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the island of conclusions

Summergen amnesty

the island of conclusions

bright star

Summergen amnesty

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I've been thinking of making a post like this for a while, and harrigan's post on the topic inspired me to do it now!

If you have my prompts, and they are giving you trouble (or my list of "do not wants" is giving you trouble), feel free to jettison it all, and write whatever you want about whoever you want (I'd say, don't worry about it being gen, either, but I guess that's against the rules of the challenge).

I've been thinking about it all morning, and I really believe everyone writes better if they are writing about something that interests them, rather than trying to squeeze their ideas into someone else's specifications. So, even though there are plenty of things that I think I don't read, for almost all of them I could give you a story I loved even so. So, if you enjoy writing about it, I will certainly enjoy reading about it!

Except maybe for MPreg--but, hey, I'm willing to be convinced!

So, consider this permission to follow your muse!
  • GAHD I wish my recipient would post something like this! You are amazing.
  • What a great idea. Um...which I might steal.
  • I wish I had your prompts! Can I pretend I have your prompts so that I can ignore them?? :)

    This story is kicking my butt. I've told myself it has to be done today but instead am loitering about the internet. Big heaving sigh!

    (If anyone has my prompts, feel free to ignore them!)

    • I wish you had my prompts so you could ignore them--because I know I'd like anything you'd write! I'm sure your story is going to be great, tho'--can't wait to see it!

      But I'm pretty sure I'll like whatever the person who has my prompts does write--whether they ignore them or not--just the idea that someone is spending time trying to write something I would like is great--and I have a lot of respect for it!

      I think the commiseration is generating some good vibes, tho', cause I managed to write ~500wds of mine. Getting started was really killing me, and of course it's now overly complicated. It's hokey to the extreme, too, but if I can get something done any where near the deadline, I'll be happy!

      Sending good vibes your way!!
      • Hey there - it actually helped me relax quite a bit. I have a rough draft of about 6,000 very rough words, but that's something at least, right? :)

        Yay for us! :)

        (And I'll have you know, your just posted story has tempted me to try White Collar again!)
        • Yay! 6,000 wds is awesome--and it is soooo much easier to turn rough words into smooth words than to produce the words in the first place!

          IDEK about White Collar--I have sudden, weird, crush on the show--and it has nothing to do with Matt Bomer. Okay, I actually do know what I love about it, despite its many flaws--but am trying to hold off posting to that effect until I get done with summergen :)

          Let me know if you do try it again--it grabbed me in a way that other similar shows--Leverage, Castle--didn't....(and the fic is good, tho' mostly very porny).
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