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the island of conclusions

Semi-Friends Only

the island of conclusions

bright star

Semi-Friends Only

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bright star
This journal is semi-friends only. All fic, episode reaction posts, and random news and reviews are always public.

So feel free to friend for the fic, etc.--no need to ask permission. I won't automatically friend back, unless we've had some interaction before, in comments or elsewhere; I sometimes post about rl, family and friends under f-lock, and I like to know who that stuff is going out to. But if you want to introduce yourself or have friended and want to de-lurk, or we've had some interaction that I've forgotten about, please feel free to leave a comment on this post--I'd love to get to know you!

Lurking is always fine, though--I'm often too busy or scattered to comment on things myself, so I completely understand. Defriending is always fine too, if you need to move on.

  • Is it possible that someone else loves both Holmes and the Eagle of the Ninth? And here I thought this combination is as outlandish as it can get... :-)

    I'm really pleased to meet you, and - I suppose this is the right place for doing so - I'll take the opportunity to ask if you know of any Eagle fandom resources one absolutely shouldn't miss? I've just started to look around a bit - have loved the book for twenty years and now, of course, there's the film - and I found ninth_eagle, but not much more.

    BTW, now I've seen it on your list, I do remember reading the Khyber Knife, which is excellent, of course. :-)
    • Pleased to meet you too! It does seem to be an unusual combination--most of the Eagle fandom seems to have come over from Merlin and Rome fandoms (they are lovely folk, tho'!). I loved the book when I was a kid, too, and never knew anybody else who had read it. So I was pleased to re-read it and find it was as amazing as I remembered. And the movie is its own kind of pleasure:)

      As for resources, there's the com you mention, and also a very active kinkmeme, the_eagle_kink and an rps com, if that's your cup of tea, eagle_rps (entries are member locked, as per most rpf coms, but there actually is some great fic, and people have been posting nice vids and pics of Channing and Jamie's recent publicity tour in the UK).

      Here are a couple of good, comprehensive rec lists:



      The second one includes book 'verse fic. Like the Merlin fandom, a lot of the good fic is in 21stC AUs, though there is also great historical stuff. I kind of wish there was more book!fic, tho'--I wish there were a com for Sutcliffiana in general...

      hope that helps (and glad you liked The Khyber Knife)
  • Thanks for all those links! There is more out there than I thought, and from what I've seen so far it seems to be a small but interesting fandom. I wasn't exactly overwhelmed by the film (it's entertaining, yes, but my inner book nerd kept protesting :) ), but at least it has given this book some of the appreciation it deserves.

    Oh, and I took the liberty to friend you. No obligation to friend back, of course; I don't post much and when I do, it's mostly Holmes book canon fic (so far - though I'm tempted to try some Eagle fic now...).
    • You're very welcome--glad you found some stuff. I've also been surprised by the quantity and especially the quality of the fic that's been coming out.

      Friending you back--always glad to see book canon Holmes, and hopefully Eagle fic too :)
  • Added for fic and squeeing purposes over Steve McGarrett's FACE. Because it's enough of a reason to make new friends, imo =D.
  • I just read your Suits fic and I love it! And I'm super excited to read your Supernatural, White Collar, and X-Men: First Class fics!! :D
  • Just to say I'm friending you, because I really like your take on Sherlock/Lestrade. I tend to write John/Lestrade as it makes more sense to me, but I enjoy reading other combinations.
    • Please to meet you--glad you like the Sherlock/Lestrade--it's a pairing I never thought I would write as much of as I have. I love John/Lestrade fic too (have written it once I think)--it's a lovely combo--as is Sherlock/John (you can tell I'm not much of an OTP-er, huh?). Friending you back!
  • I just wanted to let you know that your H/W09 stories are the reasons why I ship H/W in that verse.
    I've watched both of the Ritchie films, slept halfway through the second film (I'm sorry), read your fic years later and got hooked and now I'm doing weekly rewatch :)

    Anyway, hello!

    Edited at 2014-03-26 12:39 pm (UTC)
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