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the island of conclusions

White Collar question

the island of conclusions

bright star

White Collar question

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bright star
Sorry for the spamming tonight:

So hiatus is apparently my time to dally with other shows. Last summer it was Merlin, this summer it's been House, and Fringe a little bit, and now I am seriously crushing out on White Collar.

I'll spare you the reasons why. Let's just talk about the consequences. While my spn_summergen fic is approximately nowhere, I kinda want to write a fill for my hc_bingo card for White Collar.

And hence my (canon) question, for anyone who watches the show: has it ever provided any information about where Neal or Peter (but especially Peter) is from? Like, where they grew up? Or, anything?

Many thanks in advance!
  • In last night's episode, Neal said he was an ex-pat in New York. He was talking to a mark, but everything else he told her was more or less true. Which...doesn't really narrow it down, huh.
    • oh yeah--thanks! I just watched that--that was the conversation with the pointed reference to The Great Gatsby in it, right? Ex-pat of some kind makes sense--I wouldn't have pegged Neal for a native New Yorker. But Peter...I'm hoping he could be--the kind that has shed the accent....
      • I think Tim DeKay is from Syracuse or something, for what it's worth. I hear a little bit of an accent, but I think you can get away with him being from the city. The continuum of natives' accents is huge.
        • He's from Ithaca (which I got a kick out of, since I went to school up there)--and, yeah, he definitely sounds like he's from the Northeast somewhere, so I guess it wouldn't be too much of a stretch to give him a NYC background. Thanks!
  • Beyond the episode on Tuesday-- where Neal claimed to be from NY which I don't really believe seeing he was trying to steal something-- I don't think they've ever spoken of origins on the show. :) Basically, your sandbox is open. Build whatever you like.
    • Good--thanks for the confirmation! It's Peter I want to build a sandcastle for, so....*jumps into the pool*
  • There is a crying need for some h/c with that show! I'm delighted to hear it's on your dance card (aka bingo card)! Can I hope for gen?
    • lol, I read your comment, and then I saw this: whitecollarhc. Guess we're not the only ones who think there's more h/c fic to be written!

      this one will definitely be gen--very low-key h/c (you know me), and definitely gen.
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