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the island of conclusions

a day late and extremely short episode reations: Merlin 3.04; SPN 6.02; HI 5-0 1.03.

the island of conclusions

bright star

a day late and extremely short episode reations: Merlin 3.04; SPN 6.02; HI 5-0 1.03.

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bright star
This week's TV, in which I am easy like Sunday morning, have all my buttons pushed, and have nothing particularly analytical to say. I mean, swords? babies? sharks? How am I supposed to be coherent about that?

Merlin 3.04

In which there was much brawling and slashing (of the swordly kind and otherwise) and a veritable epidemic of shirtlessness.

These are things that the show does very well, and the boys and I were well pleased.

Though I admit melted a little bit when Arthur acknowledged Gwaine (rhymes with Dwayne? guess the 'a' was stolen along with his shirt) the winner of the melee, despite Uther's pretty explicit direction that Arthur had to win at all costs. I tried to explain to the boys how noble this was, but they were all like 'how come the fighting is over already?'

SPN 6.02

I would say more about this episode, except that my brain got stuck in a kind of loop of: Dean. Baby. DEAN. BABY. DEAN. BABY. Until late in the episode when it move on to: Dean. Impala. DEAN. IMPALA. and so on.

So, you know, my brain was pretty happy.

In other news, the only thing creepier than the creepy cousins is their creepy compound.

And more importantly, Lisa is awesome. I continued to love her and Dean together, and I really appreciated that not only is the show thematizing Dean's struggle not to be John, but that it's made his relationship with her so different than his relationship with Sam. I love how soft-spoken he is with her, and I loved that little moment when he admitted he had no idea what to do--and then listened and took her advice.

Hawaii Five-0

Okay, I have nothing much to say except that the show continues to be AWESOME.

I guess they were trying to flesh out the supporting characters' back stories this week, with Danny's custody issues, and Chin-ho's (Chin Ho's?) family and past, and I wonder whether the real reason Chin Ho lost his badge would end up being connected to the reveal of his connection to Steve's father and whether it would all add up too some kind of story arc this season, but mostly I was in it for the shallow, slashy, violent goodness of it all.

I know it dates me, but the show reminds me a little of Miami Vice--minus the wacky 80s clothes and the lugubrious car rides to thankfully-forgotten 80s music. But it has the same zeitgeist-y feel, the same fab chemistry between a savvy guy from the Northeast and a highly strung guy from warmer (more exotic) climes, and the same high-production-value slashy-ness. Oh, and maximum violence.

I just can't quite believe I've now written porn about a show that is so heavily advertised during Sunday afternoon football.

Also, my admiration for Alex O'Loughlin has increased enormously since I realized (long after everyone else on the planet) that those tats are his, not the characters O_O

I gather Fringe 3.02 was good, but it is languishing in my iTunes folder. And I did finally watch House 7.01, and, well, let's just say I haven't felt inspired to get a hold of the next few episodes....
  • House 7.02 was a little better but both the hubby and I agreed that 7.03 was more like the House we know and love.

    I haven't watched Merlin yet. I've become frustrated with Arthur never learning Merlin's secret ... I don't suppose that's happened in one of the first few epis? *looks at you hopefully*

    Fring 3.02 was pretty good, although I don't really remember what happened which doesn't say much for it, I suppose. lol
    • Oh, it's good to know that House has gone back to being House--that was what bothered me about 7.01: not that he was with Cuddy--I was prepared to enjoy that--but that he was being so OOC nice and caring...Maybe I'll tune in again.

      And Merlin is still stuck in that ridiculous loop of Arthur not knowing--it gets more ridiculous with each episode (they need to keep distracting us from it with more shirtless guys)--but the episodes with fighting this season have been a blast--

      *vows to keep up with Fringe*
  • I loved Merlin this week. I always like the tourney episodes where Arthur has to prove his worthiness to be King or whatever. I think it's a kink, all with shirtless, sweaty men with swords.

    Dean and the two cutest babies I've ever seen on TV would have been enough to make me like this epi but then we got more awesome Lisa and a nice mature evolution to their relationship and then Dean and his baby and so I am back to loving the show. Plus next week's preview clips is the awesomest thing EVER.

    H5-0 is definitely this seasons lovely guilty pleasure for me and Alex O is certainly easy on the eyes. I'm not 100% sold on Scott Caan as Danny but he's growing on me. Good thing he has the kid to counteract the blowhardiness. But I do love me some Grace Park and Daniel Dae Kim, so so far, so good.

    I'm loving Fringe this season 2, though it probably took me a lot longer to really embrace the show than most people. But I think I'm there now so I hope they can keep it up.
    • Your kink is my kink, bb--bring on the shirtless, sweaty men with swords. And that episode had an extra helping of proving-his-worth!Arthur--saving the village, and then befriending Gwaine despite his father. Yum!

      I'm back to loving SPN too--it's so nice to see Dean with some new people! And I probably won't see 6.03 until later in the weekend--but I can't wait!

      A whole hour of Scott Caan waving his arms about would be too much--but the way he and Alex O bounce off each other is pretty irresistible (to me). The whole cast, really--plus the ocean--*iz happy*

      And yeah, I didn't get into Fringe til the second part of the last season--but now I really do want to keep watching!
  • (no subject) -
    • Yeah, I don't always like cop shows, either--but all these characters, plus THE PACIFIC OCEAN, and I'm kinda hooked. There are so many stories to tell!!

      And yup, that was some epic look there, Steve! (he's already used his pull with the Governor--in episode 3--to what lengths will he not go to keep Danny with him????)

      But my favorite slashy moment may have been the audible wrist slap when they walked into their date surveillance opportunity. Oh, boys!
  • The whole time time I watched Merlin there was a loop in my head going "I'm... too sexy for my shirt... too sexy for my shirt!"

    And, yeah, Dean + baby. SPN has been delivering the endorphins this week, hasn't it?
    • "I'm... too sexy for my shirt... too sexy for my shirt!"

      ROFL! IKR? I was starting to think the pajama top was one of the tragic great inventions of the Renaissance. They don't call this the Naked Dark Ages for nothing!

      I was so strung out on endorphins, I could barely be creeped out by the creepy cousins *g*

      (are you back home now?)

      • Oooh, yeah. I'm slowly catching up now that I'm not crazy busy anymore... soonish I'll even post something, hopefully. Thanks again for putting me into contact with Fleurione... she was lovely!
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