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the island of conclusions

Merlin 3.12

the island of conclusions

bright star

Merlin 3.12

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bright star
Y'all, I kinda gathered from my flist that 3.12 was going to be awesome, but nobody warned me that it was going to put together like 99.9% of my favorite narrative cliches!

1. I love that thing where two people have to fight each other to the death even though they don't want to. Particularly to rescue someone else or each other. It's like for me, the best thing about "Amok Time" is Kirk and Spock fighting each other. Fuck-or-die? Who cares? Fight! (as anniehow tells me, I am not a great pacifist--except in things political).

So, um, Arthur and Gwaine fighting (& Arthur protecting Merlin) made me very happy.

2. I know I talk trash about the Merlin writers a lot, but I have to respect them for the way they just bring the sick!hurt!Arthur at the end of every season. There hasn't been a season finale yet in which he hasn't sweated through an infected and/or poisoned wound. And, no, a h/c junkie like me has no complaints about this repetition. None at all.

Plus, this time, they had "being wounded out in the woods," "wounded hero doggedly pursues righteousness," and "Merlin bosses Arthur around" as added bonuses.

I don't keep up with Merlin fic, but if anybody's seen any missing scene fic about Merlin and Gwaine looking after Arthur in the woods, I'd be very happy to know about it (and yes, you can take "looking after" in any way you'd like ;)).

I think there was more stuff. The boys, of course, loved the fighting. And we're all looking forward to next week, when Arthur and his men incinerate the immortal knights with their blinding hotness (for naught else can defeat the Cup of Life), tho' I guess they're going to need Lancelot's help to do it.

  • Yeah I think this might have been my fave epi of the season so far and it wasn't even for the blinding hottness, though of course that added many layers of scrumptious. The promo for next week looks really good too.

    I'm also hoping we will get some good Gwen-Morgana comeuppance. Boy is that long overdue.
    • Definitely my favorite too--and yes, wow, some Gwen sticking it to Morgana would be wonderful!

      (and now that you've got me thinking about Merlin/H5) xovers, here's my idea: a modern AU where the team has to protect (Crown Prince) Arthur and his entourage on a visit to Hawaii.
      Danny's all: Manservant? Who has a manservant these days? Christ, these guys really do still live in the middle ages.
      And Steve's all: Shut up, we need to do our job.
      But no one expects the assassin to be former pro-surfer Morgana. And Arthur impresses Steve with his knife-fighting skills. Etc & etc.)
      • OMG OMG OMG *Flails flails flails* WRITE EEEEETTT!!!
        • hee! it would be kind of fun, huh? Arthur wears board shorts! Merlin gets a sunburn! Danny reads them the riot act about hereditary monarchies!

          But first I feel I must write about this:

          Because I am a sap...

          you are welcome to adopt the bunny, tho' :)

          Edited at 2010-12-02 03:08 am (UTC)
          • Ok, in this case, you're excused. For now. I feel like I should add "write, bitch, write!" or something equally uncouth ;-P

            • Here you go: Triangular
              • Jesus, you bow too easily to peer pressure! The power will go to my head and I shall go mad with it and end up a cat lady who yells "write me fic!" at random strangers!!!

                • hee! no--I am grateful for the nice response I've been getting to your last suggestion (the malaria!fic), but this one I was planning to write regardless. The H50/Merlin xover will have to wait a while.
  • I Loved this epi SO MUCH OMG!!! I want to make a capslock post about it, with screencaps and everything! They guys! in the forest, with the arrow, and the bantering, and Arthus twitching on the ground, and and and...!

    And they can't hit the magic reset button after this, surely? *has terrifying image of Morgana weeping in Uther's arms saying "her evil magic made me do it!"*
    • IKR? It really just had everything wonderful and delicious in it! There has to be a reveal of some kind, doesn't there? Doesn't there? Or at least a change of regime....
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