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the island of conclusions

a day late and extremely short episode reations: SPN 6.06 and 6.07; Merlin 3.09

the island of conclusions

bright star

a day late and extremely short episode reations: SPN 6.06 and 6.07; Merlin 3.09

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bright star
These yelling Monsters that with ceaseless cry
Surround me

SPN 6.06 and 6.07

I enjoyed this episode immensely, from the cavity searches to the alpha!vamp, but I feel I might not have been taking it as seriously as I should have.

This is in direct contrast to last week’s episode (6.06), which I didn’t write about then because I felt like I might have been taking it too seriously.

[Warning for Dean-centricity:] It made me surprisingly sad that Lisa broke up with Dean—not because I didn’t think her reasons for doing it were valid, and not because I wasn’t happy that Lisa and Ben made it out of the Great Grimpen Mire of Winchesterdom alive (so far), but just because I was so sorry to see Dean lose something that seemed to make him happy.

And the episode hammered us over the head with the fact that Dean couldn’t have both Lisa and Sam. It’s a pretty explicit part of SPN canon/fanon that Dean has given up a lot for Sam (not just his life in S3, but also his childhood—lost in devoting himself to a little brother). But I don’t think that the show has ever shown him so reluctant to make that choice before, made it seem like a compulsion, rather than a pleasure.

The way the episode pretty explicitly linked Dean’s “addiction” to Sam to his alcoholism really drove this point home. Both seemed like needs that had long gone past the point of enjoyment—until one was revolted by the very thing one needed….

Okay—I know that’s a little melodramatic, which is why I didn’t bring it up last week. But I did just want to say that 6.06 made me sad….and to point how, in contrast to his heavy drinking last week, Dean didn’t touch a drop this week—onscreen, anyway. Inconsistent writing, probably, but it also seemed significant, somehow.

[Warning for flippancy] On to 6.07: I have to say I’m enjoying soulless!Sam or robo!Sam much more than I’ve enjoyed any flavor of Sam for a long time, with his complete inability to have the proper response to anything, and his weird puppy dog parroting of what he thinks the proposer response should be.

Perhaps a better word for him would be sociopathic?

Which is to say that it all reminds me of the lovely scene in “A Study in Pink” in which Sherlock loudly expresses his disbelief that a murder victim might still have been sad about her daughter’s long-ago death, and then looks around puzzled at the shocked expressions on everyone’s faces.

“Not good?” he says.

But whereas John Watson, with classic British understatement, answers “a bit not good,” Dean Winchester, faced with the same sort of behavior, beats his brother’s face to a pulp, ties him to a chair, then calls in his “wingman” to stick his fist up Sam’s gut. You gotta love America sometimes.

And, omg, I still can’t quite get over that opening scene, which was simultaneously one of the most intense, the kinkiest, and the most ridiculous things I’ve ever seen—on television or elsewhere. Kudos to everyone involved for getting through it with straight faces.

Tho’ it also left me asking why being touched by an angel always results in intestinal distress on SPN, from constipation to literal gut-wrenching. It’s kind of amazing that Dean and Cas (and Sam to some degree) can squeeze such quantities of UST from the threat of cramping. (lol, never mind, I think I just answered my own question).

In other news, I absolutely loved the alpha!vamp. That may have been the most elegant scene of exposition I’ve ever seen.

[Warning for geekery, which the alpha’s throwaway line about mothers seemed to call for] Since I’ve always been more of a Milton!girl myself than a Dante!girl myself, I thought I’d give you Milton’s take on Sin, the mother of monsters, telling her father, Satan, about being raped by her son, Death:

I fled, but he pursu'd (though more, it seems,
Inflam'd with lust then rage) and swifter far,
Mee overtook his mother all dismaid,
And in embraces forcible and foule
Ingendring with me, of that rape begot
These yelling Monsters that with ceasless cry
Surround me, as thou sawst, hourly conceiv'd
And hourly born, with sorrow infinite
To me, for when they list into the womb
That bred them they return, and howle and gnaw
My Bowels, thir repast; then bursting forth
A fresh with conscious terrours vex me round,
That rest or intermission none I find.

Paradise Lost, Book II, ll. 790-802

You don't really need to have read Freud to know that maternity is the scariest thing of all....

Merlin 3.09

Okay, what I mostly felt about this episode was that I missed Gwaine. I wondered what he was up to. I wished we could have had an episode about his adventures this week, instead of another episode about what happens when one of the Pendragons (Uther’s turn again this time) is unconscious….

I think I would have had more to say if the episode hadn’t bored my five-year-old out of his mind, and he hadn’t spent the whole 40+ minutes squirming on my lap and trying to wreak havoc on everything in arms’ reach.

The only parts the boys liked were the parts where Arthur “practiced” on Merlin—because the natural environment of small boys is a world in which rigid pecking orders are enforced with taunting and physical cruelty. They thought the arm punches were hysterical.

And we all agreed we liked the manticore, which bore a remarkable resemblance to a miniature terrier owned by my ex-in-laws, except less scary.

The use of black contacts by Merlin confused me, tho’. I kept thinking that Alice was a demon. Or perhaps that Christian Campbell was controlled by a manticore….

