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the island of conclusions


the island of conclusions

bright star


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bright star
There are two big, wonderful batches of anonymous fic out there right now:

The ginormous Remix/Redux 8 archive went live this afternoon (and yes, I do mean ginormous: 283 stories in 118 fandoms).

I've never done anything like this before, and it was fun and challenging in about equal measure. I was totally tickled to see that some lovely writer had remixed my SPN 5.13 tag so let it out and let it in. It's here: so let it out and let it in (the 3x Mega Mix). It expands on the original is really wonderful ways, and, imo, does a great service to the world, which is in dire need of more singing!Dean fic.

Also, the Holmes/Watson fic and art exchange is ongoing for the next few weeks. I have already received my present, this awesome fic featuring Holmes and Watson fighting each other for practice, then icing each others' injuries afterward. Gah.

I haven't had a chance to do much other reading in either archive yet (though I beta'd some great fics for Remix)--but will keep you posted!

(I have fics in both batches, of course. But unless you're one of the generous and long-suffering souls who helped with them, I don't think you can tell which they are. Though, actually, the Holmes/Watson fic seems very me-like, to me; the Remix one, well, not so much. I'd say I'd offer a prize to anyone who could guess which ones are mine, but what could I give, except fic--which I seemed to have produced a glut of lately--or beta'ing, which y'all know I am very willing to do regardless? But if you can guess, and there's anything you want--I'm all yours :D)
  • Thanks for the head's up! I wish I had known about the Holmes/Watson fic and art exchange. I might have participated in that. Oh, well. Maybe next time.

    • oh, yes--absolutely sign up next time! (The sign up were back in Feb., I think). It was fun, but kind of challenging to come up with something that would suit the prompts...
  • Hey, congratulations, for having your stories up and posted...looking forward to reading some of the ones in the archive.
    • Thanks! Now of course I'm wishing it were better....(one of the less attractive things about AO3 is that you can see just how many people have clicked without leaving a comment....). All part of putting oneself out there, though, eh?

      • Yeah, I hate that sort of thing. I've never left a comment on A03. Do you have to log in? LJ seems a lot more inviting somehow.

        Hey, do you think you'd have time to take a look at the story I wrote? No worries if you don't. Callisto is going to beta, so it would be more of a general impressions thing.
        • There are lots of nice things about AO3, but, yeah, it isn't very conducive to commenting or conversations. You can leave a comment without logging in or having an account--it will even let you pick a name if you don't want to be anonymous (they might have installed Open ID now, I'm not sure....).

          And absolutely--I'd love to read the story and it's a good week for it--send it along whenever! :D
  • Hi! I see you were the author of "Civilization and Its Discontents" - how wonderful! Were you matched to me or did you get me on a pinch hit? I only wonder because our fandoms don't seem to overlap much... or rather, I only write in two fandoms.

    ♥ I see that Layne and DebbieL are both fans of your SPN fic, so I guess I know what I'll be checking out next. : )
    • oh, gosh, I was so relieved that you liked it!

      No, I was matched with you: I put down three fandoms I'd actually written in, and then House, which I'd been lurking in for months and was thinking about writing in. And the Magic Eight Ball gave me you--with only House as a match, lol! Which was great--I really like your fic, and it was a great jumpstart to writing.

      But I feel bad that you had to be the recipient of my first remix and my first House fic--since I actually wrote that one before "Safety Lights." Thank you for being so kind and generous about it! (I just sent another one off to beta, and I feel like the voices are already better....)

      I hope you enjoy the spn fic, if you get a chance to read it--the Sherlock Holmes stuff is probably more House-Wilson-esque, if you ever read in that fandom--

      Which fandom did you remix in, if not House?
      • I did like it! Your writing style is lovely.

        My impression from the remix was that the author was new to House/Wilson -- I actually thought the writer was in House fandom but primarily a het writer (maybe a House/Cuddy or House/Cameron shipper) who decided to give House/Wilson slash a try. But now I find you're new to writing Housefic entirely, and I'm excited to see more from you.

        When I saw the Sherlock Holmes movie, my thought all the way through was, "I love a good House-Wilson AU." :D It was intriguing, how much the House-Wilson relationship (seemed to have) influenced this new version of the Holmes-Watson relationship.

        I remixed in Stargate Atlantis. A vampire AU that I used to show a different characterization for Rodney McKay than is typical in SGA fanfic. It was fun.
        • ahahaha! that's so perceptive--the fic really has the feel of someone trying to get a handle on the House-Wilson relationship, feeling their way into it...And, yeah, while I'm not that into any of the het relationships on House (though perfectly happy to read good fic about them), I am primarily a gen writer across the board! I thought I'd try House/Wilson slash here, but, yeah, I think Holmes/Watson may be the only one I can really do--and even that I can't get above an R, lol.

          When I saw the Sherlock Holmes movie, my thought all the way through was, "I love a good House-Wilson AU.
          HEE! I bet you're right--especially in terms of getting us a sexier and more equal Watson (and if I have RSL to thank for Jude Law w/ a mustache and sword-cane, I'm sending him flowers!). The movie certainly turned me onto House again, which I hadn't watched since S1.

          I wish I knew anything about SG--vampires sound fun!
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