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the island of conclusions

Dean w/o Sam recs (plus 1 White Collar and 2 Sherlock)

the island of conclusions

bright star

Dean w/o Sam recs (plus 1 White Collar and 2 Sherlock)

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Hi Folks:

My third rec post for spnroundtable is here: 5 fics featuring Dean w/o Sam--1 pre-series; 3 Stanford-era; one post-S3 AU (all but one are gen).

It was a really busy week, and I feel like I have a million White Collar and Sherlock fics I've been meaning to read open in tabs. Here are a couple of short things, though:

White Collar

We Protect Our Own by anon. (Found via jrosemary's wonderful White Collar Fixation blog) (GEN)

This is a fanfic trope--character X has previous experience of child pornography--that I usually steer well clear of--it can be such an easy excuse for gratuitous angst and magical-fixit h/c. But--it makes more sense for Neal than it does for many characters, and this piece is really nicely done--with an emphasis on procedure, and what it's like to live with difficult experiences, rather than making them magically go away. The interactions between Peter and Neal are perfectly IC.


Okay, I know there's a fandom preference for asexual!Sherlock--and there are plenty of reasons--both in canon and in BC's performance--for going with that. I've read a lot of great fic along those lines.

However, there is a kind of counter-current for a sexually greedy, toppy Sherlock, which I have to admit I enjoy the heck out of. Here are two short pieces that explore that characterization:

Innominate by bedamn (NC-17).

Covert groping at the Chinese Circus in 1.02. Beautifully written and blazing hot.

Timeline by entangled_now (NC-17)

Writing on the body. Gorgeous. (and if you haven't been reading entangled_now's Sherlock fic, may I suggest you start? The ratings range from pg to nc-17, and the character work is amazing)
  • Thank you very much for that rec.
  • sexually greedy, toppy
    well there's two of my favourite phrases for sexy porn fic already, so I'm clearly going to have to read them, even without watching the new Sherlock :P

    Actually I've been delving a little more into other Sherlocky fics, can't remember where exactly, but I think it was a House author who also wrote other fic, and anyway, point of the story: I blame you for introducing me (but that's not necessarily a bad thing). If I can remember what fic it was I'll link back.
    • I humbly accept the blame ;)

      Glad these sound like things you might enjoy--and definitely send the other fic if you find it again--

      (there's new House, eh? I've dl'd it--is it worth watching?)
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