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the island of conclusions

H50 1.20

the island of conclusions

bright star

H50 1.20

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Steve neck

Okay, y'all, that was about as close to visual id!fic as it's possible to get, wasn't it?

I may have written a fic in which someone falls off a cliff and Steve rock-climbs them to safety. But even I never contemplated Steve splinting his own arm (heck, I bet he'd re-inflate his own lung if he had to, and had the supplies to do so right there in that awesome pack of his) and then hauling himself up one-handed.

If I ever claw my way out of the id vortex, I'd be happy to have a discussion about the technicalities of top-roping (and why "Danny, pull up the slack" isn't the safest way to go about things), but I may be down here a while.

*traces a big ol' heart in the air and points at all of you*

  • I was seriously wondering if he was going to perform surgery on himself.
    • IKR? I'm sure he had the equipment to do it right there in his special pack.

      (And of course, there was the time in the Myanmar jungles when he took out his own appendix. With only a topical analgesic because anything more made his hands shake. Just an everyday skill for a SEAL)
  • Yeah, I have to say, Danny's form was a little... lacking wen it comes to stanchioning a rope like that -- I was thinking in addition to running the rope around his back, he should've looped it around the tree-trunk and used the trunk to bear the load as he drew the line up and took up slack.

    But hey, I ain't gonna complain about the gun show when he did the bulk of the heavy lifting in pulling Steve up the rockface -- Danny ain't no 90lb weakling! Odds are he could fireman's carry Steve if he had to.

    And the whole "I heart you!" gesture? Yeah, Danny loves his Steven. :-)
    • I was thinking in addition to running the rope around his back, he should've looped it around the tree-trunk and used the trunk to bear the load as he drew the line up and took up slack.

      yes--this is exactly what I was thinking (with the small part of my brain that wasn't drooling). Especially since Steve had looped it around the tree trunk to begin with. Because Danny's strong, but Steve has got to be a lot heavier than him. But yeah, then I went back to drooling. :)

      Danno loves you, Steven!

  • I'm drawing a veil over the questionable belaying techniques and focusing on just how fine Commander McGarrett looked in the gray wifebeater he was wearing under his shirt...
  • Whumped and badass Steve. UNF. And Danny drawing a heart in the air. *joins you in the id vortex*
  • That was straight-up fic! Id or otherwise! That was...90% of the fic in this fandom brought to life! Dude, and I thought no one could improve on SPN in that regard. *g*
    • Oh, I think SPN might have just gotten served in that regard (as my kids would say). SPN may have the whole meta-thing going on, but H50 has Danny/Scott Caan and his crazily open and apparently wildly infectious displays of love affection. Who would've thought from the pilot that Steve/Alex would be babe-ing like a master by episode 20?

      And I will never think one of those fics where Steve and Danny start making out in front of everybody is OTT again. :)

      Edited at 2011-04-12 03:14 pm (UTC)
  • (no subject) -
    • Pure h/c porn, bb! It's like I don't even need LJ anymore. :)

      Never watched MacGyver. Maybe I should?
    • (no subject) -
      • what? three toothpicks? Steve could do it with two--one in a pinch!

        I'm think I felt that way about The Six Million Dollar Man *iz older than you*
    • I loved it way back when, but compared to today's fast-cut production, it's dull as dirt. It was like watching Columbo, which was pretty slow even in the 70s. I got the first season of MacGyver a while back and could only watch a couple episodes. :)
  • I think the heart scene might be my favourite from the whole show so far <333
  • OMG, seriously! When I was a little kid, I used to pretend my dolls were out hiking and one of them fell down a cliff and the other one had to go get help. On my TV screen--awesome!
    • oh wow! I would have loved playing with you when I was a kid!

      But now that we're (arguably) grown-ups, it's nice to have it on our tvs :)
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