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the island of conclusions

What a heartbreaker!

the island of conclusions

bright star

What a heartbreaker!

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bright star
But you know they gave it everything they had. And I can't be sorry an African nation is through to the quarterfinals.

I'm sad though =(

(which doesn't mean I won't be watching England v. Germany with my little British-identified children tomorrow morning....)
  • Just saw this and.. ouch. So, next team?
    • oh, it was such an ouch!! :(((

      And then England lost today (though I didn't like the team much). IDK--Ghana maybe--because it would be so cool for an African country to go far. I hang out with a whole enclave of German ex-pats and their kids, so we may be swept up in that...

      It's kind of nice to watch the beautiful football w/o the emotional investment, tho' *g*

      • I tend to despise footballers because they whine like whiny little spoilt wieners at every occasion (I prefer watching rugby... erm.) but I saw a Spanish guy take a split lip without complain and then running around the field with a wad of gauze stuck between his teeth, and I have to say he impressed me a hell of a lot, so now I'm rooting for Spain :-)
        • They are drama queens, aren't they? The way Ghana carried on when they were running down the clock on the US is the thing that put me off rooting for them...Still, I forgive them because they are so fast and lithe compared to most US athletes. We went to the (minor) league baseball game Sat. night, and much as I love baseball, I couldn't help thinking, "who are you muscle-bound, phlegmatic louts?"
          • *giggles* Oh, yes. My male friend who was watching the match remarked on how... built the Ghana players are.

            He was like: "you can see every single muscle on their chest through those shirts! look at that!"

            And I was nodding. it was glorious!
            • lol, it is glorious--and they are all very flexible, too, with their lunging and leaping--even when they are not being entirely sportsman-like.

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