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the island of conclusions


the island of conclusions

bright star


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John smile
I've been having meme-envy all week for this one--and I finally have some time to do it! I don't know if anyone's around, but I'm gonna be here all day writing and generally trying to organize my life, so a little distraction would be welcome *g*

via linaerys and others:

Leave the name of a character/person from a fandom I know, and I will tell you

* How I FEEEEEL about this character/person.
* All the people I ship romantically with this character/person
* My non-romantic OTP for this character/person
* My unpopular opinion about this character/person
* One thing I wish would happen / had happened with this character in canon/person in real life
  • I want to play! I just don't know if I want to ask about an SPN character or a H50 character.

    Um, I guess SPN. I know you're sort of drifting from the show, but you might still have some thoughts about the characters. I hope.

    Sam Winchester
    • it's true, I haven't watched much of S6, but I think I might have to see last night's ep--if only for the clothes!

      But, oh dear, I think all my opinions about Sam might be unpopular...it's one of the reasons I've drifted from the show...apologies in advance....

      *how I feeel about this character: That's a hard one, since it isn't the uncomplicated LUV I feel about a lot of characters in shows I'm fannish about. When I do love Sam, it's mostly when he's being goofy, like in Bad Day at Black Rock. I think the personality traits that most turn me on about a character are generosity, compassion and bravery--and the first two of those have never really been Sam's schtick. When he does, on occasion, display them--and he did a couple of times at the end of S5--I love him. (whew--I really had to think about that!)

      *all the people I ship romantically with this character. Hee! Well, I'm not much of a Wincest-er--though I do read and enjoy it often enough. But I will say this for Sam: he's not just hot, he's sexy. So, anytime he gets with a woman, I'm happy. I particularly liked him having that doctor up against the Venetian Blinds in S5 ;)

      *My non-romantic OTP for this character. Dean. Like there's any other possible answer!

      *My unpopular opinion about this character.
      In case you haven't guessed, I don't like him much. Never really have...I kinda think Dean would be better off without him. Yup. You can de-friend me now.

      *One thing I wish would happen to this character in canon:
      Okay, in this I just join with a huge proportion of SPN fandom in wishing Sam would finally express his love and gratitude towards his brother. Maybe he has in S6, and I've missed it?

      Sorry--I hope I wasn't too honest there--you picked a hard one!
  • Steve!
    • Steeeeve! Okay, I'm going to try not to run out of room in the comment box with my feelings about Steve!

      *How I feeeel about this character: We could be here all day. I never thought I'd have such a welter of feelings about the character from the way he showed up in the pilot. But one thing I've come to love about Steve is that he's so surprising, and so flummoxed that anyone finds him surprising. Like, why would anybody be shocked that he not only keeps grenades in Danny's car but is also willing to use them on unsuspecting shop owners? Why would anybody be surprised that he can sew? I also love about him that he wears his heart on his sleeve and gives it totally and absolutely. Like he gave Danny an extravagant weekend with his daughter after knowing him for two days. Like he threw himself into gunfire to help that poor ex-SEAL holding captives. And I love his crazy skill sets, and his tattoos and the smile he has in your icon. And...okay, I'm gonna stop now.

      *All the people I ship romantically with this character. Yeah, Danny. But I do like him with girls, too--I was very happy with Catherine. AOL is a sexy actor, as well as being hot, so I'm happy with whatever action Steve gets. I've read Steve/Kono and Steve/Chin that I've enjoyed, but I don't think I could write it myself.

      *My non-romantic OTP for this character.. Danny. And also: TEAM!

      *My unpopular opinion about this character. Um...Do I have one? I think that thing I said up there about being happy about seeing some more Steve het sex on my screen might be unpopular in certain circles?

      *One thing I wish would happen to this character in canon. Hee! Okay, I do want him to make out with Danny. But I'd settle for a whole episode of Steve doing home repairs in his wife-beater, then going for a swim, and then hanging out having beers with the team.
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  • John Cooper ;D
    • John Cooper! I love him so much, and he just leaves my heart in shreds.

