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the island of conclusions

Holy Colliding Fandoms, Batman (H50 1.13)

the island of conclusions

bright star

Holy Colliding Fandoms, Batman (H50 1.13)

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Steve neck
I think I’m a little rusty with these episode reactions, folks, what with hiatus and the holidays, etc.—bear with my incoherence, ‘kay?

I wish I knew “The Adventure of the Dancing Men” better (you’ll have to fill me in if you do) but Steve sitting in his office reading Sherlock Holmes? The only way it could have been better for me would have been if Steve had gotten a text as he walked away from Wo Fat saying “Wrong.” I now live in hope of a crossover fic.

And before we go any further, I think we should all pause for a moment and consider how awesome Kono is. We can’t all set off on wacky helicopter chases. Somebody has to do some actual police work. Even if it involves going through garbage. Because that’s what’ll actually crack the case for you, TYVM. With, you know, evidence. Although I doubt anyone else could look that tough and gorgeous while they were doing it.

What else? The holidays don’t seem to have cooled Steve (excuse me, Steven) and Danny’s ardor. Wonderful canon h/c moment with the bag of ice, yeah? And “I have never liked you better” (and I like you a whole hell of a lot most of the time). Plus, it was one of those episodes when Danny has to continually talk crazy!Steve down from stuff. Which is never not adorable. I like to think Steve found a little slip of paper with a therapist’s number on it in the pocket of his cargoes at the end of the day.

But, yeah, I’ll admit that I wasn’t sorry to see Mary Ann go. I feel like the script writers/ casting directors failed to work their usual magic with the character/actress (I mean, they made Danny's bitchy ex-wife a great character, I don't know what happened here...). Except for the one moment when Steve told her to kick out the taillights and she did, she didn’t seem much like someone who could be Steve’s sister, or much of a McGarrett at all. Whiny and sullen, and no chemistry with AO….For me, the one little scene with the Governor was far more charged and interesting than all of Mary Ann’s scene put together. Just my opinion--YMMV, of course.

Finally: okay, I’m still trying to get the timeline of the McGarretts' lives straight. Apparently their father shipped his children off to the mainland after their mother’s death. Steve was 16, right? Where did they go? To boarding school? And then, in Steve’s case, off to Annapolis and the Navy? Sad and lonely, eh? But now I’m also kind of waiting for teen!boarding-school!Steve fic.

  • i'm not sad to see his sister leave either, lol. never a fan, hah. so you're not alone with that opinion.
    • Glad I'm not alone in that! I was completely prepared to like her--Steve having a sister seems to go with the themes of the show--but the way the character was written and played really didn't click for me....
  • (no subject) -
    • Oh I know--that little flash of jealous!Danny was awesome :)

      But yes--v. hot! And I love that they are letting Kono be so smart and badass these days (hello sniper rifle!)--she hasn't gotten into a skimpy outfit for weeks now :)
  • Loved this episode and totally agree that Kono is awesome. Also glad the sister is gone. I liked the idea of her but the actress just didn't work for me. If they bring her back, I hope they recast her or something.

    I find this whole Wo Fat business most intriguing and I also hope we get more of Jean Smart's Governor.
    • Same here--I liked the idea of the sister, but the actress and/or the way the part was written (actually, I think it was the whininess of the actress--it seemed so un-McGarrett) didn't work for me at all.

      The Governor, however, rocks--making embarrassed!Steve get her a beer!

      And Wo Fat was very interesting indeed!
  • The h/c on my TV screen, it was a beautiful thing! And the Sherlock xover! :D
    • It was gorgeous, wasn't it? I loved how Steve was so over the top/ on edge in this episode that he was almost fragile -- which of course made him that much more badass--

      And I want an icon of him with that Sherlock Holmes book!!
      • I loved how Steve was so over the top/ on edge in this episode that he was almost fragile

        YES! And then Danny was so clearly aware of how precarious things were for Steve and I just... The way Danny was looking at Steve when Steve was hugging Mary after he got her out of the trunk? ♥__♥
        • IKR? Danny had clearly decided the only way to help Steve was to shadow him through his craziness--so he got into the helicopter without complaint, and helped him get the guy's mouth open, etc.--all while giving him worried looks. Aww!
  • That Sherlock Holmes bit was both surprising, and awesome - I cracked up at the moment Danny went to his office to get Steve, and he was all engrossed in cracking the code. Hysterical. *g*

    YES TO KONO'S AWESOMENESS! :D And yes to seeing Mary go.
    • The literariness of it was hysterical--I so want an icon of Steve staring earnestly at that hardback copy of the Holmes stories :D

      And I wanted to like Mary, I did--but it just didn't happen. Kono, however, is so great--she hasn't had to put on a skimpy outfit for weeks and weeks now--it's like they realized GP can actually hold her own with the guys (a surprise to no one) and are letting her do so--
  • Haha, when they mentioned Sherlock Holmes I was so excited! I'd never even considered crossover fic, but suddenly I really need it.

