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the island of conclusions

That AO3 meme

the island of conclusions

bright star

That AO3 meme

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bright star
I wrote this up last night in an attempt to get myself to stop tinkering obsessively with my remix. Some things about this list make sense to me, and some just crack me up.

My 10 stories with the most hits on AO3:

1. Nothing Between Us and the New World : Holmes/Watson, R. An auction fic for help_haiti. This is a Ritchie ‘verse case fic that takes place after Mary’s (ACD canon) death, but it can best be described as the one where Holmes and Watson make out on the beach.

2. Catching Waves on Dry Land : Steve/Danny, NC-17. Gun kink PWP. My first H50 fic; I wrote it in early October 2010—ie, after only two or three episodes had aired. I still think it could happen—tho’ now it would be all deep and meaningful and angsty….

3. I Get By With…: John, Sherlock, Lestrade, gen h/c. “John is ill. Sherlock is perplexed. And Lestrade is in the wrong place at the wrong time.” Lestrade POV—the first of a bunch of fics I’ve written now about the three of them.

4. Like Death and Taxes : Steve/Danny, NC-17. PWP. Blindfolds and semi-public car sex.

5. And the heat goes on (where the hand has been) : John/Sherlock. PWP (are you sensing a trend yet?). Written for a prompt on the kinkmeme: Sherlock likes orgasms, but doesn’t like being touched (aka, the fic which convinced me there actually was a pairing I could write porn for).

6. You give me... : John, Sherlock, gen h/c. Sherlock is ill; luckily, John is a doctor. The first bit of Sherlock fic I wrote—again for the kinkmeme.

7. The Khyber Knife : John/Sherlock, NC-17. PWP (yes, you can start laughing now). Knifeplay, bloodplay, painplay. This was also for a kinkmeme prompt, and I think it’s still my favorite of my Sherlock stories.

8. Your voice along my spine . Benedict, Martin (Sherlock RPF). The one where Ben describes Sherlock’s sexual practices to Martin. You’ve met my voice!kink, right?

9. Sometimes a Blue Macaw : Steve, Danny, gen h/c. The malaria fic.

10. Island Comforts : Steve, Danny, gen h/c. “Steve is caring. It’s a little scary.”

So, some things that make sense:

It makes sense that “New World” is at the top of this list. It’s far easier to read on AO3 than LJ or DW, where it’s broken up into smaller pieces. And all the recs I know of for the fic link to AO3. It’s also one of the very few “first time” stories I’ve ever been able to write, so it has romance going for it. I struggled a lot when I was writing it (ask [personal profile] calamitycrow!), but now I like it.

It also makes sense that “Your Voice along my Spine” is up there. This one is only up on AO3, due to my initial anxiety about posting Sherlock RPF. It’s also true, though, that all of my Sherlock RPF stories are in the top 20 stories with the most number of hits on AO3. Which means…that people go to AO3 for obscure RPF? (I should say, though, that they are easier to find on the archive—to find them on LJ you’d either have to be a member of the locked Sherlock RPF com, or be wandering randomly around my journal).

It makes sense that all of these are H50 or some kind of Holmesiana—these are all fandoms with heavy readership/participation on AO3. It’s a little more instructive to note that while the fandom I have the most number of stories posted from is SPN, they are by far the least read. You’d have scroll through all my H50 fic, all my Sherlock/Holmes/Sherlock RPF fic, all my White Collar fic, and most of my Eagle/Eagle of the Ninth/Eagle RPF fic before you got to an SPN story that wasn’t a crossover. And then it would be Dean/Cas PWP. I think I burned hot for SPN for a while, but it wasn’t a great writer/fandom match-up for whatever reason….

The thing that cracks me up:

That there are some many PWPs up there! If you count h/c as a kink, and I usually do, the whole list is practically kinky PWPs. I mean, seriously? I think of myself as a gen writer, and really, the greater proportion of stuff that I write is gen. And I think most of my better writing is gen. But there you go…

The placement of “Catching Waves…” particularly makes me lol, because even though it has the second most hits, it has many fewer comments/kudos/AO3 bookmarks than fics that have few hits. So I always imagine people going “oo, goody, gun porn!” and then finishing it and saying, “Huh. Sure hope that girl has a day job.”

Anyway, navel-gazing aside, I quite like AO3 as a place to post fic. It has its idiosyncrasies, but it feels safe and satisfying.

In other news: Ways you can tell you live in a house full of boys? (seriously, the friggin’ bird is a boy, for all he goes on about how pretty he is).

Me, this morning: Okay, guys, I can’t take you to school until I google a picture of Kate’s dress.

