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the island of conclusions

Yuletide recs.

the island of conclusions

bright star

Yuletide recs.

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bright star
Sadly, I haven’t done any kind of organized or concerted reading of the Yuletide 2010 archive. I’ve mostly justly been wandering around—in a virtual way, that is—stunned that people are writing fic for the fondly remembered authors of my childhood: Swallows and Amazons! Rosemary Sutcliffe! The Dark is Rising! I haven’t yet been able to bring myself to read any of this fic—I just stare at it, kind of gobsmacked at the wonders of fandom.

Still, I wanted to pass along three recs:

Southland: Section 271. Not everything John Cooper does is by the book.. Cooper/Sherman (probably an R).

Uh-uh. Go ahead and laugh at me for picking up another fandom to read in over the holidays. I’m laughing at myself. The more so for enjoying this pairing so much—usually this big an age-difference is a semi-squick for me. But this fic really sells it (as do the show and the actors involved, to be honest). A lovely account of the pathos and power of John and Ben’s bond.

And I’m also going to send you to both fics about the Cambridge Spies:

Everyone in England worth saving : In 1963 Peter Pears and Benjamin Britten are on their first concert tour of the USSR. Their visit to exiled spy Guy Burgess is not such a triumphant success.


Penitent Impenitent : Veiled half-truths are the chosen habitat of the spy; Anthony Blunt's reticence was natural, and of far earlier date. (Or, five things Anthony Blunt never said and one thing that he did say.)

Not interested in English spies of the Cold War, you say? Ah, maybe not now, but you might be soon, what with the remake of John LeCarre’s Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy currently filming, starring, among others, Gary Oldman, Benedict Cumberbatch, Tom Hardy, Ciaran Hinds and Colin Firth (Read the novel! See the old BBC miniseries with Alec Guiness, you won’t be sorry!). I predict a new RPF fandom by next year’s Yuletide.

We are leaving Friday to spend New Year’s with my parents, so I’ll miss the reveal. I’ll have to catch up with everything next week.

And a question of etiquette: do people re-post their stories after the reveal? Or just leave them in the archive?

Happy New Year, folks!
  • I've seen both ways of doing it, re post-Yuletide reposts. Some people post to their LJs immediately after the reveal, others just link back to the archive. Usually after the reveal, I put up one post with links to all my stories for that year's Yuletide. I don't really think there's any set etiquette, tho, just because I've seen it done so many different ways.

    Yay, Southland!! And Happy New Year!
    • Yay Southland indeed! I have three episodes to go so I should be caught up by next week (this is truly remarkable, given the glacial pace that I usually get through things). I would shake a tiny fist at you for getting me into this, but I kinda want to hug you instead. I'm very smitten. I have a whole separate post on the show's awesomeness I'll put up next week.

      And thanks for answering my etiquette question--I worry about these things!
  • I’ve mostly justly been wandering around
    The same goes for me.

    I still search for more Southland gen fics, though. I'm not a Cooper/Sherman fan, but people don't really write anything else lately XDDD I once read a Cooper/Caesar fic, but there's only one, sadly.

    Happy New Year, to you too! ^^
    • yeah, I'm kind of a reluctant enjoyer of the pairing, so I know what you mean. There doesn't seem to be too much Southland fic in general, maybe because of the abbreviated seasons? Maybe more will be forthcoming with S3?

      *hugs you back*
      • Yeah... I'd love to read friendship!fics and gen fic... or any fics involving Lydia... but lately all fics I've been able to find were Sherman/Cooper unfortunately. As long as they're innocent and stuff, I don't mind, but I'd love to read something else.
        Ugh, I really, really enjoyed the idea of Officer Cuddlybear and Caesar together... *le sigh*
        Yeah, let's hope there will be more Southland fics soon!
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