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the island of conclusions

Ficcery (cool things I got)

the island of conclusions

bright star

Ficcery (cool things I got)

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I've been meaning to do this forever!

I've done two fic exchanges in the past month or so, and totally lucked out with fics I got for my prompts--so I wanted to pass along the links.

For the awesome xover_exchange multifandom exchange, the very talented auctorial chose the pairing I suggested that I thought was the least likely to be taken up: Thirteen/ Morgana (House/Merlin) and wrote a gorgeous meditation on mortality and immortality (with added lovely femslash): Half Sick of Shadows (R).

And even though my fic for the whitecollarswap won't go up 'til Wed., I've already gotten this lovely fic from rabidchild: Where is my Mind. It takes up the prompt "The anklet develops some spooky extra powers: it starts transmitting Neal's thoughts and/or feelings--but only to Peter" and does an absolutely delightful job with it. (nc-17 for a brief smutty scene).

AND: anonwrites remixed my fic "Lost Saints" as Lost Tides for the Dean-focused remix challenge over at hoodie_time. It's only the second time someone has remixed one of my fics, and it's so cool to see what a change in POV can do!

Finally: over on AO3, Helga Winter has translated "Catching Waves on Dry Land" (the H50 gun!kink one) into Russian!. Even though I can't read a word, I'm amazed and flattered by this!

Anyway, enjoy!!
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