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the island of conclusions


the island of conclusions

bright star


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bright star
Ohio teen Anamika Veeramani won the Scripps National Spelling Bee Friday night with the word stromuhr, an instrument for measuring the flow of viscous substances.

"I'm really, really happy. This is one of the best moments of my life," the 14-year-old said after the annual spell-off.

(from the Raleigh Examiner)

OMG, I usually think of myself as a person who knows a lot of words--but I've never even seen that one before--nor had I seen at least half of the words the kids rattled off in the final rounds. And they were all as cool as cucumbers. It was pretty riveting. Congratulations to Anamika--she was awesome!
  • I am in awe. Wow!

    You're on the spelling bee circuit as a mom, aren't you? :)
    • The contestants were really amazing!

      My 3rd grader was in the regional spelling bee in March--and before that I would never have thought these things could be so dramatic! He's of course determined to get to the national level someday--but, eeek, the lights, the cameras, the pressure (not to mention the insane words). They had the parents sitting up on stage with the kids, and at least in public they were all cool, calm and supportive--but I would be a mess, I think!
      • I had a very wise mother of an excellent swimmer (my kids swim competitively) tell me that she had learned there was always another level up, which helped her keep her perspective. The kid finishes 1st at the local rec level...? Well, there's always a level up after that and after that and after that.

        Keeping that in mind has helped me appreciate the journey because cliche as it might sound, it really is the character they build along the way that ultimately matters. :)
        • Those are wise words! And the thing about character is very true, as well--just a little bit of competitive fencing has been really good, and interesting, for my kid--

          Plus, as he said to me himself last night, it's actually harder to watch these things than to be in them; well, if you're the kind of person who enjoys being in a competition, as he is (and I am). So it builds parental character to watch as well!
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