9-year-old son, with great seriousness: Mama, why does the dress matter so much?

Why is the dress important?? *sputter, sputter*
  • You need a female dog! She is my girl, and I buy her pink (ish) accessories and she cuddles with me while boys blow up zombie communists in their video games. Because - yes! - the dress is important!

    • Yes! I need a little dog! I would probably smother it with little pink bows, tho'--

      I quite liked the dress, especially the bodice, though the train was....epic.

      Haven't seen anything else about the wedding yet!
  • LOL I guess I'm an honorary boy in this instance because I could not possibly care less about the wedding/dress/etc.

    And I absolutely do count h/c as a kink. It's MY kink!
    • yeah, I'm not so into the wedding itself--but the dress....I could spend a long time talking about the dress...It's kind of how I feel about the Oscars!

      And yeah, all other kinks pale next to h/c for me :)
  • LOL, I think people read the gun porn and are just too embarrassed to admit that they liked it.

    Kate's dress was really beautiful.
    • hee! maybe--I was certainly a little embarrassed when I wrote it--I think I only had it up on AO3 for a few weeks because I didn't want to offend my mostly-gen-reading list....(now, I have accepted it :))

      The dress was really beautiful--especially the bodice and the veil--the train was a little OTT, but, hey, if you can't go there for marrying a Prince, when can you? (did you see this?)
  • Saw the wedding, loved the dress....Kate was beautiful and her sister is like her twin!!

    Coming from a family of 5 brothers and no sisters, I'm really glad to have produced 2 daughters and 1 son. Love reading about males and their testosterone but living with it in the form of brothers or an adolescent son can be very wearing!!

    H/C....I love it!!
    • I haven't followed much about the wedding, but I had to see the dress--and she looked so lovely!

      I'm so happy you have daughters! Testosterone can be a wonderful and fascinating thing, but sometimes it's just mystifying (I showed that same son a picture of a cheetah cub and a puppy cuddling together recently, and he was like, yeah, so?)

      I have to rely on my girlfriends, both rl and virtual, who are, thank goodness, awesome!

      love that h/c!

      Edited at 2011-04-29 06:27 pm (UTC)
  • Oh, now I want to do this meme. Since I don't consider myself a very good writer, that's kind of embarrassing. I didn't realize how many H50 fics you had. I don't think I've read most of them. I'll have to go sit myself down over there. I do like Holmes 09 too.

    My daughter was impressed with the hats.
    • Hats! I haven't even looked for pictures of hats yet! eee!

      (okay, the funny thing about boys is that they love boy costumes--ie, sports equipment and scary halloween masks--which are as elaborate as anything a woman would wear or think about--but dresses? yuck!)

      It's a fascinating meme--give it a try (and you aren't a bad writer!). Don't bother reading my H50 fic--the bad thing about it for me, is that it's very tempting to jot down short, fluffy pieces, which is what most of them are. I'm always surprised I've written as much Sherlock as I have, because that, and the Holmes 09, ties me up in knots as a writer....

      Edited at 2011-04-29 06:34 pm (UTC)
      • Short and fluffy, you say this like it's a problem. :D
        My top 3 over there are 2 H50 ones (not long) and my longest fic, which is Merlin.
  • I had a small wedding viewing party for some friends this morning (see my LJ for our tacky decoration pictures!) -- the wedding was "eh", we were ALL about Cate's dress and what everyone was wearing at the church. Talk about the good, the bad and the ugly -- but it was a MUCH better variety for discussion than any Oscars. Great hats to die for too....

    And h/c is the best kink ever!! (Plus, I've recommended Blue Macaw about a dozen times to people who want go 50 fic to read, so I'm glad it's in the top 10!)
    • Your wedding party sounds awesome! that's what makes it fun--having friends to analyze the disasters with! I'm just going to have to buy People magazine or something--for the HATS!

      h/c is the best kink, isn't it!
  • Well, your boys are also young and innocent, but I think you're the only one on my flist who's even mentioned the royal wedding! what is their excuse??? *looks around in bafflement* Are you all in a timezone that didn't allow you to watch it? *wibbly lip* I wanna squee!
    • IKR--what is up with that? I'm old enough to remember getting up early for Diana's wedding (with my whole family). Maybe we're all still feeling burned by that? This time, I needed my sleep--but I still want to see the HATS (I'm going to have to buy People magazine or something).

      You've seen this, yes? Was it you I was talking to about a Merlin/H50 xover where the 5-0s have to be Arthur's bodyguards on his Hawaiian vacation/honeymoon?
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