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the island of conclusions

White Collar 2.12 and Southland 3.05

the island of conclusions

bright star

White Collar 2.12 and Southland 3.05

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Yes, that is the sound of worlds colliding, as these two incredibly dissimilar shows (which occupy the same time slot on Tuesday nights) attempt to occupy the same lj post.

Except that both worlds seem to be preoccupied with the problem of bad fathers (does anyone in Hollywood think about anything else?).

Extra short this week:

White Collar:

Okay, that episode offered up epic amounts of Peter and Neal adorableness--both separately and together. I'm not even going to mention the new White Collar rule that Matt Bomer's biceps must be on display for some part of every episode--just Viking!Peter and glasses!Neal, and Mr. Satchmo, and that gratuitous but lovely scene of the two of them in their shirtsleeves just sitting on Peter's (tiny) couch together shooting the breeze while they wait for Diana to call (yes, Neal, we know you like to hone in on things!).

It was interesting that such a slashy episode would also hit so explicitly on the father-son aspects of Neal and Peter's relationship.

I didn't feel like we heard a grain of truth from Neal about his father. Only Mozzie’s “he might be helpful” had the ring of truth to it. That and the scene where Neal said “What if it were your son?” to Peter—when he clearly meant “what if it were me?”

Or at least that’s what Mozzie (aka, Dr. Freud) and I both think about Neal’s “patriarchal” (I think you meant “filial” there, Moz) relationship to “The Suit” (and also to “the suit,” as we learned from his relationship to Adler last week). I don’t think the show has ever stepped quite that hard on that particular aspect of the Caffrey/Burke relationship, or so pointedly underlined Peter’s slightly mysterious childlessness.


Meanwhile, Southland successfully completed a heartbreak hat trick, and had me staring at the computer screen (for that is how I watch most TV these days) not so much in tears as agog with sympathetic horror for the third time in three weeks.

Not for this show the angst of does my father/mother/brother/girlfriend love me?, not for it the single perfect tear. No,if you like Southland, you like it because it delivers the full-on gut-punch of trauma.

Which I do. And if it's been delivering an absolute flurry of blows recently, it's only because it laid the groundwork for all these story lines so carefully in the first couple of seasons.

So, once again, I was sniffling from about midway through--maybe from when Cooper awkwardly returned the abandoned kid's embrace--or maybe from the conversation they had in the car--certainly from when he touched the kid's head so gently when he showed up back at the station. And the sight of Cooper scrabbling in the dirt for his pills? Lordy.

And Ben's positive symphony of worried/sympathetic/questioning looks really deserve their own meta. He wants so much to help or protect or comfort John, and has no idea how to do it(and no authority for doing so).

Lydia and Josie were great.

And the snake handling was awesome.

I'm going out of town tomorrow, so I won't be able to see the new SPN episode until....late next week probably. Happy viewing, y'all!
  • i loved everything about the white collar episode! a lot of people apparently...did not like it and were analyzing a lot of stuff that i didn't care to analyze. i loved the neal/peter relationship whether it be slashy or father/son this week.

    LOL, mr. satchmo.

    Edited at 2011-02-04 05:38 am (UTC)
    • Really? I don't see a lot of WC commentary on my flist (or have been too busy to notice). Oh well, whatever it was, it didn't make it to the level of things I have the energy to get upset about.

      Or perhaps I was distracted by Neal taking off his shirt so many times *g*
  • maybe from when Cooper awkwardly returned the abandoned kid's embrace

    Gaaaaah, you know, I found that so touching. Because at first, Cooper just...didn't seem to know what to *do*. In his own way, he's as closed as Ben - Ben gives the outward stoic appearance of it, but Cooper is different on the surface. And yet, in a moment like that, you see him exposed. Once he decides he's going to hug that kid, it's a full-on, sweet, comforting hug...but until that moment, he was so, so walled up. Wow.

    Safe travels!
    • Oh, man, I know! It's like the kid was responding to the empathy and gentleness John was genuinely giving out--but John was so surprised, like he didn't know he was doing it, or he was just so used to people ignoring it and not responding--he didn't know what to do when someone really welcomed his compassion--

      I was happy they left the question of what his father had actually done somewhat vague--but when they said he was both the son and the victims' representative my mouth kind of dropped....

      (and thanks--it's raining, and I hate driving in the rain--but at least it isn't snowing!)
  • ITA, the scene with John on the ground looking for his pills... slayed me. It was a wonderful, meaty, traumatic episode. My only wish would be to have seen more of Sammy and Nate's wife in the aftermath of Nate's death, but hopefully we'll get some of that next week.
    • oh, me too! that scene was so raw, no punches pulled at all, no making the pain pretty--

      It seemed like the episode was set pretty much the day after Nate was killed (because John reminded Ben of all the things he had messed up on their "last shift")--and then Nate's funeral is supposed to be that Sunday...So if the next episode has the funeral...all I can say is, that's a hellava week!