Okay—I’ll come back for H50 Tues. or Wed.
  • (no subject) -
    • I totally agree! I think it's because Sam/JP is so earnest about it--like he's really trying to have the right responses to things, and is confused when it doesn't work--it's adorable, in a creepy and touching kind of way--
  • (no subject) -
    • I relieved, too, that others are enjoying soulless!Sam--maybe it's because he's so earnest in his cluelessness, weirdly like S1-2 Sam in that way--

      lol--I actually wrote a xover fic once in which Dean, Arthur and Merlin hunted a manticore--mine was big and flying tho'. I'm sure they would have had more trouble with one that could scuttle under tables and hiss at them and nip their ankles n' stuff--
  • I'm enjoying souless!Sam too - I'm finding him by turns disturbing, chilling, and also strangely hot (but then I've been a Sam girl from the get-go, so that probably shouldn't surprise anyone...).

    I must admit I was nervous about this season of SPN, because I wasn't sure where they could go after averting the Apocalypse. The end of the last season was such a complete/neat conclusion in many ways, that I was worried that this season would feel like an after-thought. I'm glad to say that (to me at least) it isn't seeming that way at all - it has a different feel, and I'm intrigued and want to see what happens next.

    This week's Merlin? A filler that didn't grab me (or DD - DS hasn't watched it yet). I'm not against episodes of any show that fill in more about key supporting characters, but this one didn't fly for me.

    And there can never be enough Gawaine. Especially if he takes his shirt off again.
    • I'm usually a total mono-focus Dean girl, but soulless!Sam is kind of fascinating--partly because he's so earnest about trying to figure out the right thing--even tho' he never seems to get it--

      I'm also surprised at how much I'm enjoying this season of SPN--it's been just fun in a way that last season really wasn't at all--I'm looking forward to seeing what happens!

      And I agree about this week's Merlin. I feel like Richard Wilson must have re-negotiated his contract, because that was the second Gaius-heavy episode this season...But, you know, if I wanted touching romance between mature adults, I wouldn't be watching Merlin. We watch for the derring-do and the shirtlessness
      • The kids and I have an informal sweepstake every week as to how long it will be before Bradley James gets his kit off...

        Shirtless!Gawaine the other week was definitely a bonus :)
        • how long it will be before Bradley James gets his kit off...
          I knew there was something missing from that episode! *wants it back*

          My five-year-old keeps waving his hands around, trying to communicate something to me--and when I ask him what he's doing, he says "hand signals--like Arthur!"

          Edited at 2010-11-09 04:15 am (UTC)
  • I'm kinda digging soulless!Sam, too! It's almost - dare I say cute? - how he attempts normal human reactions and FAILS FAILS FAILS lol.

    Your observations on intestinal problems made me giggggggle.
    • He is cute! So earnest--and weird--in his striving to be right--

      And, idek, Dr. Cas seems to have the ability to make even intestinal problems sexy...
  • For me 6.06 of SPN was terrible. I wanted to just finish the episode and forget about it. But 6.07 made me so very happy!

    The best part for me - Crowley <3333 Never enough of him! And second place has Castiel. Third Christian and Sampa. And I like soulless!Sam, so I totally agree. I don't know why people bash him so much.

    Hm, as for Dean, he annoys me this season. I think Castiel should kick his ass again, becasue seriously, I don't get why Dean thinks Castiel should be there for him all the time, when Castiel can do whatever he wants and he has responsibilities, too. But well... I think I'm going to read Sam/Cas fics soon.
    And I pretty much understnd Lisa. I'm kind of happy about her choice - it was reasonable. And I expected it. Looks like Sam and Dean will never have any long lasting romantic relationships.

    As for "Merlin" - I need more of Gwaine/Merlin. Seriously. I liked the last episodes, but Gwaine was definitely the best art for me XD Some parts were confusing, but well. It happens in every show, I guess. The recent episode was... kind of boring, though.

    Edited at 2010-11-08 08:45 pm (UTC)
    • IKR? Gwaine should be in every episode--he makes everything fun!

      Oh, yeah, I forgot about Crowley--he also makes everything fun!

      IDK, I kind of love bossy!pissed-off!Dean, even with Cas--and it's not like Cas doesn't give as good as he gets--it makes me feel like they love each other, I don't know why. But YMMV, of course.
      • VERY TRUE <3333 The more Gwaine, the better! ;D The same goes for Crowley X3

        Well, we'll see about Dean So far, I'm not his biggest fan XDD
        • I do hope Gwaine comes back this season, tho' I guess there're only a few episodes left...And I hope Dean comes back into your good graces :)
  • You wanna hear something funny? I was just describing exactly this passage of Paradise Lost to ghyste and hoping that no one at SPN has actually read Milton. Because that passage grossed me out like nothing else. Also, Paradise Lost cracks me up because it's so totally fanfic. You can tell just from that passage what a fanficky delight Milton was taking in going for the whole non-con grossout, not to mention all the hot naked conjugal bliss between pre-fall Adam and Eve.

    Satan is also so ass-kicking while God? BOOOORING.
    • OMG *dies* it is so much fanfic: it's Genesis (the put your hands on me remix), warnings for non-con, explicit het, and suicidal ideation (hard R).

      I'm so glad someone else thought of that passage, squicky as it is! I kind of love how pissed off Sin is at having to give birth to monsters all the time (I was going to put up one about Dulness from Pope's Dunciad too, but stopped myself from committing that much geekery)
      • Genesis (the put your hands on me remix), warnings for non-con, explicit het, and suicidal ideation (hard R)

        ROFL! You forgot the warning for MPREG (Satan gives birth to his own daughter, after all) and Spoilers: The fate of all mankind.
        • Spoilers: The fate of all mankind.

          Oh, you could do this for all pieces of famous fanfic:

          Jean Rhys's The Wide Sargasso Sea (the crazy for you remix) warnings for outsider POV, violence, insanity and minor character death.
          a/n: sorry about the experimental writing style, folks--just trying something out here, don't flame me :)
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