird side-effect of my trip down the rabbit-hole of Sherlock Holmes fandom has been that I’ve started paying attention to House, MD again, a show I haven’t thought about at all since its first season (albeit in a somewhat scattershot way).

So, in honor of med_cat’s lovely fill of my request for malarial!Watson, Another Curse of our Indian Possessions , and in celebration of my pan-fandom love for a certain kind of h/c, here are some recs. All are older fics, and you’ve probably read them if you know the fandoms, but if not, enjoy!

five recs behind the cut:


These are all book ‘verse.

Just One Breath by nir Alicia. Featuring hurt!Watson, worried!Holmes and—this makes me so happy—the hidden rivers of London. (my ratings: pre-slash, pg)

Sins of the Father by Pompey. Epic fic on ff.net that combines Watson w/ pneumonia with an interesting case. First person POV, but it works fine. (gen, pg).

Undiscovered Country by Katie Forsythe. More epic sick!Watson, more first person POV—this time an AU revision of “The Dying Detective.” (Holmes/Watson, R)


Sick Day by mer_duff. You know that old fanfic standby where one of the main characters gets the flu, and everyone rallies around to look after him/her? Yeah. I’m a huge sucker for it—and this is one of the best examples I’ve ever read in any fandom. (gen, pg, spoilers for the S4 finale).

Codependency by debbiel66. Hurt!Wilson. Another post-S4, early S5 fic—because that moment seems to have been what BUaBS or “The End” are to SPN fandon—a fic bonanza. Lovely characterization and writing, as always, from this author! (gen, pg).
  • Aw, thanks! That's so nice of you. I really enjoyed my six month infatuation with House, but haven't been reading much lately. I'm still a member of Housefic , but I don't even see many stories being posted. I should try Sherlock Holmes for a change.
    • You're very welcome--it's a great fic!

      And yeah, I don't know what the House!fic output is like these days--I've only read one or two good stories set S6--and they're really more just post-the S5 finale....

      That said--I think there's some House!fic in my future--(I'm gonna email you about it, if that's okay).

      There's some great SH fic--and lots of it, since the book fandom goes back forever. The movie 'verse stuff, while also good, may have less gen even than Merlin. Heck, even I write slash for those two *g*
      • Yeah, I was overjoyed to find Supernatural because there are actually other gen writers. I started off with Starsky and Hutch and felt like I was the only one, although many generous slash writers made me feel very welcome. :)

        Email away! Would love to read anything House you have to write... (although am selfishly hoping you don't drift completely away from Supernatural!)

        • Oh, I know, the Supernatural gen is so good, and so plentiful, it really spoils you for anything else. I could never drift away from it--because so much is always happening that needs to be written about.

          Where is my fic about Sam and Castiel (hurt!Castiel) pooling their resources to look for Dean between 5.17 and 5.18 for instance?

          (have emailed you)
          • Okay, so I'm obviously not a hurt!Cas follower because I don't really get how there could be such a thing. I mean, he's an angel. Doesn't he have a super high pain threshold or something?

            Obviously missing the concept... :)
            • hee! no--it does require a certain suspension of disbelief. BUT, there he was, canonically flat on his back on the bed, eyes glazed over in pain, when Dean ducked out at the end of 5.17. So...He'd certainly recovered by the time he showed up in 5.18. But--what went on in between? ;)

    ETA: Surely you have a delicious account. Hook a sister up.

    Edited at 2010-04-18 09:50 pm (UTC)
    • I'll try, bb--what are you looking for? House? Holmes? Both? Just h/c or other recs in these fandoms?

      No delicious account--though I should probably start one--the Word.doc where I keep everything is getting unwieldy.
      • It's the Holmes. I saw the movie, but I hadn't read the fic. And now I have and it's never going to end. *hides face* More h/c please.

        Delicious accounts: for the greater good of all fandom.
        • And now I have and it's never going to end
          I feel your pain. The next thing you know you'll end up writing it (which would be awesome, imho).

          Here's one

          I'll try to dig up some more. How okay are you w/ the slash? There's very little gen, especially in the movie 'verse stuff.

          Also, there's a whole community devoted to watsons_woes, though I haven't found that much good over there.

          ("get delicious account" is now on my to-do list)
          • I'm cool with slash in pretty much every respect other than Wincest. I'm one of THOSE. Also, the subtext is pretty much text in the movie. It's like TOS but with better clothes.

            And thank you for another rec! *runs off to read* If I end up writing this, at least we'll know who to blame!
            • Oh, I know, I don't read Wincest myself, as a rule, though every once in a while I'm sucked into reading a good story.

              And, yes, I know what you mean about the movie. I got the DVD recently, and while I was distracted by the explosions and whatnot in the movie theater, now I see that it couldn't be slashier if it tried (though maybe it was trying).

              Anyway, I have a couple more for you (all slash):

              Quite Enough by circadienne--missing scene from the movie with h/c and porn.

              This Day to the Ending of the World by candle_beck. This one is hurt!Holmes. (she is an incredibly talented writer, but I often have problems with her fic, because the abjection meter is so high--especially her Dean--but this one isn't so bad in that regard. And if you like her work, she's written a bunch of Holmes/Watson).

              Leaves Wreckage Where its Blown. More hurt!Holmes.

              Okay--I've activated a delicious account, so I'll try to make my recs more accessible that way.

              And I am very happy to shoulder the incredible burden of guilt should you decide to write Holmes!fic *crosses fingers that you do*
              • Eee! Thank you! I've got to netflix the movie and see it again. I do remember how badass Irene was.

                Good news: this is actually knocking some supernatural stuff loose. Brains are weird.
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