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the island of conclusions


the island of conclusions

bright star


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bright star
Okay, I thought this was going to be a crappy day, since I had to start it out by going to Traffic Court to deal with the ticket I got for still having a CO license. But that didn't take too long, or go too badly, and when I got back, the picture below had shown up on lj: Benedict Cumberbatch on set for Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy (the 70s suit must be for the role, the down jacket and banana BC's own). I think you all know by now how excited I am for this movie, which appears to be slated for 9/16/11. Plenty of time for me to reread the book again. (Yes, I even like the hair).

And THEN, azziria posted this absolutely knock-out Steve/Danny NC-17 ficlet, apparently inspired by something I said yesterday. Go read it--but maybe wait til later if you have important stuff you have to get done this afternoon. It is distracting--in the best possible way!

So, in honor of having sent my last fic commitment with a deadline off to beta, I'm thinking I'll sign up for the current round of the Five Acts meme later tonight.

Happy Friday, folks!
  • Cumberbatch looks oddly like Aaron Hotchner in that pic. Hmmm.
    • I don't know who Aaron Hotchner is--but if he looks like BC does in this picture, I think I would like him *g*
      • Thomas Gibson's character in Criminal Minds.

        • oooo! I see what you mean. I've never watched the show, but perhaps I should give it a try...;)
          • The show can be pretty brutal at times (well, not surprising what with the serial killers) but on a shallow level it does have all manner of pretty. Aaron's a character who I think has a woobie inside him, but it's sandwiched between a spine of steel and a hard shell so you'd almost never know. Anyway, I don't get into fic for CM, but I like watching it.
            • ah, that's why I haven't watched it--I just don't like stories about serial killers....Still--very pretty!
  • Oh, cool. I hadn't known he was in this - I only just got around to watching 'Sherlock' a couple of weeks ago, so I really need to play catch-up. Now I can't wait to see this either!
    • Yeah--I don't want to get my hopes up too much for the movie, but I love the book, and the Alec Guinness '79 BBC miniseries--AND the film has an amazing cast: Gary Oldman, Colin Firth, Ciaran Hinds, as well as BC and Tom Hardy...Could be great!
      • I watched the Alec Guinness mini-series again last year. A movie made now would HAVE to be very different, in pacing if nothing else, and it will be fascinating to see how/if they pull it off.
        • Oh, I'm dying to re-watch it (and re-read it). Did you watch it on dvd, or did you find a download somewhere?

          And, yeah, you're right--it has such a labyrinthine plot, and such slippery characters, it's hard to imagine it all being shoved into 2+ hours....(still excited, tho'!)
          • Actually both: I found a download of it (and 'Smiley's People') and then later I ended up with a copy on DVD. *g*

            I'm happy to share if you're having trouble finding it elsewhere, but it will take a while to upload.
            • Thank you! That's very kind--I'll take a look around--I expect I can find it or buy a dvd. I just saw itunes has the book being read aloud: wish I were taking a long car trip somewhere!
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