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the island of conclusions

Five Acts Meme

the island of conclusions

bright star

Five Acts Meme

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bright star
I’ve been waiting for this meme to come around again since I saw it (too late) in August, because I so wanted to give it a try. But now that it’s here, I’m scared--very scared. Still, this is my chance, right? *takes the plunge*

This is how it works:
Five Acts meme
+ Post a list of your five favorite acts/kinks to read about. At the bottom, add what fandoms/pairings you're interested in.
+ Read other people's lists; the master list of lists is here.
+ Post comment-fic based off of other people's interests.

Here are my kinks and pairings:


Knifeplay: (RACK, pls., ie, consensual only): More interested in sensation play/ pain play/ marking than power play for this one.

Fever: h/c, with or without sexual content, bonus for fever!sex.

Voice kink: Intense sensual response to a particular voice. Could be dirty talk, could be just that voice saying ordinary things.

Sparring/Wrestling: Grappling—in anger or play—that leads to something more sexual. Just lots of rough, un-choreographed, visceral whole-body contact. Not sexual at first, but ends up there.

Swimming: No, that’s not a euphemism for something else—I really mean people swimming together (like Alex and Neal in that scene from White Collar, or Burt Lancaster and Deborah Kerr in From Here to Eternity). Sexual content as you wish, but bonus points for lots of underwater touching and UST.

Fandoms & Pairings:

Supernatural: Dean/Castiel, Dean/Lisa, Dean/Tessa.

Hawaii Five-O: Steve/Danny—but any pairing here is totally fine!

Sherlock Holmes (book canon or movie ‘verse): Holmes/Watson

BBC Sherlock: John/Sherlock, Lestrade/John, Lestrade/Sherlock.

Sherlock RPF: Martin/Benedict—but if you could keep this one to UST, kissing and/or groping at most, I’d be eternally grateful.

White Collar: Peter/Neal, Peter/Elizabeth/Neal, Peter/Elizabeth

Merlin: Merlin/Arthur, Merlin/Gwaine

Southland: Sherman/Cooper

Fringe: Peter/Olivia, Olivia/Linc

  • Your list is awesome!

    I'd love to know more about this. Do you happen to have a link? Thanks!
    • yes! sorry--I meant to put it in the post: Five Acts meme *goes to edit*
      • Oh, no worries. Thanks very much for the info. I must say, I have the tiniest bit of an idea for your swimming prompt. I might try it.
        • oh, that would be awesome! I have been leaving swimming prompts around all over, and have yet to get a fic...(only if you have time, tho')
          • I'd like to give it a try, but it might take me awhile. I have a few fic commitments right now.

            Also, do I have to participate/be part of the comm to answer any of your prompts?
            • hey, whenever / whatever you can do is awesome!

              and no, you don't have to be participating to answer a prompt--
  • This looks like fun! I am tempted but I probably shouldn't. *wavers*
    • First of all: Dude! Your icon! Where can I get one?

      Second: yeah--I'm very wavery myself--but it only comes around every once in a while...so...I have to try and write a fic or two tomorrow night....

      Third: you didn't send me anything today, did you?
      • Isn't it great! I knew I needed an icon of that shot. It's by oncloudse7en if you want to take it.

        My problem is that I'm such a slow writer that by the time I finished even a ficlet the fest would be over. This happens to me all the time. But ah, I might try it anyway.

        And no, I didn't! Sorry, it is taking me longer than I thought it would. I have to finish up one scene and then obsess over the whole thing for a while, apparently. I might have something for you tonight or tomorrow, if that's okay? And whenever you have time to get to it is absolutely fine.
        • oh cool--I might snag it--it's such a wonderful shot!

          and yeah, just send it along whenever you finish--

  • Fill: Voice Kink, Peter/Neal

    “Hey, Diana,” Neal greeted as he got into the van. “How’s the surveillance going?” Neal tried to sound genuine. In truth, he couldn’t give a rat’s ass how the surveillance was going. He was bored, Peter was the one undercover in front of the mark – strike that, suspect – and he was hoping Diana would joke around with him to pass the time a little faster.