  • I wo't have much time for TV shows the next weeks, but I'll keep watching Southland, because it's seriously my favourite TV show at the moment. And for the whole episode I looked like that --> ;______;

    I adore this show so very much, this episode was gripping and wonderful and it made want to hug Lydia and Officer Cuddlybear and... I love this show so much! And Michael Cudlitz's acting is just... wow. This episode was simply amazing, touching, gripping... just wow.

    Safe trip! *hugs*
    • You know, I feel the same way! I have been trying to keep up with 3-4 shows, which is a lot for me, but Southland is the one I've really been looking forward to lately. And that was an amazing episode (as were the two preceding it, I thought). Michael Cudlitz was fantastic--going from his empathy with the abandoned kid, to his stoniness with the parole board, to the raw pain at the end--wow is really the right term for it.

      (and we made it safe to DC--my kinds are watching Tron on the giant hotel TV, at noise levels that are making me nauseous...ah, road trips...)
      • I have more than 4 shows *lol* But I'll have to give them for the next week or two, because of school. But I could never give up on Southland, even for a week XDDD
        This show is really, really addictive.

        Well, my brother is watching Austin Powers at the moment. The noise level is... a little higher than I'd like, but unfortunately I can't do anything about it XDDD At least the trip was safe ;D
  • MB shirtless + MB in the white tank top all sweaty = I think that's pretty much the entire skin budget of the whole first season, so I'm pretty stoked *is in an awfully shallow mood*

    I didn't feel like we heard a grain of truth from Neal about his father IKR? That's exactly what I thought. For some reason during the Neal-Mozzie scene I even thought Neal's father was secretly some kind of mafia overlord, and Neal had said 'cop' because it was the furthest thing from the truth.

    Also, LOL at Peter and his glee!! "OMG, Tell me tell me tellmeeeee"
    • That's exactly what I thought! That Neal's father was some kind of criminal bigwig and/or a corrupt diplomat/judge/politician who either didn't know about Neal or had never acknowledged him (hence the conversation about looking for your birth parents). But since MB was taking his shirt off at the same time, I'm not sure my perceptions were all that accurate *g*

      And Peter's glee was fabulous!
      • I have this vision in my head with TPTB all sitting around a table, and one Hollywwod exec-type is banging his fist yelling "ideas, people! How do we up the ante in the second half of the season?" And someone goes "MB shirtless every episode?" And then they all cheer. The end. :D
        • ROFL! it certainly seems like that's what's happened. At least TPTB know their audience, eh? he has some lovely biceps, that man--definition w/o bulkiness, mmmmm
  • On the WC "Burma" episode:

    Man, I wonder if those 'slash goggles' ever come off... How funny that sexual tension is much more probable than familial affection when you see guys like this getting along @_@

    I always saw the father/son relationship btwn. these two, and now I love that Mozzie and Jeff Eastin have confirmed that interpretation with an episode like this one. JE was teasing that all the slashers would love this ep., but I think he just knows that no matter what, so long as it's a tender moment, certain fans will read it as slash. And better to play along than get flustered about it.

    Plus, he may have "stepped quite hard on that particular aspect of the Caffrey/Burke relationship" so that father/son aspect would be explicit and completely canon.

    I mean, imagine you've created a show about two best friends, being all buddy-buddy, and viewers imagine and gushingly profess there MUST be sex going on there as well; in fact, they're SURE of it. JE must be rubbing his forehead all the time, thinking 'Oh, well, it's the times and every show featuring two male friends has this happen to them as well, even when they're legit /brothers/, so there's no way I'm getting out of it.'

    And if you guys need canon-based evidence of a father/son relationship between Peter and Neal, give me the word, and I'll happily supply another lengthy entry here.

    • Hey--I leave this episode reactions unlocked because I genuinely do like to hear different interpretations of episodes. Obviously, there are many different ways of viewing WC. I feel open to both slash and non-slash interpretations, and I've written both slash and gen fic about the characters. I don't follow such things too closely, but I've never noticed JE or the show's stars being particularly upset about slash interpretations of the show.

      So, I'd just ask that here on livejournal we could not try to convince each other that one interpretation is absolutely right and the other absolutely wrong.

      But yes, I agree that this episode took a longstanding canon concern with the father/son aspects of Peter and Neal's relationship and gave it some serious attention.
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