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the island of conclusions

help_japan bidding closes on 3/31

the island of conclusions

bright star

help_japan bidding closes on 3/31

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quince blooms
Just re-posting this as bidding closes in a few days. There is so much wonderful stuff on offer--go over and check it out!

I am offering: 1 fanfic of at least 1,000 words

Lately, I've mostly been writing in the following fandoms: Hawaii Five-O, Sherlock BBC (and RPF), Sherlock Holmes (09), Southland, White Collar, The Eagle (book or movie verse). However, I'm also happy to write in any other the other fandoms that show up on my masterlist. (fic masterlist or on AO3)

Happy to write gen, slash or het (any rating), and pretty much any kink, as long as it's consensual, but I can't do Wincest, mpreg, non-con or torture. I love writing h/c and I love writing crossovers. Also happy to write continuations or timestamps for existing fics.

Starting Bid (in USD): $5

My thread is here

Again, thoughts and prayers to everyone who's been affected by this ongoing crisis and tragedy.


I've been bidding, too, but keep getting outbid :( I have a couple of wackier fannish things I want to find/buy, though, so link me if you're offering. 1) I have been re-reading Sutcliff's Sword at Sunset, and looking for fic for this doom-laden, slashy bit of Arthuriana (Artos/Bedwyr, or, really, anything). 2) Tuvia Bielski -- just, anything.
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