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the island of conclusions

Insta-reaction for once: H50 1.12 (and not-so-instant: SPN 6.11)

the island of conclusions

bright star

Insta-reaction for once: H50 1.12 (and not-so-instant: SPN 6.11)

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bright star
In which I am reduced to bullet points.

H50 1.12

Okay, it may be that I write a more coherent post about this later, in which I worry more about the continuity issues (what were S&D up to between the nighttime shots of the raid on the boat and the daytime shots of Chin at HQ? When did D change his pants? Whose car is it, again?). But at the time I was swept up in the awesomeness--which made me enjoy all kinds of inappropriate things.

*okay, I am not mushy about Christmas--I don't even celebrate Christmas--but Danny wanting to be Santa for Grace made me all melty....(sad as I am that the little fanon movement to make Danny Jewish has been squashed).

*I'm not sure why I like Sang Min so much, in all his duplicitous, big-haired, icy-coldness, but I do. I was so happy to see him again. And that whole sequence had so much win, from Steve being so sweetly reassuring to Danny, to Danny calling Sang Min "babe" (Steve's probably all "wait, he does this to all the guys?!"), to Danny and Sang Min's "hair off." I expect he'll be back, and I'm glad.

*Cock-fighting. No, I don't actually like cock fighting, but I enjoyed seeing it, and Steve being all "Deal, just deal" with Danny about it.

*Danny's, uh, better-fitting trousers. Oh, come on, you noticed too.

*Sniper!Kono. I mean: Whoa. I like to think that the show has changed a bit, and if this had been an earlier episode, we would have seen Kono dressed up to "infiltrate" the hostess bar. But now we see her pairing up with Steve to take down a bad guy. Part of me was saying "where's Danny" during that sequence, but most of me decided that Steve took her along not just because she was personally involved in the case, but also because next to him, she's the best shot on the team. Danny was all, "take me, take me" and Steve was all, "C'mon, Danno, you know you're crap with a sniper rifle--Kono was top of her class." Plus, I kind of loved the little Danny-Chin interaction after the bomb came off, so the whole thing was win-win.

*The whole thing about the money was great. What does Chin know about the lock-up that he's still hiding? (and why didn't we get to see Chin's bedroom?) What's going to happen now that Steve has, for once, totally fucked up, and is lying to hide it? Love the chinks in his perfection!

*And I'll say it again. I'm not mushy about Christmas. I don't even celebrate Christmas. But, oh, that scene...with Danny and Grace surrounded by people who love them. *sniff* Plus, I think it broke all the newfangled, high-tech slash-ometers at the National Slash Monitoring Station (despite it's highly secret location--even Steve McGarrett doesn't have the clearance to get in).

ETA: I forgot to mention:

Steve McGarrett, folks:
He drinks tea
He sews
He takes bad guys down with his ankles
And he already has a boyfriend.

SPN 6.11

I just finished watching it, and I haven't read other responses yet. And, anyway, I expect you can guess what I'm going to say.

*I love Dean and Tessa. I just love them. Take a look at dotfic's pic spam of their relationship if you want to know why. I love that the show has brought her back so many times. Part of me wants Dean/Tessa missing scene fic. And part of me was having so much fun watching Dean partner up with a competent, professional woman who had no time for his shit (he never flirts with her, does he?).

*And I love Death. Only Dean Winchester could have both an ongoing relationship with death, and an ongoing relationship with Death.

*I know lots of people have had much deeper and more serious thoughts about this, but the Sam-Bobby interaction reminded me of nothing so much as Home Alone, with Bobby in the Macauly Caulkin role, what with his booby traps and determination not to leave his house. And Sam was the hapless robber. Maybe Home Alone II, since didn't Sam try to kill Bobby before, in "Mystery Spot." Sorry guys, maybe I'll be able to take all more seriously after the hiatus.

  • Dude I think I'm starting to ship Steve and Chin and I really want to see more Kono and Chin family fun times and Steve and Kono bonding. Danny is adorable with his little Grace.

    Who was the guy at the end talking to Spike? Have we seen him before? He's kinda hot too.

    On the SPN front, I am totally shipping Dean and Tessa. They kind of flirted in their previous interactions but she was seriously irritated this time around and I kinda loved that Dean couldn't charm her out of it.

    Also Death bringing Dean a hot dog was oddly sweet and just a little creepy.

    Gotta say I'm glad this whole soulless business is over because it was just silly and inconsistent and took over the whole friggin' show.

