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the island of conclusions

Remix! (and four other things)

the island of conclusions

bright star

Remix! (and four other things)

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bright star
1. The [profile] remix_redux archive went live yesterday!

Somebody remixed my H50 knife & bloodplay fic Take it from the Inside -- which is about the last thing I ever expected someone to remix. It's fascinating, though--they've taken the same set up and made a very different--and much funnier--fic (seriously--there's a hilarious scene at a blood drive). Thank you, anon! Check it out: Between the Darkness and the Dawn.

I have barely scratched the surface of the archive, but it looks amazing!

I saw this on some else's journal, and thought it was a neat idea. I think the remix I wrote is totally obvious--if only because it has lots of the stuff I always put in fics in it. If, for some reason, you come across one you think is mine in your trek through 268 fics in 132 fandoms, and you're right, I will very happily write you a ficlet in the fandom of your choice!

2. Check out alba17's Multifandom Royal Wedding Fic and Art Fest!


There are some awesome H50 and Sherlock prompts over there. Last night, I dashed off the tiniest, fluffiest bit of fic for the prompt William and Kate visit Hawaii, the team is tasked with their protection detail.

3. A FB friend linked this wacko list of 111 male characters of British Literature in order of bangability. I'll give you the top three: 3) Mr. Darcy; 2) Strider/Aragorn; 1) Mr. Rochester.

It's a little confusing. I can see Aragorn, sure, but why a blind guy with a burnt-out house and a history of driving his past wives to self-immolation is more bangable than a guy with a gorgeous (fully-functional) house in the country and a track record of bailing your relatives out of trouble is beyond me....

4. I have all kinds of things waiting to be watched on my computer, but the only thing I made it through this weekend was the first two episodes of Dr. Who 6. Now, I haven't watched a doctor since Tom Baker was wearing the scarf, so I had no real idea what was going on. But the whole thing was fun and adorable (+ Crowley!).

5. It wigs me to mention politics on LJ/DW, but I have to say hearing about Osama Bin Laden was more--something--than I expected. My older son was born about three weeks before 9/11, and neither of my children have ever lived in a world in which the US was not engaged in foreign war. I have no expectation that this event will put an end to that, but it reminded me of how very much I hope they will sometime live in a time of peace.
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    • *g* You know, I agree in principle--but in practice (as it were) I can see why Mr R won out. My work friend thinks it's because blindness/foibles thing makes him more vulnerable, and thus more accessible to your typical reader. Mr D. is a little too perfect. Of course, as my other friend pointed out, it's that kind of BS that's been messing women up for hundreds of years.....

      Aragorn, of course, if perfect, but only goes for Elves....
  • I'm a mere lurker on your LJ... but just peeping out of my hole to join in your total confusion about AWL bangability list... I shall question any list that puts John Watson below Tom Bombadil on counts of bangability. I know Tom married the River Daughter... but John has had women in 3 continents and it ain't because of his medical skills.
    • Hey *waves* Glad the list drew you out of lurking! I was completely mystified by the inclusion of Tom Bombadil myself--I'd forgotten he even had a wife. But not as mystified as I was by the inclusion of Tristram Shandy at all--because, talk about a neurotic mess, not to mention the whole castration thing....

      And John Watson in all his incarnations should be up there near the top!

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