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the island of conclusions

H50 1.17

the island of conclusions

bright star

H50 1.17

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What is it about this show that makes me want to post something about it right after it's over? What's up with that?

So, I kinda twigged to the plot twist early on. But that doesn't matter, because I'm watching the show now for the tackles. Awesome on-screen tackles like the one Kono did over the escalator railing (what? did they send her to ninja school over hiatus or what?), and the off-screen tackles I imagine happening if Steve ever gets sweaty!shirt-unbuttoned!Danny in the bedroom.

Also for the pirates. With their pirate-y code of silence. Except for how they don't have so much silence. Or eye-patches, despite Danny's hand gestures to that effect.

That episode had a lot of moments of win (good work-out vs. workman's comp; built to withstand a 300 lb Samoan meth addict, but not, apparently, the batshitness of Steve McGarrett), but I think I'll just update my Steve-McGarrett-is-awesome list from a few weeks ago.

1. He drinks tea.
2. He sews.
3. He's a good listener. Even in full war-paint, tracking trained killers through the jungle, he's there for you, babe.
4. He likes to make things explode. No. Really. He likes to make things explode.

And he already has a boyfriend!

  • Yeah, the plot in this one was blown by the casting, so the episode was all about the team moments and there was much awesomeness from the team. Danny freaking out about the grenade was classic.
    • So true! The show seems to feel compelled to deliver at least one "I can't believe Steve and Danny are interacting like that" moment per week (ie, the convo in the jungle from last week)--and this week we got two: the car thing, and then that whole scene with "Big Lono" (!). I'm not complaining!
  • i agree with this entire post.

    • I know! If he hadn't gone back to the car for it, it would have been totally like "is that a grenade in your pocket or are you just glad to see me?"
  • Almost swallowed my tongue when pawn-shop guy referred to McG as the reasonable one :D

    I have to say all things considered casting Nick Lachey as a douche-bag boyfriend was kind of inspired.
    Just saying.
    • (no subject) -
      • Pretty sure by the end of that rant someone's ears would bleeding!
      • Trufax! (though I have on occasion considered setting off a grenade in my house to encourage my kids to get ready for school....)

        (and I kinda wish he hadn't gone back to the car for it, 'cause then we could say: "is that a grenade in your pocket, or are you just glad to see me?" *iz shallow*)
    • I am a sad observer of pop culture, and have only the dimmest of ideas who Nick Lachey is...But I even though I figured that that couple were the bad guys, I did like some parts of the intricate plot to get the kids on the boat.

      And that whole scene in the pawn shop was gold--from Steve messing around with the golf club, to "Big Lono" calling Danny "sunshine" to the big boom at the end. hee!
      • Not knowing he is proves your worth :D
        I found the plot to be... not awful.
        The entire pawn-shop shctick was just what I like in this show right down to the not-lame baddie under-estimating them. Plus Danny's 'now you've done it!" face when Steve headed out for the grenade was golden !
        • The entire pawn-shop shctick was just what I like in this show

          *nods* They do these great scenes where you're saying "they can't really be doing that?? Can they? OMG, they're doing it!"
          • Not doing bizarre crap but totally pulling it off! I remember rolling my eyes at some who watched the first few eps and wouldn't shut up about it. Now I'm all like " NO REALLY YOU SHOULD WATCH IT!"
  • Haha, I have no idea who the celebrity guests were, barely noticed them. This ep was awesome, with the sweaty boys in the first scene and Steve being insane but also being heartbreaking with his issues, and the team, saving people and the end scene with the reunions and Kono gets a hug.

    • No, I had no idea that those people were the celebrities--they just seemed suspicious anyway....

      Loved that first scene. Part of me was all "why are they pushing the car when they have their phones and could just call a tow truck?" Then I thought maybe Steve had decided it was more manly to push your own car up a hill. And then I decided maybe Steve was trying to see how hot Danny had to get before he'd unbutton his shirt. And I was totally down with that project, so I forgot all about the rest ;D

      They were so sweet at the end, and Steve was really poignant in his determination to get the kids back. I love that the show has made him more empathetic without really sacrificing his inherent lunacy (grenades?! in the car?!).

      Edited at 2011-02-15 07:33 pm (UTC)
  • So, I kinda twigged to the plot twist early on. But that doesn't matter, because I'm watching the show now for the tackles.

    SAME. On both counts. And your growing Steve list always makes me lol.
  • Usually I feel like posting something right after the show too but I found this ep really boring. Agree re: the moments of win you named. I sniggered at the workman's comp comment.
    • Yeah, sometimes I find the episodes with silly plots boring too--for some reason, though, the crazy team and Steve n' Danny moments in this one carried me through. That whole little bit with Danny's stretching was hysterical. And the three of them calling each other "Brah" and "Brudda" *iz easy*
  • He keeps a GRENADE in Danny's car.

    I am struggling to get past this :)

    My love for Steve McGarrett grows exponentially!
    • I am right there with you, struggling to get past it. Though we better get ready for him pulling out a rocket launcher.

      (acck--the whole thing just sounds dirtier every time I write it...)
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