    “Hey, Neal. Slowly. Peter’s talking to the appraiser now. This guy is twelve kinds of boring.”

    “Better him than me.”

    “Listen, since you’re here, you don’t mind watching over all of this while I go…take a bio break?”

    “Sure. I’ll cover.” He took the headphones from her as she eased past him on her way out of the van, then pulled them on and sat down.

    “Mm-hmm, so tell me about the process used to make the pre-imperial coins?” Peter was saying. Neal could hear the boredom in his voice and he smirked; Neal would be in there himself, but already had an alias well-known for trading in ancient Chinese artifacts.

    “Oh, the beauty of it is in the dies they used,” the man began, and launched into a long dissertation on the methods used, how the dies added character and patina to the coins over time and a host of other boring details Neal knew must be absolute torture for Peter.

    Neal's lips quirked as he had a sudden thought. He leaned over the microphone and depressed the button. “Peter,” he drawled, his voice low and throaty, “ask him about tool marks.”

    When the man had finished, Peter asked the question, which led to another lengthy description – accompanied by detailed photographs apparently – of the effect tool marks had on the value of the coins as well as the materials used.

    “Oh, speaking of tools,” Neal continued, his voice barely a murmur. “What I wouldn’t do to have yours in my mouth right now. Oh, mmmmm, that would be heaven.” he paused for effect. “Oh, how I love your big, thick cock in my mouth. I love to lick it, taste it. So goooood.”

    Peter cleared his throat and Neal pictured him shifting in his seat. He grinned. “Mmmm, I’m running my tongue all around the head, can you feel that? My tongue’s in the slit now, oh, so good. Oh, you’re so nice and hard for me, baby.”

    “Hmm,” Peter rumbled, deep in his throat. Neal closed the mic and snorted, enjoying what he imagined the effect of his voice was having on his lover. The appraiser was talking in length about the relative quality of lead and copper coins over gold. Neal pushed on.

    “ Ohhh, I need all of that hot cock in my mouth right now. Can you feel it slide in and out? Oh, it’s so big, will it fit? Mmm, I can feel it in my throat, mmm, so good.” He pitched his voice lower, kept it just above a whisper. “Are you fucking my mouth now, Peter? My pretty, pretty mouth? Yeah, baby, I can take aaaaall of you.”

    “And, um, how would you be able to spot counterfeit, um, coins?” Peter was asking, his voice high.

    Neal imagined Peter was squirming in his seat now, a file folder hiding his massive erection as he struggled to pay attention despite the one-sided conversation taking over his every thought. Neal moved in for the kill.

    “Oh, I think you’re going to come for me now, aren’t you? Will you come for me? I think you’ll come harder if I stick my finger in your ass. Yeah, you like that. I know you like that. Mmm, can you feel it? Yeaaahhh. Come for me Peter. Paint my face with your sweet, sweet cum. Oooooo.” He continued cooing in Peter’s ear for several minutes, then sat back with a self-satisfied smirk.

    Soon, Peter’s interview was over and Neal overheard him leaving the building. “I am so going to kill you, Caffrey!” he hissed when he was clear. “You know this is being recorded, right?”


    “Yeah. What are we going to do about it?”

    “I already pulled the cd.”

    “That’s evidence tampering!”

    “It won’t be relevant. Johnson’s the most above board appraiser in the business.”

    “Well, then why was I in there?”

    “You tell me, you’re the boss.”

    “You are so gonna pay for this later.”

    “Promise? Oh, by the way, you want a copy?”

    There was a pause. “Yeah.”

