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the island of conclusions

Recs: 4 J2 h/c; 1 Sherlock; 1 White Collar (and Merlin)

the island of conclusions

bright star

Recs: 4 J2 h/c; 1 Sherlock; 1 White Collar (and Merlin)

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Hi Folks:

My second spnroundtable rec post is here: this one is all J2 non-AU h/c (a seemingly specialized but actually vast subgenre--I'm sure I've left your favorites out!).

And since this seems a good place to share some other recs:

1. Two Pairs of Hands by chainsaw_poet (on AO3) (Sherlock, John, Mycroft--pg)
Even if you don't like malaria!fic as much as I do, this is a funny and sweet piece of h/c. (and if you do like malarial!Watson, it's a real treat to see it done for the 21st century!).

2. I've finally seen the summer White Collar finale (2.09). Dang, that was good! Let me see if I can sum up my feelings in a non-spoiler-y was:

* flail * Neal's hair * Peter's voice * Neal's smudges * bites nails until January *

I've read one gorgeous coda for the ep.:

In little rooms in buildings in the middle by lowriseflare (pg, gen)

3. I've also finally seen the Merlin S3 premiere. And, well....I enjoyed it, even though there seemed to be a lot of hooey mixed in with the good stuff. I have to say that as much as I adore Colin Morgan, and worry excessively about whether he's getting enough to eat, I am, as always, far more interested in Arthur. The Merlin story arc is too much of a will-he-won't-he (reveal his magic), either/or set-up. Whereas the Arthur story arc--will he (how will he) give up his prattishness and learn to be a great king?--makes room for actual character development.

I don't keep up with Merlin fic, but if you've read anything good, let me know!
  • Oh man, thanks so much for the rec!

    Also, NEAL'S CRAZY HAIR AND SMUDGES, OH MAN THAT WAS WHAT KILLED ME THE MOST. Also when Peter was all, "Neal, look at me." LOOK AT HIM, NEAL!
    • My pleasure--it's a wonderful story!

      and IKR? it made me realize how much I was taking for granted Neal always being immaculate: the crazy!hair and the smudges were SHOCKING--like call-the-ambulance shocking--

      And Peter's special Neal!voice--like there was nobody else in the room--nobody else in the world--

      *ahem* it's gonna be a long wait til January....
  • OMG a malaria fic!!! *is over it like rice on white*

    no, wait, my squee has misplaced my brain....
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