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the island of conclusions

a day late and extremely short episode reations: H50 1.10; Merlin 3.11; SPN 6.09;.

the island of conclusions

bright star

a day late and extremely short episode reations: H50 1.10; Merlin 3.11; SPN 6.09;.

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Steve neck
In which I chortle with many varieties of appreciation.

H50 1.10

What’s hotter than a hot guy with tattoos in a white tank top? A smokin’ tattooed guy in a beater WHO DOES HIS OWN HOME REPAIRS, that’s what. Seriously, this show loves us (and you could tell right there this episode was written by a woman: it’s a documented fact that a man helping out around the house is the greatest aphrodisiac). [personal profile] anniehow was just saying how there should be home-repair fic—and look: the show provides.

And then the same guy whipping off his shirt again within 10 minutes! Because certain members of the team (but not Chin) keep their all aqua gear in their trunks; and Kono always has a bikini on under her clothes, because, well, who knows why. Danny’s line about the towel--and his full-body check-out of Steve--were awesome.

So I’m gonna forgive the episode for seemingly being sponsored top to bottom by Apple and the iPhone. Because, y’know, I have an iPhone myself, and somewhat goofy thumbs, and I appreciated the advice about how to use the impossible keyboard for emailing. Turn it sideways! Ooooh!

Okay—enough snark: other things I genuinely liked:

The tri-athlete robbers, with their blood-doping (explained by Science-Guy-you-wouldn’t-believe-the-shit-SEALS-get-up-to-print-kits-are-for-pussies-just-give-me-a-feather!Steve). They reminded me of the surfer bank robbers in Point Break, except with added girl robbers. And anything that reminds me of Point Break is an automatic win.

Nb: So it looks like this episode will forever be known as the “babe” episode. I totally missed this the first time ‘round. I went back and looked (‘cause I’m scrupulous like that), and yup: pretty damn cute. I expect it was more a product of Scott Caan being a Hollywood native than the writers deliberately putting in evidence of an established relationship, but, heck, who cares? I love a guy who uses lots of endearments!

Rachel. I liked that they didn’t go for a NJ stereotype of some kind. She could clearly give as good as she got with Danny—excuse me, Daniel—but their last scene together was really sweet/bittersweet. She was great when she crashed the car, too. Having her around did not seem to banish the sexual, um, energy between Steve and Danno. Nope. Not at all.

The little set piece at the end where the four Five-Os each took down one of the four robbers in their own inimitable way. Sometimes Steve’s mad fighting skillz make me giggle a little, but this time I was giggling with joy.

Merlin 3.11

The boys thoroughly enjoyed this one, because the emo was generously leavened with lots and lots of fighting. And because “Who Would Win?” is one of their favorite games.

It goes like this:
Son #1: Who would win: a ninja or a knight?
Son #2: Knight. Who would win: a zombie skeleton warrior or a samurai?
#1: Zombie skeleton warrior. Who would win: a pirate or a space alien?
#2: Space alien.
And so one ‘til you want to scream. Seriously, the only thing that would have made them happier was if one of the tournament participants had whipped out a light saber.

But I quite liked all the stuff about what it meant to be a “closeted” magic person. And I totally love it when Merlin does his dragon-lord voice.

I was also completely intrigued by the Uther-Arthur (& Morgana) story line. For most of the episode, as I watched Uther bait Arthur (I particularly liked his “when I was your age I had conquered Camelot” line) and Arthur do a slow simmer, I was thinking so this is where the whole season has been going: Arthur is going to twig to what a shite king Uther is, and let one of the assassination attempts (which happen every fucking week) succeed (as son #1 urges him to do constantly). Or actually do the deed himself. Interesting, thought I. So the little reconciliation twist at the end left me with some whiplash.

SPN 6.09

Woohoo! I finally saw it! And this is my reaction: HEEEE!

Not much other than that. I kind of loved the leprechaun. And much else. So many great lines and facial expressions. I kinda wondered why the fairy was wailing on Dean at the end, tho’—is the whole fairy realm pissed at him for fighting the power? Will they continue to be pissed at him forever?