    I hope we can get to Cas' civil war and Samuel's shenanigans now and maybe Dean can finally start a sentence again that doesn't begin and end with Sam.

    • Who was the guy at the end talking to Spike? Have we seen him before? He's kinda hot too.

      It's Mark Dacascos! He's the Chairman on Iron Chef America. He was also on Dancing with the Stars if you watch that show. He's playing Wo Fat, who was Steve's arch nemesis on the original show. We haven't seen him before, but I think we will probably see him a lot in the future.
      • Oh! thanks for the info--I knew it was Wo Fat, but don't know anything about Iron Chef--
      • Thanks for the info on Wo Fat. I knew it was all significant and stuff but I didn't know why. Also hilarious that they brought in a reality tv star for the part. This should be fun.
    • Oh, I know--I'm starting to ship everybody with everybody on this show! I loved Steve and Kono this time because they were so completely professional together--he clearly totally trusts her to get the job done.

      Dean/Tessa is one of my favorite things--their interactions in 4.15 are one of the most poignant things SPN has ever done, imho--and this time was great too--her irritation, his reliance on her.

      maybe Dean can finally start a sentence again that doesn't begin and end with Sam.
      I am ready for this too! And the heavenly civil war--*crosses fingers*
  • Steve McGarrett, folks:
    He drinks tea
    He sews
    He takes bad guys down with his ankles
    And he already has a boyfriend.

    *dying* The sewing part killed me. IT WAS THE BOY SCOUTS OK. I feel like Steve would have been the most intense boy scout ever. Suddenly I need fic where Steve teaches Grace how to tie knots and kick guys in places where they won't move for two weeks, and Danny is like, "...I don't know if I should be upset about this or not."

    I TOTALLY AGREE ABOUT KONO. I love that she's become more and more awesome and, like, doing things that don't involve her needing to wear a miniskirt. I loved that she was so involved in this episode, both with the heist and accompanying Steve to the meeting. I feel like the team is really gelling at this point and that she feels like an integral part of the team, not just the token hot female.

    I like Sang Min too. Although, I keep having to remind myself that he wanted to rape Kono when we first met him and that he's actually a scumbag, because he's just kind of hilarious. I loved the hair conversation too.

    Danny's speech about the cock-fighting made me laugh so hard. I loved this episode.
    • OMG, I loved it too. I was watching it on a tiny streaming window on my computer, and I was still glued to it.

      Y'know,there's this weird little fanon thing about how Dean Winchester actually knits in his spare time (I kid you not), but here we have Steve McGarrett, who sews. In canon. and on camera. This show *throws up hands*

      And I would totally love some fic about Steve subtly helping Grace juice up her girl scout projects. Or, going door-to-door with her to sell cookies ("look, lady, you are going to buy some cookies from this little girl, or I'm gonna fuck you up. with my ankles.")

      I know--Sang Min is utterly sleazy--with this weird soft spots, like in the last ep he was in--and the giant hair.

      And Kono! I need a Kono icon now!

      (it occurred to me this morning that maybe they filmed this ep out of order, while SC still had his knee injury--he was notably absent from the action scenes. But it didn't matter--Kono completely made up for it)
  • i wonder what will happen if the governor or anyone finds out about steve losing all that money...

    lol, now that you compare the sam-bobby scene to home alone, it's funnier...considering i was thinking about comparing it to a scary movie since sam was scaring the heck out of me, hah.
    • Oh, I expect the show is going to come back to the money issue--it seems the kind of thing this show won't leave hanging (tho' SPN would). It should make an interesting problem--tarnish Steve's golden-boy-ness--

      It was also like a classic horror movie thing with Sam tracking Bobby around his own house--but somehow I just couldn't take it seriously--soulless!Sam was such a corny Frankenstein monster figure (sorry Sam!).
  • I was so disappointed we didn't get to see Chin's bedroom as well! (But I approve of Chin's shirt. It was... well defining. Also Danny's pants. I don't actually fancy Scott Caan at all, but he has a most delicious backside, yes he does ;-P).

    Dean/Tessa = my secret OTP. It is so gloriously melancholy! Dean has always courted death, and ever since he got away he's been yearning for it in his heart... and it would all be over as soon as it begins... as Anne Shirley would say, it's so tragic and romantic!
    • Dean/Tessa is my secret OTP too! Those moments they have in 4.15 are some of the most poignant SPN moments ever, imo. This time, Dean's death wish didn't seem quite so active, but still there, of course!

      I know what you mean about Scott Caan--and Steve's black jeans in the last scene were also quite nice--ah, the pleasures of H50 :)
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