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the island of conclusions

SPN Recs—mostly kink (plus 2 White Collar and 2 Sherlock)—and some random stuff.

the island of conclusions

bright star

SPN Recs—mostly kink (plus 2 White Collar and 2 Sherlock)—and some random stuff.

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I’m one of the guest rec’ers at spnroundtable this month. And I decided to jump in at the deep end and post a list of "Blood, Bondage and Brutality” recs. Mostly kink, so click at your own risk. Though there’s one gen fic in there. Because on SPN, sometimes the bloodplay is canon.

And, while we’re on the subject of kink, I read a great White Collar caning fic. This is not a kink that usually does anything for me—I can’t get more than a sentence or two in without giggling. But this one is both perfectly in character (it’s Peter/Neal while maintaining Peter’s monogamy with Elizabeth) and blindingly hot. Contrite by the_deep_magic (nc-17).

Also, a lovely gen tag for 2.9 (“Company Man”): Lento assai by dotfic

And two great Sherlock fics, hardly kinky at all!:

Fashion Forward by innie_darling (gen). The summary says “Sherlock Holmes, supermodel” but the fic isn’t crack-y at all—just a gorgeous, bittersweet meditation on John’s relationship with Sherlock. And an image of Sherlock in a sarong that will stay with you for a long time.

Light Our Own Fires by BlackEyedGirl (on AO3). (not quite gen, but with an asexual Sherlock). Absolutely wonderful, tough, poignant look at the aftermath of 1.03.

Not a rec, but I wrote another Sherlock RPF ficlet over the weekend: Your Voice Along my Spine (hard R). It’s over on AO3, and I’m not going to repost it to lj/dw, but there’s the link, if you’re interested. Why yes, it is part of my ongoing Cumberbatch-ian voice kink—how did you know?

In the category of random cool stuff, someone asked if they could translate the other Sherlock RPF fic (“A Graceful Retreat”) into Chinese!

Anyway, back to gen now, probably. I’m about halfway through a Sherlock/White Collar xover (I posted a prompt for it on sherlockbbc_fic back in July—no one filled it, so I’ma do it myself). And in the planning stages of a help_pakistan fic for intimidatingly talented innie_darling (see above).
  • Awww, you're lovely - thank you! (And I'm glad I'm not the only one who cannot rid myself of the image of Sherlock in a sarong! Though, did you see? There might shortly be art of Sherlock on the catwalk!)

    I am so excited to see what you're writing for meeeeee!

    (I've seen one Sherlock/White Collar crossover - by sam_storyteller, I think - at AO3, but I don't know if it was for anything close to your prompt.)
    • eep--I see the xover now--thanks for the heads up! (sam_storyteller doesn't post to the coms--so it definitely wasn't for my prompt). It looks great--though--maybe--a little different than what I was planning...*hoping the fandom can bear two*

      I didn't see--but I'm not surprised--an image like Sherlock on the catwalk is too good not to be illustrated. Promise to post a link to it when it appears!

      *thinking hard about your fic*
      • I will definitely post links once they're in my hot little hands! And of course fandom can bear two beautiful stories with the same crossover!

        I'm so pleased you're writing something for me! Yay yay yay!
  • Oh, things I have not read. Thankies!

    Also I just friended you so hello, hope you don't mind ;)
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