In other news:

I actually saw HP 7 over the weekend. And despite having fifty pounds of five-year-old in my lap for most of the 2.5 hours, I really enjoyed it. I’m not much of a HP fan (though I’ve read most of them aloud to son #1), and this is the first of the movies I’ve seen in a movie theater, so I can’t really review it. But tell me what you thought, if you saw it.

Also, son #2 and I have been watching the BBC Robin Hood series from a few years ago on DVD. I’ve never seen it before, or heard much about it. It seems like Merlin, but with arrows (and no dragon). But we’re enjoying it. Is there stuff I should know about it?

  • I saw Harry Potter over the weekend, and I really enjoyed it (have been a Harry Potter fan since I was 13 and it was just one child book among others). It's probably my favorite of the movies, because having two parts for one book they took more time with it, and I enjoyed the more mature tone.
    • Yeah--I thought I might be imagining it, since it's the first one I've seen on a big screen--but it really did seem slower and more mature. I really liked Hermione in it--I wish I had a Hermione icon!

      Hey--enjoy your first American Thanksgiving--or at least the pie!
      • Hee, thank you! It's very exciting because to me Thanksgiving is something I've only ever seen in American movies and TV shows.
        • I feel like the food will seem very crude to a French person...But it can be good.

          (I am roasting my pumpkin for pumpkin pie as we speak :))
  • They clearly wrote the first 10 minutes of this episode for me personally - we had Steve-in-a-wifebeater (tattoos!) followed closely by shirtless!Steve. Mmmm...

    "And anything that reminds me of Point Break is an automatic win."

    Yep, me too :)

    I loved Rachel (Danny goes for high standards in his love interest, doesn't he?!?). I also think that Danny should be worried that his current obviously thinks so highly of his ex - such potential for ganging up on him...

    As for Merlin, his speech about knowing what it's like to have to pretend to be less than you are around people who are actually far less powerful than you brought a lump to my throat.
    • They clearly wrote the first 10 minutes of this episode for me personally - we had Steve-in-a-wifebeater (tattoos!) followed closely by shirtless!Steve. Mmmm...
      You and me both! Honestly, I could have watched a whole episode of Steve fixing up his house (getting gradually more sweaty, of course). Though I loved the rest of the ep too--so maybe it'll be a DVD extra or something *g*

      *fist bump of solidarity for Point Break enjoyment*

      You're right--I'm glad they've decided to make Danny so discerning in his choice of love objects :) And the idea of Steve and Rachel ganging up on him--ribbing him about his ties, perhaps--is delicious!

      And yeah, Colin Morgan, when he turns it on, is just heartbreaking--I teared up several times in the S2 finale....
  • (no subject) -
    • That? Sounds like a perfect pre-Thanksgiving activity! Because the show has already given us quite a bit to be thankful for :)

      (there's been an explosion of fic--I am totally behind! I don't know if you ever go for rps, but there's even been some great Scott/Alex--)

      And, oh yeah, you're right--let it never be said that Steve doesn't put his stealth op skills to good use!

      Happy Thanksgiving!

  • I loved the HP movie. It was the best so far, I think. They left out some bits that left me wondering how they're going to reconcile some of it by the end, but overall this is the movie that felt most complete to me, maybe because they had more time to deal with everything?

    Kono always has a bikini on under her clothes, because, well, who knows why. BECAUSE SHE'S HAWAIIAN DUH. (jk jk, I was thinking that too, but maybe it's because she surfs?)

    I loved the team taking down the bank robbers one by one too. Was it Danny that clotheslined him with the hose? I can't remember exactly what happened. And it's awful, but I love watching Steve beat the crap out of people. I like to imagine that Danny gets turned on by it too. /creepy kink
    • Yeah, I didn't know whether it was because I was seeing it on the big screen for the first time, but it did seem more--fleshed out, maybe? I loved Hermione, and I don't always love her in the books--

      I think always having your bikini is just part of being a good cop in Hawaii *g* Though I guess we should be grateful Steve let her get it (and the vest) on--and didn't just make her dive in in her clothes (or naked), given his later brush-off the print kit she also has in her trunk.