    Neal smirked.
    • Re: Fill: Voice Kink, Peter/Neal

      eee! that's awesome--thank you! I love the set up--funny and hot at the same time--and I can totally imagine Neal doing something like that--and Peter kind of enjoying it despite himself--hee!
  • Hawaii Five-0, Steve/Danno, Voice kink

    This was intended to feature the swimming kink, but the voice kink happened instead. There will be a sequel featuring the swimming kink. ;-)

    Steve's known that he's had a thing for Danno, he's known for a while. He's not going to try to deny the truth to himself. He doesn't have the time for self-deception. He literally doesn't have time for it, with hostage situations and bomb threats and smuggling rings filling up his time - and that's just today.

    Okay, so he's prepared to admit that today is an out-of-the-ordinary busy day, even by Five-0's standards. That still doesn't change anything. Steve is prepared to admit - to himself - that he's got a thing for Danno, but that doesn't mean he has to act on it. He's got it under control. It doesn't need to interfere with their healthy… well, with their working relationship.

    As the weeks of their partnership turn into months, Steve silently congratulates himself on looking - not even very often and only ever surreptitiously - but never, ever touching. Never, ever doing anything that will give him away.

    And then one Saturday morning, when he's just come in from his first surf of the day, his phone rings. He checks the display. It's Chin. He answers, swiftly asks what's up, and waits for Chin to reply.

    Except it's not Chin. It's Danny.

    Steve isn't prepared for the impact of hearing Danny's voice like that, coming at him out of the blue and unawares. The thrill of it is a physical pleasure, surging through him like a wave that's never going to break. He stands there stunned - well, not quite stunned, because this feeling is a lot more pleasant than being actually stunned, as he knows only too well. He stares out at the water for a long moment, feeling all at sea in a way he never does when he's actually at sea. He's a step away from falling in right now, and it's all he can do to try to keep his footing as the world tilts precariously on its axis. He doesn't even realise he hasn't answered until Danny starts yelling at him down the phone, wanting to know if Steve's got something better to do than listen to Danny - and, if so, could he please inform Danny in advance next time so he can go off and get coffee and put his feet up for a while instead of wasting his time standing around having a one-sided phone conversation.

    "Never," Steve says, grinning as Danny immediately demands to know which part of Danny's question Steve's answer applies to.

    "What's up, Danno?" Steve asks instead of answering.

    Danno tells him. A kidnapping. One that hasn't happened yet. They've got a window of just under three hours to prevent it.

    The world lurches back into balance. Steve tells Danno he'll be there five minutes ago, ends the call, and hauls on his clothes. His mind races through the available options as he backs out of the driveway and speeds downtown. He doesn't have time to think about anything else. He doesn't even have time to admit that he's never been so relieved to give up a Saturday in the water, and all the quiet contemplation that goes with it.

    They thwart - Danno's word - the kidnapping with a whole forty-five seconds to spare. It's probably some sort of record. Afterward, the four of them go out for a quiet beer or three. It is Saturday, after all. It's only when Steve finally gets home again that he realises that he somehow never got around to asking why Danny called him on Chin's phone in the first place. It doesn't really matter, anyway. It's not like it's anything important.
    • Re: Hawaii Five-0, Steve/Danno, Voice kink

      oh my goodness--that's so wonderful! Hot and funny too (Steve doesn't have time for denial, it's so true *g*), and how much to I love the image of Steve dripping from his swim knocked sideways by Danny's voice? I have such a big grin on my face. Just the thing to take my mind off the approaching ice storm here! Thank you so much!

      Also--A sequel? with swimming? eeee!

      Edited at 2011-01-10 06:10 pm (UTC)
  • Hawaii Five-0, Steve/Danno, Swimming kink

    Title: The Turning of the Tide
    Fandom: H50
    Pairing: Steve/Danno
    Rating: soft R-ish
    Word count: ~3500 (Proof that I fail at comment fic! *g*)
    Notes: Prompt was "People swimming together". Follow-up to 'His Master's Voice'.

    Sorry this ended up taking longer than expected! It's here in my LJ because it got a little bit out of control. *g*

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