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the island of conclusions

a day late and extremely short episode reations: Merlin 3.03; HI 5-0 1.02.

the island of conclusions

bright star

a day late and extremely short episode reations: Merlin 3.03; HI 5-0 1.02.

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bright star
Um, the Hawaii 5-0 one might have gotten a bit long. And there's a snippet of cracky porn at the end. Guess that means I like the show :)

Merlin 3.03

In which gold was licked and much scenery was chewed. I watched it with my five-year-old, and we agreed that we enjoy the episodes with sword-fighting much more.

Hawaii 5-0 1.02

Dang, if I didn't like this episode better than the first one.

I completely approve of the way they've upgraded Steve McGarrett from flinty-eyed lummox to crazy motherfucker. Who waves his gun around in front of little kids without even noticing. Excellent character development, that.

I also completely approve of the way they've upgraded Steve and Danny from slabs of muscled beefcake to slabs of muscled beefcake who bicker constantly with each other the way my Nanny did with the other ladies at the Jewish Assisted Living Home. Such (adorable) kibitzers, nu'?

I mean, it was like you could actually see Alex O'Loughlin thawing under Scott Caan's influence--his little moment of fake-toking was actually loose.

And I did like that they had an actual fight about the merits of fear of death as an interrogation technique. Setting up the conflict between them as military vs. civilian methods of law enforcement seems like a good way to go.

Speaking of torture, though, I know it's kind of sick, but I have to take a minute to express my love of the finger-in-the-bullet-hole trope. Nothing says "crazy motherfucker" in quite the same way. It produced one of my favorite moments in all SPN canon, and I liked it almost as much here.

Grace Park and Daniel Dae Kim continued to be awesome (though, yeah, I hope the "rescuing Kona" thing doesn't get overused). DDK's "excuse me ladies" might have been the best line of the night.

All this, and wee!Sam too! Colin Ford is so great--do you think they might add him to the Governor's Task Force now?

Though I don't think Apple should advertise "being able to watch your father be shot at and kidnapped" as one of the advantages of video-chat on the new iphone4.

They might want to think about adding "allows you to run a fingerprint smeared in blood through the national databases," however.

I'm eagerly awaiting all the bicker!slash that should come out of the show. For example:

Steve: What? What is that? You call that a blow job?

Danny (coming up for air): What? I'll have you know I have 87 blow jobs under my belt back in Jersey. And in the rest of the world? This is how you give head.

Steve: Not in Hawaii, it isn't. Not in 110 degree weather.

Danny. Oh really?

Steve: Really. Here, shift over.

Danny: *sigh*

*grunt* "ow" "move your leg" *more sighs*

--a short time later---

Danny: Oh. Oh. Oooooh.

Steve (swallowing and coming up for air): Hey, watch it. Do not drool on my sheets. Seriously. Who does that? Who drools on a person's sheets? Sheesh. Have a napkin.

Okay--happy work day, people!
  • HEE! I have yet to watch either the latest ep of Merlin (it's on the computer, waiting) or 5-O (it's on the dvr, waiting) as we're playing catchup with our other favorite shows; Chuck and Castle.

    Anywho, my love for O'Laughlin is why I even decided to give 5-O a chance. We missed taping the premier as we were out of town and I just got my dates mixed up so I forgot to set it up to tape. Based on your review, I look forward to watching and anticipate much drool and love for this one.

    Merlin; I think the main reason I love that show is because of my 13 year old. Though, I wonder if he might not be watching because I like the show... Hmmm.. We share much love for Supernatural together, Merlin, of course, and Legend of the Seeker, Chuck and Castle. It's so rare to find shows we can enjoy as a family but there you have it.

    Thanks for the reviews! Now I look forward to Ryan coming home tonight, and finishing up homework so we can watch H5O.

    Oh, did you like the premier of Supernatural? You know, it took me a 2nd viewing and reading bardicvoice's mete to get just what was up with Sam. Now? Man, I'm really digging the idea of the brother's coming back into hunting from this angle. I think it opens a whole new playground of fic ideas for all SPN writers, though I think it's going to take an ep or three for folks to get the rhythm down.

    Sorry. I got off track there.

    So thanks again!
    • Yeah, I feel the same way about Merlin--it's nice to have something we can all watch together. I haven't tried the boys on SPN yet (they're 5 and 9)--I think it might be alternately too scary and too emo for them. The 5 yr old did watch the premiere of HI 5-0 w/ me, and thoroughly enjoyed it, though I expect the excessive violence scarred him for life....

      I'd never seen Alex O'Loughlin before--but he's quite something--and they've given him some gorgeous tattoos, if you like that kind of thing. If you like him already, I expect you'll like the show :)

      I enjoyed SPN 6.01--though, since I'm a Dean!girl at heart, I mostly enjoyed the glimpses of domestic!Dean. I decided I'm not going to think about what's up with Sam (and the Campbell cousins) until I see a few more episodes...

      I think you're in for some excellent family viewing!

  • (no subject) -
    • bwahaha! their kvetchy-ness adds to their sexiness--what is up with that? (write some--you know you wanna!)

      Steve and Danny bicker their way thru' sex, part deux

      "Christ, Danny, what're you doing down there," Steve whined, "waiting for your nails to dry?"

      "Hey, hold your horses, Mr. Get-my-rocks-off-right-now guy." Danny poked his head up from between Steve's legs, "This kind of thing has to be done slowly. There are rules, procedures--"

      "Fuck procedures. I'm not going to come unless..."

      Danny sat all the way back on his heels. "Okay, dude, this going in hot business might work okay on the bad guys. But with anal intercourse there are very real--"

      Steve reached up and grabbed one of Danny's nipples in some kind of Navy Seal ninja death grip. "Just fuck me, Dano," he said, and yanked him down.


      I dunno, it's been that kind of day...
  • Haha!! That's awesome! I love it!

    I do love that McGarrett is now a crazy mofo and Dano is his more cautious but loudly objecting partner.

    LOL about the Apple iPhone. My hubby has one and I certainly hope never to see him being kidnapped on it!
    • *g* glad you liked it--there's a little more now in the comment above *points up*

      I think they are taking the partnership in some excellent directions. And yeah, I have an iPhone now, tho' not a 4 with video chat, and I have to say, it's amazing what it can do, but it's often, like in this week's epi., as much a curse as a blessing....
  • hey . . . you probably don't know me

    i have such a hard time finding hawaii five-o fans on here.
    I just totally stalkered you page, so would you like to be friends?
    • Re: hey . . . you probably don't know me

      yes, of course, friend away (tho' my fic and episode reactions are always public, so no need to, if you don't want)

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