      *how I feeel about this character: um, aside from what I just said: I love that he's a kind of vigilante of compassion--going against the letter of the law to make people's lives better in tiny ways. I love that he's risen above what is clearly a hideous childhood to be an honorable man. I love the way you can tell in his tiny gestures what a volcano of emotions he's keeping check. I love the way he's competent in big ways and small (but has made a mess of his own life). I find him almost unbearably moving as a character.

      *all the people I ship romantically with this character. Okay, I've written John/Ben slash, and believed in it, and read other peoples and believed in that too. But for me the sexual attraction isn't the heart of the pairing--it's something deeper and stronger than that. So--Cesar? And I'm SO happy it got on screen this season!!!

      *My non-romantic OTP for this character. Ben, like I said above. This may be my favorite angsty pairing of all time. Because they are so similar in their restraint and commitment to honor, and they both want to help each other, but cannot accept help (accept John, there at the end *weeps*). And because their relationship has as much to do with father/son, teacher/student yearnings as it does with attraction. And they can make each other laugh sometimes.

      *my unpopular opinion about this character: I'm not sure there's enough fanon in Southland's minifandom for there to be unpopular opinions....Maybe that thing about his relationship to Ben not being about sex?

      *Something I wish would happen in canon: I hope he kicks his addiction and solves his pain issues. Like as much as if he were a real person, I wish it. Also, that there'll be an S4.
  • Kono Kalakaua
    • I love Kono. Hmmmm...there might be a trend in my H50 characters :)

      *how I feeeel about this character: I love the way Kono has developed as a character over the course of the season. That she's such a BAMF, but not in a cast-iron or off-putting way. She's still playful, and able to be gentle and/or emotional when she wants to be. I love her attitude towards being around so much testosterone all the time: she's not intimidated by it, kind of enjoys it, and kind of doesn't take it quite as seriously as it wants to be taken. She knows she's as tough as the boys, and doesn't have to change to fit their preconception of what a girl should be.

      *All the people I ship romantically with this character: The Kono pairing I've read that I've enjoyed the most is Danny/Kono--that's a great dynamic. But I've got an open mind about something else coming along.

      *My non-romantic OTP for this character: TEAM! I love how she has a different dynamic with each of them now.

      *my unpopular opinion about this character: That's a hard one...I quite liked that guy (Ben?) she got together with in the surfing episode. I wouldn't mind more of that. Is that unpopular?

      *something I wish would happen in canon: I really, really want to meet Kono's immediate family: her mom? dad? sisters? brothers? And see them interact with the rest of the team.

      Edited at 2011-04-24 02:02 am (UTC)
    • I think Kono is actually my fave H50 character.
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  • Yeah, yeah I know this is obvious but Dean Winchester.
    • okay, I've seen 6.18 now, and you're right, it's like an ode to Dean, and it made me very happy!

      *How I feeel about this character: Gosh, I have such intense feelings about Dean they swamp everything else I feel about SPN--I'm not a good fan that way. I think he's hot like burning, of course, but I think I may identify with him more than I'm attracted to him. Not because I too am a BAMF monster hunter who is catnip to the ladies, obviously, but because, and people have said this many times, Dean embodies a lot of qualities that are "female" in our culture--most importantly the value and cost of subordinating all your needs and desires to your family's, the inability to imagine a life for yourself outside of that. Not unrelated: a deep and abiding masochism that the show shamelessly eroticizes (or did, in S1-5, at least).

      Of course, unlike the rest of us, Dean gets to solve a lot of his problems with a gun. Which makes the identification a fantasy identification.

      Completely apart from all that--and you were saying this, weren't you?--I love how Dean loves things--like dressing up in a cowboy hat!

      all the people I ship romantically with this character: well, like I said above, I'm not much of a Wincester, though I like it sometimes. I adore Dean/Cas, though--at least in their S4 incarnations. And I really like Dean/Lisa, too.

