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the island of conclusions

BUABS tags (annotated)

the island of conclusions

bright star

BUABS tags (annotated)

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bright star
A rec list, inspired by a few paragraphs in pdragon76 's fabulous S2 WIP, The Lee

I love post-BUABS fic.  The combination of whump and angst is irresistible, and the total lack of show follow-up necessitates fic.  So, have some recs, with a few caveats about my own personal taste.

Things I like in  a BUABS fic:
1. Hotel field medicine on bullet wounds.
2. Physical and emotional exhaustion.
3. Some acknowledgment of Sam's weeks as demon!killer!Sam

The thing I don't like in a BUABS fic:
1. chick-flick moments, hugging it out, sharing, etc.  I love h/c, but of the physical, rather than the verbal variety, thanks very much.


whereupon 's Undertow (Sam/Dean, R):  post-BUABS case-fic.  I love this fic because 1) I love exhausted!boys, and 2) it has a lot to say about the horrible things Sam probably did.  Wincest, but of the mild, and mostly comfort!sex variety.


How to Save a Life by EFW: I have this one tagged as field medicine porn--you can imagine how it goes!

Stronger. by Mirrordance: Adds in that other great post-BUABS development, tatoo!fic

leonidaslion 's Complications : The third in a series of episode codas--the first is particularly interesting: Coda


katriel1987 's Between the Sand and Stone
; art_savage 's Hear This Prayer for Her

And fic that takes the scenario in some interesting directions:

glassshoe 's Unthinkable: A fascinating take on how unhinging the episode was for Sam.

sadelyrate 's Echoes: possessed!Sam/Dean non-con.  Which I can't actually read myself.  But I'm including it because it's surprising there aren't more fics like this around.

tolakasa 's Undertow (yes, this one is also called "Undertow"): healer!Dean...

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