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the island of conclusions

a day late and extremely short episode reations: Merlin 3.13; H50 1.11

the island of conclusions

bright star

a day late and extremely short episode reations: Merlin 3.13; H50 1.11

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Steve neck
In which I am completely sappy.

And which are even briefer than usual, because I always forget that December is the perfect shitstorm of familial and professional obligations...

This was my day:

9 am: arrive at the kids' school to be the Ambassadress of Chanukah to son #2's kindergarten class. Find multiple police cars, policemen with dogs roaming the neighborhood, and the school on lockdown. There was an attempted break-in in the neighborhood, and everyone is all "better safe than sorry." The lock-down is mercifully brief, and the exotic holiday is shared (he's the only Jewish kid in his class).

I then embark on a whole day of meetings. Most meetings go like this: 1) Bad budgetary news; 2) much beating of fists and tearing of hair about how we don't deserve this and it is un-right and un-fair; 3) more bad budgetary news.

I leave the last such meeting early to meet the kids off the school bus, and am only now getting back to my computer. Needless to say, I have work emails and other stuff pending, since, you know, I was in meetings all day...

Luckily, TV was very happy-making this week.

Merlin 3.13

Okay, this episode hit all my Arthurian buttons--in a way that had nothing to do with how hot and in love the knights were. I know it meant to hit those buttons, but, goodness me, did it do a good job. Arthur finally severing himself from his father's values? Speaking up for equality and knighting everyone? And kissing Gwen in front of everyone? I even felt like the moves weren't pasted on, like these were steps that the show had been leading up for ages, with Arthur chafing against his father's decrees with Gwen and Gwaine and Lancelot....

It know it's a huge generalization, but I always think your iconic British hero (Arthur, Robin Hood) realizes his greatness by recognizing the strengths of those around him, whereas your iconic American hero (from Natty Bumpo to Superman to Shane) realizes his greatness by recognizing his own strength (perhaps accompanied by one trusted companion). Obviously, there are exceptions to this rule (hello there, Mr. Holmes!), but, God did it make me happy to see the first thing done right!

Also--I loved Merlin being all competent and leader-y.

H50 1.11

Y'all--I went back to my post about H50 1.01, and saw that I had called Steve "a flinty-eyed lummox" and a "slab of muscled beefcake." Now, I meant those things in the nicest of all possible ways, but, oh, Alex O'Loughlin, how you make me eat my words! Or rather: Steve McGarrett has really become the most soulful flinty-eyed lummox there ever was, hasn't he?

It wasn't my most favorite episode, because I don't really like serial-killer plots, but there was still so much to love. Maybe it's because I've read some interviews the cast has done recently about how exhausting the filming schedule is (and it really does look exhausting)-- maybe it was the slathering of painful revelations about Steve and Danny's pasts. Poor orphaned sixteen-year-old Steve! Poor thirty-four-old Steve, finding out about his mother was murdered! --but but everyone did seem a little tired, and in need of a hug. The whole thing did seem touching in a way that was in excess of what actually happened, if you know what I mean...

Of course, this being H50, there was still plenty of room for other things: like the return of the boar-hunters, completely with high-tech cross-bows that deserve a show of their own; gorgeous semi-clothed spear-fishing--I could have dealt with 40 minutes of that; Kono prefacing her honeymoon fantasy with a very emphatic "if I get married"; and of course, the return of the "babe."

  • Steve McGarrett has really become the soulful flinty-eyed lummox there ever was, hasn't he?</i>

    *dies* Why yes. Yes I believe he has! What an excellent way to put that. *g* I think this is my favorite of all the eps this season, because I don't care about the plot (there was a plot?) but there was ABUNDANT character stuff in this one, and that's what I love.
    • It's true, the character stuff was just lovely--and ran the gamut, too--from the hysterical bit with the door to the extremely touching "I got this one" you talked about in your post. These guys....

      Plus more stuff about Chin and Kono's lives too!
  • I found myself having to watch this epi of H5-0 twice already, once to follow the plot and once to just mindlessly admire the hotness that is Steve McGarrett being all soulful...

    And Merlin delivered pretty much everything that I want from a season finale. The Beeb had promised us a game-changer, and they delivered in a way that was both heartwrenching and believably in character.

    • IKR? I have it downloaded to watch again for precisely that reason--Steve/Alex is turning out to be way, way more compelling (and compellingly hot) than I would have thought from the pilot--

      And, yeah, you summed up my feelings about Merlin perfectly there!
  • I watch pretty much nothing but police procedurals, so I kind of loved this episode for the serial killer plot. Also, yes, Steve half-naked, spear fishing with Chin, was lovely. It seems like we got little bits of characterization for everyone, which was nice. I kind of want Kono to be a lesbian...well, bisexual. We haven't seen Ben since that one episode, so I still hold on to hope. I wish we got to see more of her personal life.
    • I know, the little snippets of Kono's life are tantalizing. I read somewhere that GP had actually asked the producers to cast another woman regular so that she wouldn't be the only chick in the boys' club--so maybe they'll see the wisdom of that, and we can at least have femslash to look forward to!

      I was glad everybody got their little bit of characterization!
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