      *My non-romantic OTP for this character: So, um, I said some stuff about this above. I love S1-3 Sam-Dean, but I can't get behind it these days. I see in the comments above that I should give S6 a second chance--but it's hard for me to get over how much Dean has given up for Sam, not just in the past now, but in the present....but hey, he's a one man wolf pack, right?

      *My unpopular opinion about the character: Yeah, see above, but I'll say again. I think he'd be better off without Sam. That's the reason I stopped writing episode reactions for SPN even before I stopped watching--I felt like one couldn't even write that in the fandom...

      *something I wish would happen in canon: Another unpopular opinion: I wish Dean would get over his family and be happy...
  • I wish I had an icon, but John Watson!
    • Yay! I couldn't believe no one had asked about Holmes characters, since I probably write the most fic in those two fandoms...I'm assuming you mean Martin Freeman's Watson, tho', not Jude Law--

      *How I feeel about this character: from a purely creative point of view, I thought the revamp they did on the Watson character for Study in Pink was just astonishing--the best thing about the series, even including Benedict Cumberbatch's voice. All credit to MF as well as the writers. His incredible guardedness is so touching (as a personality trait and as representation of a war veteran)-- but you can still sense his aching need for someone like Sherlock, and his pure joy when he finds him. And his surprise!BAMF-itude and utter fearlessness under those ridiculous sweaters will never get old.

      *All the people I ship romantically with this character: Yeah, Sherlock. And this time I think the pairing is absolutely, fundamentally sexual. I have a lot of respect for the possibility of asexual!Sherlock, but that scene where they first meet in the lab in SiP is insanely erotic--it's a verbal feel-up from Sherlock and John is practically coming in his pants by the end. imho, of course.

      I like him with Sarah too *g*

      *My non-romantic OTP for this character: Yeah, Sherlock, too. The series did a great job of showing the need to completely mutual.

      *My unpopular opinion about the character: There's a pattern in my unpopular opinions, I think: I'm happy with het pairings on my screen (bad slasher, huh?). Just because I think there's a sexual charge between John and Sherlock doesn't mean I think they're doing in all night. I'm happy to think it's there, and Watson, as is canon, has relationships with women.

      *something I wish would happen in canon: I want more of John dealing with PTSD, in some form or other--the show dropped that aspect of things after SiP...
  • Lestrade, please! can't believe nobody's asked for him yet.
    • oh, I know, since I've been writing so much with him lately! thanks for asking--

      There's so little canon Lestrade, though, that this mostly about why I find him appealing to write about--

      *how I feeeel about him : Like I said, there's not much canon, so all credit to Ruper Graves, and to the writers, but mostly to RG, for making him so appealing and potentially interesting! Okay--I love his looks--let's just get that out of the way *g*. And I love that he's a little older than John and Sherlock--it's a great perspective. He's competent without being overly authoritative about it. Unlike John, who is seduced one way or another by Sherlock from the moment he meets him, Lestrade admires Sherlock but isn't knocked flat by him. Also unlike John, who has his own crazy relationship with danger and solitude, it's easy to imagine Lestrade as having a non-Sherlock life with a lot of connections/family/history.

      *All the people I ship romantically with this character: If I'm going to ship him, it will always be with Sherlock. Their difference make the potential connection interesting, I think: Lestrade's relative warmth and modesty as oppose Sherlock's lack thereof. Also, I'm not a big fan of age-difference in pairings, but I really like it here. I find the idea of Lestrade knowing a pre-John, more messed-up Sherlock really interesting.

      I've read Lestrade/John fic that I really like, but I don't think I could do it myself--too much sameness.

      And I see all kinds of Lestrade/Mycroft out there, but that I can't even read. Mycroft wigs me out--and the idea of him as a sexual partner kind of squicks me.

      *my non-romantic OTP for this character: OT3, in this case--I just love Lestrade, John and Sherlock together, all the shifting alliances and banter!

      *my unpopular opinion about this character: I don't think I have one? That I don't like him with Mycroft?

      *something I wish would happen in canon: I want to see the three of them off on some adventure together. I know this is one of my favorite fic scenario to write, and in this case, I just wanna see it on screen!
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