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the island of conclusions

Last spnroundtable rec post (plus 1 more SPN; 1 Sherlock; 1 White Collar)

the island of conclusions

bright star

Last spnroundtable rec post (plus 1 more SPN; 1 Sherlock; 1 White Collar)

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bright star
Hi Folks:

I just posted my last set of recs for spnroundtable. This one is Castiel & Others: 4 gen fics.

When I first saw I was going to be rec'ing in Sept., I was excited that I would have a chance to rec some codas for 6.01 (I love codas!). As things turned out, however, I've been reluctant to read my way through that particular minefield, and have hardly dipped into them. I just read a great one, tho':

The Ache by triquetralmoon and wave_obscura. It's a missing scene for 6.01; hurt!Dean with Sam's POV.


In Arduis Fidelis by salr323 (gen; pg-13)

I love fics in which Dr. Watson is a doctor, and I love fics that deal with his war experiences. This one does both, with fast-paced, vivid writing besides.

White Collar

Sodium Chloride by setissma
(author's warnings: This has explicit (as in, NC-17) Peter/El, textual Peter/Neal, and implied Neal/El).

The author calls this power-outage!fic, which tells you enough right there! Sweet, and just a little bit bittersweet, OT3. (yes--it's as good as setissma's SPN fic!)
  • Just a quick note to say thanks for the recs. I really enjoy them. :-)
    • You are very welcome--I'm glad you've been enjoying them!

      Doing the SPN rec posts has been a good nudge to put in some from other fandoms. I think I'll try to keep doing it, even now that my stint there is over--
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