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the island of conclusions

Dean and Jailbait

the island of conclusions

bright star

Dean and Jailbait

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bright star
The following is a rant--too long to politely post to anyone's episode discussion post.  And it probably has all been said before.  In fact, if you're reading this, and you've said this before, my apologies for the repetition.

in 4.13, Dean taunts Sam by telling him that he's found out which three cheerleaders are legal--underlining his lust for underage girls for the second time this season (at least).  And, collectively, the SPN fandom say, "Ew" and "Spare me, Dean, aren't you 30 already?" and "What's the point?"

And what is the point?  I mean, we know Dean's never going to have sex with a minor on screen.  Is it character continuity--"Dean's a horndog"--or character defamation by misguided writers?  It's fun to taunt Sam, but is there more to it than that?

After all, and this is the point of the post, we know, and would know even if a thousand fanfics hadn't told us, that Dean is a bottom, sub, borderline masochist, and the only cheerleader he would like would be holding a whip.  Those elderly magicians in 4.12 took one look at him and knew this.

The iconic Dean scene, repeated over the course of every season, and thus possibly the iconic Supernatural scene (iconic in that if you didn't like such scenes, you wouldn't like the series at all), involves Dean being dominated, almost always by a man, almost always by a supernaturally-enhanced man, at least half the time someone from his own family, and often involves intense physical pain.  These scenes are far more charged, for more central to the affective energy of the series, than any of the heterosexual sex scenes we occasionally witness. 

Just to take the first five I can think of:

*YED!John torturing Dean in"Devil's Trap"
*Demon!Sam grinding his thumb into the bullet wound in Dean's shoulder in "Born Under a Bad Sign"
*Castiel threatening to send Dean back to Hell in AYTGimDW
*YED!Grandpa Cambell threatening Dean in "In the Beginning"
*Uriel threatening Dean in Heaven and Hell

There may be many more, but now that I've written out the list I wonder if such scenes haven't become more frequent in Season 4--alongside the more frequent references to Dean's desire for underage girls.  Alongside the show's desire to pair him up with a young, "sweet," literal Angel.   Is the show, is Dean, frantically trying to ward off the recognition of these darker sexual drives--even as they power the show to a greater and great extent?
  • Hi! I happened on over to your journal and laughed at this. Not in a bad way, b/c i totally agree. Why does the show have to make Dean seem like a horn dog for jailbait? And really it seems to only be this season. He was always decent to younger girls in the past. I think about "Bloody Mary" for example, and he was 26 then, but still was more like an older brother than a perv!!!!

    And i agree that Dean is submissive! Even the few times we've seen him have sex he is all tender. I thnk he's one of those people who talks about doin' it a lot, but doesn't actually have sex all that often.

    I also remember back to Sam's line in "Playthings". "You are kinda butch. People probably think your overcompensating." Totally!!!

    Will the real Dean please stand up and announce your sexual preference.....LOL! Of course not, Dean's always followed orders and been out to please.

    • thanks for reading, and glad it made you laugh! The whole dynamic does seem to have taken over this season (with the "sweet" het sex and the many D/S M/M scenes). We got another intense one in 4.16. As a lot of people have noted, the Dean-Alistair torture was pretty overtly sexualized ("poked and prodded" in Hell!). And even though Dean started out as the "dominant" one, the tables turned pretty quickly.

      Not sure where the show is going with it, except on the titillation front...Oh, Dean!
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