    I feel like I'd actually kind of missed Danny talking down crazy!Steve, so I was really pleased to see that happening.

    she didn’t seem much like someone who could be Steve’s sister, or much of a McGarrett at all

    That's how I felt too! Since the very beginning. She grew on me a little bit, but I think that was mostly Alex's doing since Steve was very protective of her in this episode and I think Alex did a good job with that. But otherwise yeah, not too upset to see her go.

    I have so many questions about the timeline too. I feel like they must have started out going one direction and then veered off and did something completely different. I see some serious retcon in our future!
    • yeah, you know, I kinda missed crazy mofo!Steve, too--and was glad to see him back--though this time there was some emotional depth to it, too--

      I think you're right--someone changed their mind about the timeline mid-stream--particularly re: when Steve left Hawaii....Both versions are kind of attractive, tho': football star!Steve in going to High School in HI; and sent-way-mysteriously!Steve having to make his own way on the Mainland....
    • also: re the xover--I feel like Steve and Danny would get along with the RDJ/JL Holmes&Watson like a house on fire (the BC/MF version would be a harder sell). So what we need here is a 19thC AU--with 1890s versions of Steve and Danny.
      • Yes, I agree! Where Danny is from the U.S. and is constantly bitching about the rainy weather in London...or something! Maybe their cases overlap and they end up working on it together. And Danny finds out that maybe there is someone crazier than Steve McGarrett and his name is Sherlock Holmes, lol.
        • yes! or--and I wish I was the kind of person who had the time or inclination to do research like this--it's set in 1890s Hawaii. H&W are pursuing some case, run into Steve and Danny, who think they're all straight-laced and British, but then take them to the local boxing club and are proved wrong :)
          • YES. I would die for fic like that! If you wrote it I would be your research assistant/coffee fetcher/cheerleader/whatever else you needed!
            • thanks, bb! my muse tends to spit out xover ideas that I have no time or ability to complete...In the past month I've contemplated H50/Merlin (modern AU in which the 5-0s have to protect the Prince on his incognito trip to HI) and an H50/Jane Austen mash-up (of Persuasion). The Austen one is winning at the moment, but I'll let you know if SH/H50 gets any traction. You could do, tho' XDD
              • Haha, I love those! I am sorely tempted, but I'm not sure I could pull it off. I'll have to let it sit for a while though. I'd want it to be all plotty and long, and I'm so bad at following through with that kind of fic.
                • Me too--terrible at following through with long fics...I'm thinking of trying to re-prioritize how I write, tho', and seeing if I can get myself to do one this year--the H50 BB, maybe...

                  Let it sit for a while, tho'--maybe the plot will come to you!
  • "...it was one of those episodes when Danny has to continually talk crazy!Steve down from stuff. Which is never not adorable."

    Yes, in spades!

    Intense, damaged Steve, and Danny looking after him - so very, very hot :)
    • SO hot! Like I said above, Steve was a great combination of fragile and badass in this one (and AOL looked exhausted, I have to say *pets him*). And motherhen!Danny is now canon!
  • I am definitely falling for this show. Totally agree with you about the sister - the actress just didn't work for me.
    • It's so hard not to fall for it, isn't it? At least the other female characters have gotten more interesting as it goes along, so the sister seems like an aberration rather than the norm...
  • Thank you for mentioning confusion over the timeline - I was scratching my head at that last night, too....

    I am also relieved to know that many other people are not sad to see Mary leave for the mainland! Whiny is the word, I'm sorry to say. I did want to like her, I felt bad for rolling my eyes at her sullen, teenagerish behavior, but yeah - I won't miss her.

    Word on Kono! Love her. :)

    But yeah, the boys were great. I am trying to convince a friend to get fangirly over this show, but she doesn't see the Steven and Danny bromance at all. *sigh*

    (Btw, have you seen the pic/article of AO and SC surfboard shopping?! HEE! Too darn cute.)
    • Yeah, I think the timeline just doesn't really work (despite all the fannish attempts I've seen that try to make it make sense). But, I guess that means you can pick the past you like best: either Steve went to High School in HI, broke all Chin's football records, etc., then left; or he was shipped off to some as yet unspecified fate on the mainland at 16, and went into the Navy/ started Annapolis from there. Version two is kind of appealingly angsty...

      Wow--I'm kind of impressed that your friend doesn't see the bromance. I hope she enjoys all the other cool things about the show, though!

      And yup, I sure did see the pic/article about them surfboard shopping together! SO cute. It's like the RPF is writing itself for us!
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