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the island of conclusions

H50 1.09: not a full reaction, just question

the island of conclusions

bright star

H50 1.09: not a full reaction, just question

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bright star
My TV reception was crap tonight, so I think I have to wait and watch a download before I really write a reaction, but tell me this:

When Danny was trying to get Steve to tell him what his special ops. "specialty" had been, did Steve really say "I worked the other side" and then did Danny say "the other side of a sniper rifle?" and then they left it at that??

Was Steve a military assassin?? *boggles*

Or was I hallucinating? I mean, the picture was bad on my TV, but I thought the sound was okay.

So there was so much to love about that episode, I thought, including Kono taking down the guy with her timing and leverage; the same guy's heartbreaking story; Danny's rant about military terminology; and bossy!Steve delegating like crazy ("Chin--you make the family notification": "Kono--get the first aid kit": "Danny--secure the upstairs").

But I need to re-watch because the whole last scene in the dark house was pretty much lost on me.

And I need to see if that last scene between Steve and Danny makes me almost tear up a second time....

In other news, sick kids and fic deadlines have meant that I haven't even watched SPN 6.08 yet--should I? Or should I save my energy for this week's?

And did anybody see House tonight? Should I dl it? I haven't watched much this season, but the premise of this one was one of my all time favorite premises, though I'm sure there's a twisty twist.
  • I loved this episode a lot, if only for badass!Steve. I did not quite understand the bit about him being "on the other side," but I am really curious. I also need to rewatch because I feel like a lot happened and I didn't catch it all.

    "Chin--you make the family notification": "Kono--get the first aid kit": "Danny--secure the upstairs"

    *tilts head sideways* When you put it all together like that, I am drawing further conclusions...

    Also, that last scene! ♥ And the first scene with jealous!Danny! I love how they tried to play it off as "instinct" when it's pretty obvious he was just marking his territory. ♥ Oh crap, fic idea...
    • I've gotten from iTunes and fully intend to re-watch it--and not just for badass!Steve, awesome as he was.

      There's something totally fascinating about him having done shady things in the military--not because I want dark!Steve--just the idea of him being maybe haunted by being on the "other side" is, well, hot!

      And the Steve/Danny in this was just crazy--they are really the TV couple at the moment most likely to be really doing it--

      Jealous is the perfect place to start a fic *g*
  • (no subject) -
    • OMG--I did not realize how perfectly it fit your AU--you are a genius!! It must happen--with more discussions of Bon Jovi in the car (Steve and Danny's ride is so nondescript compared to the Impala, tho' :( )

      I don't know why the idea of Steve having DONE REGRETTABLE THINGS is so compelling--but IT IS--can he be haunted by them? pls?

      And Steve was betrayed by his BROTHER IN ARMS. He is SAD. He is HUMAN. (I was ridiculously touched by this scene--don't laugh).

    • You guys slay me XD

      Totally not judging you on the power of the Alex O' emoting. it's the eyes, damn him, he does *things* to me with his eyes!!
      • lol, we call that O'moting. It's a registered lethal weapon with special operations. Indeed, it's Steve's official "specialty."

      If the shows goes on getting more feeling like this with every episode, we are all DOOMED

      Danny will plumb Steve's pain, but Steve will also sublimate it in shooting stuff and more and more elaborate Kevlar--
  • did Steve really say "I worked the other side" and then did Danny say "the other side of a sniper rifle?" and then they left it at that??

    OH YES! I suspect Steve is a badass with a dark past! Which his smile totally belies! *g* This whole episode was ridiculously perfect and wonderful and awesome.

    As for SPN 6x08...well. I don't know. There was some good stuff in it, but...you could probably wait? I'm such a completist that it's hard for me to stay that, tho.
    • This whole episode was ridiculously perfect and wonderful and awesome.
      It really was! The episodes just seem to be getting better--which is totally unfair!

      The idea of Steve's laid-back smile covering over a dark past is--well, compelling

      I have 6.08 on my computer so hopefully I'll watch it sometime. I'm usually a completist, too--tho' truth be told, there are a couple of S3 episodes I've never seen *ssshhh*
  • I missed the last couple of epis of H5-0 but I really liked this one. And yes, I do believe that Steve was hinting at being some kind of dark ops type dude. I have to say that between Alex O's ridiculous pretty and his badassness, he's starting reach Dean and Arthur levels of hotness for me. Not quite, but he's getting there.

    I liked this last episode of SPN but my standards for enjoyment of this show are so skewed these days that I'm not really the best judge of quality anymore.

    There was a really cute doggy and some nice grumpy!Dean and some pretty anvillious pining over Lisa which I love for the continuity. Also soulless Sam continues to amuse and appall me at the same time and I am so not buying anything he is selling. Finally, sniper!Dean is a thing of beauty and definitely worth 39 minutes of my life. You, however, may actually have better things to do with your time. ;)
    • I know what you mean about Alex O. He doesn't do all that much for me just on looks--but something about the way he is in action--both flirting and shooting stuff--is just--GUH. For some reason everything seemed to come together in this episode (despite my grainy TV screen).

      I'm pretty sure sniper!Dean is worth giving up some time for ;) I have the ep on my computer, so I'll try to watch--thanks for the heads up!
  • Uuungh, haven't seen 5-0 or House yet :-(

    SPN, I'd say you can let it wait. It' a bit of a filler of an episode, good in its own right, but nothing nail-biting.
    • I don't know about House, but I'm willing to bet that H50 won't disappoint when you get to it: no shirtlessness, but vests with various straps and holsters for both guns and knives like you wouldn't believe :)

      I have 6.08 on my computer now, so I will probably watch it at some point--
      • *spends two minutes just staring at your icon*

        Where was I? Oh, right, I saw 5-0! And my thought during that scene was "Steve's vest is like batman's belt!"

        Also, v. pleased with Kono's flying tackle!!!
        • IKR? it's like the icon of sex...it's a little distracting...

          okay, I just re-watched (research!), and with my lousy reception I had completely missed the gun-sheath in the back of the vest. Am I a bad feminist for finding it insanely hot?

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