      Though I have to say I loved the outfit Kono wore through most of the ep.--flat shoes, jeans, long-sleeved t. Practical, not too fashion-y, and of course GP looked awesome because she would no matter what she was wearing.

      It was Chin who did the clothes-lining--Danny shot a cooler in front of the bike. I totally know what you mean about Steve beating people up, tho'--loved the leg hook take down. I'm sure Danny gets a little turned on. And I'm sure Steve gets a little turned on from knowing that Danny gets a little turned on...this show!

      Edited at 2010-11-24 05:41 pm (UTC)
  • Oh, woman! As soon as I saw the opening scene I immediately thought of you!!!

    Do you think we have some kind of psychic powers??? Can we influence the writers on the show??? WILL STEVE NOW ADMIT HE SECRETLY LIKES DUDES AS WELL???
    • hahaha! I am both transparent and easily pleased! I could have watched that scene go on for 40+ minutes *g*

      I actually think we might be able to if we concentrate hard enough! Though maybe they are thinking it up all on their own, given what's been coming off the screen so far. I can actually almost see Steve doing it--deadpan, and then shrugging and saying "What? Happened all the time in the SEALS, you got some kind of problem with it?" and Danny would be all "No--not me--no problem--"

      How were your first few days?!

      Edited at 2010-11-24 05:46 pm (UTC)
      • That, m'dear, requires an entire e-mail of it's own. Will update you ;-P

        I am now off to see a couple of friends murder</i> pay homage to Muse by playing a gig in a dodgy pub.
  • OMG there is so much hotness on H50. I don't really remember the rest of the episode. But it doesn't matter because HOTNESS!

    I actually kind of like the Father-Son bonding twist at the end. It actually made sense to me that proud, arrogant Uther would resent his son's youth and acclaim as he himself reaches the far side of middle age. But then when Arthur put aside his own pride, despite douche!Daddy's needling, I guess he realized who was the real grown up in the relationship.

    I also really liked Morgana's subtle manipulations in this one. Now that's how they should have been writing her all season, instead of all the mwahahah!kill!!kill!kill stuff that totally discounted her previous affection for Arthur and Gwen. So many missed opportunities with M this season. *sigh*

    SPN, I found mostly delightful. But yeah, I have no idea why the Red Cap was beating the crap out of Dean. Guess it was Friday or something. *shrug* Mostly I think it was sloppy plot contrivance. They needed to get Dean out of the way so that we could get the big dun!dun!dun! not-even-remotely-shocking moment of Sam not dealing to get his soul back just so that Dean could ask him about it later and get lied to AGAIN.
    • Yeah, the hotness on H50 is kinda blinding--kinda like looking into the sun...Sometimes it is very hard to remember there's actually a plot going on--

      You're right tho'--to have Arthur suddenly give up on his devotion to Uther would be very OCC--and it was nice to have Uther acknowledge it for once. And I completely agree about Morgana--

      I would go on about the awesomeness of Merlin 3.12, but I think it's going to need it's own post!

      And I can understand why Sam maybe doesn't want his soul back--the coming timing soullessness seems to have given him is reason enough :)
      • 312 was good but Gwaine's hair wasn't quite a shiny as normal. But I guess he was being kept as a slave and then he was stumbling about in the woods so I guess it's slight flatness is forgivable.
        • lol--he'd better shampoo it, if they're going to subdue the immortal knights with the blazing power of their hotness. Or at least get Steve McGarrett to take of his shirt in Camelot's defense.
          • I bet Steve McGarret could dive in and that big ol' sword for Arthur, no probs. Magic!shmagic! Now that's what I call a x-over. :P
            • Hee! don't get me started:

              Arthur: Yes, they call him Sir Steve the Shirtless.
              Merlin: Why do they call him that? Oh, never mind. I see.

              Gaius: Why, Sire, he is inked like a Pict. But much...larger.
              Arthur: Yes, they say it is the secret of his invincibility.
              Gaius (in awe): Such is the stuff of legend, my lord.

              okay--must go to sleep!
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