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the island of conclusions

gratuitous lemur brothers post

the island of conclusions

bright star

gratuitous lemur brothers post

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bright star
So, apparently these two lemur brothers, Berisades and Ivy, vaulted the electric fence at the Duke Lemur Center Natural Habitat Enclosure #4. They wandered around town for 36 hours (not making it as far as our house, sadly) before they were lured back into captivity by the offer of tropical fruit salad at a local school

"Both boys are of the age when they would normally leave their family group and go out to set up new territories of their own," Yoder said. "That may have been their motivation for hitting the road, so to speak."
said Duke Lemur Center Director Anne Yoder

SPN lemur AU anyone?

(that's not a picture of the wandering brothers, btw--those guys have not been captured on film)
  • BWAHAHAHA. This post is entirely made of awesome. What's the equivalent of a Lemur Impala? Like, riding a wild pony or something? *g*
    • hee! I'm sure they would catch a wild pony ride if one was available--though they also like to lope and leap. Tropical fruit salad appears to be their equivalent of pie, however. Or kryptonite. Or something!
  • That's pretty much the cutest thing I've ever heard.
  • That's a brilliant picture you found to go with this! Just awwww all round really.
    • Just the picture that went with the Duke Chronicle report, actually--but I love the brotherly mirroring in it--very Sam n' Dean ;)

      Lemurs are just made of win 8g8
  • I saw this picture when you posted it at linaerys's lj and, being a total lemur lover (the most amazing trip I ever took was to Madagascar), I had to read the story, which is wonderful. Thank you.
    • omg, your icon! Glad you liked the story--I love lemurs, too, and am so happy that I live in a town with a lemur center, of all things! I would LOVE to go to Madagascar, tho'--sounds amazing!
      • A friend made that icon from one of my photos, and she made this one for me, too. Things have changed a lot over there since the coup, but I would go back in a heartbeat, even so. I posted a photo-heavy journal if you're ever interested: leaping_lemurs.

        I have a friend who lives down your way, and my plan is to visit her (maybe even this summer) and see the primate center. I envy you living so close to it.
        • eee! I just glanced at your lemur journal! I'm saving that link! thank you! We had a friend who was with the Peace Corps in Madagascar, but she got evacuated after the coup...She told us about seeing baby lemurs, tho XD

          The primate center here is small (or the part where you can see the lemurs, is--since they mostly have enclosures in Duke Forest) but well worth a visit if you're in the area.
          • We saw babies, too, and OMG, sooooo cute. I'm not sure there's any cuter animal than a lemur. I volunteer at the Bronx Zoo, and we have a wonderful Madagascar exhibit. Whenever there are lemur babies I can just stand there and swoon for hours. (I'm so easy, LOL!)

            I hope you enjoy my trip journal.
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