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the island of conclusions

a day late and extremely short episode reation: Merlin 3.02

the island of conclusions

bright star

a day late and extremely short episode reation: Merlin 3.02

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bright star
a good Yom Tov to everyone who observed Yom Kippur yesterday, and to everyone who observed Talk Like a Pirate Day today!

Since I very rarely see TV shows sooner than one day late, and usually have only flippant remarks to make at best, I thought I would make a new category of reaction post. First up: Merlin 3.02.

After a long weekend of praying and fasting and kugel-making and grandparent wrangling, the boys and I were very happy to get home from Hebrew School/ Religious School Committee meetings and watch some medieval dudes whacking each other with broadswords.

So, I think the most important thing about this episode is that it was the first one of the whole series that truly satisfied the boys' appetite for battling, blood and mayhem. For they care as little for talk of destiny as they do for talk of sensible bedtimes. But give them a few skeleton warriors and they're happy.

And despite the fact that the episode was a tissue of not-very-expert allusions to The Prisoner of Azkaban and Peter Jackson's epic portrayal of the battle of Helm's Deep, I was pretty much with them on this. I like a good fireball almost as much as they do, and I may prefer damp-with-battle-sweat!Arthur even to shirtless!Arthur.

And I think I may have mentioned before what a sucker I am for the whole Arthur-becomes-a great-king-somehow-doesn't-he? storyline. So, even though even my five-year-old was in hysterics every time Morgana let loose another evil smirk-of-doom, I have to say I--we all--enjoyed the heck out of the episode.

Let's not even talk about the preview for next week. Why so puerile, Merlin writers?

  • I'm with your five-year-old when it comes to the evol!smirking!Morganna. She's just so disney evil it's kind of hilarious.

    I too future-great-king-Arthur and it was nice to see Merlin giving him the pep talk and Arthur deflecting by being a pratt.

    I liked the first epis quite a bit, but I'm already tired of evol!Morgana constantly fooling everyone but Merlin who could just solve all his problems by coming clean on the stupid magic secret.

    It such a ridiculous plot contrivance 3 seasons in. It reminds of Scully being so willfully blind to the possibility of the paranormal for 6 freakin' seasons.
    • I liked the pep-talk scene too--it's sometimes easy to forget why Merlin sticks with Arthur (much as I love Arthur and would stick with him too ;))

      And I agree that the secret!magic thing is getting old. It would help if Merlin at least expanded his magical repertoire beyond silly telekinesis. Like maybe Arthur could find out, and Merlin would magically wipe his memory or something....

      oh well *concentrates on the battle-sweat*
  • Erm, that should be I too, LOVE future-great-king-Arthur.

    I remain to cheap to spring for a paid account so that I can actually edit my comments. *faceplam*
  • My reaction was pretty much: first two episodes- Merlin does Peter Jackson's Helm's Deep (did you notice the music? I noticed the music.)

    then! Merlin does potty humour. might give that one a pass. Still, your boys should enjoy it, y/n?
    • The music! *headdesk*

      The boys are already chortling over the fart jokes from the preview...so it looks like I'll be watching that one too...

      *concentrates hard on the battle-sweat*
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