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the island of conclusions

Remix Madness and the madness that is Camelot

the island of conclusions

bright star

Remix Madness and the madness that is Camelot

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bright star
Some lovely and generous soul wrote Coming Awake for Remix Madness! It's a remix of my 4.22 coda, Coming Untied. It switches things to Dean's POV, and does a wonderful job of bringing out aspects of his emotional situation I hadn't really even thought about. Thank you, anon!!

So, I have, but haven't watched yet, the latest episodes of H50, SPN and Game of Thrones (though I have watched the promos for H50 1.23, because omfg!)

I'm quite spoiler-philic, though, so don't worry about talking about them in comments.

I have, however, watched the fifth episode of Camelot. Why? idek--maybe I just needed to watch something with zero emotional investment...

In any case, the most important thing that happened in this episode was that Arthur got a new hairdo. Also new clothes. And in a possibly related development, something resembling cajones.

It appears as if we are going to have character development after all. Who knew?

(I felt like they'd left out the scene with Ygraine, where she forces him to tie his hair back, and says "There, now everyone can see your handsome face. And don't slump, dear, it's unbecoming." And he's bats at her and says, "Mom! Cut it out! Mom!" But she's right, as mothers always are.)

This week, Merlin....Well, do you remember that scene in the Guy Ritchie Holmes movie where RDJ!Holmes goes a little nuts after Watson is injured and barricades himself in an attic room and gets high and does weird experiments and writes all over the walls? Yeah. Merlin made like--except more Dark Ages.

This made Ygraine want to kiss him. (as I guess it would, because even bald and in a smock, JF is quite hot). But he wouldn't kiss her back, because: crazy.

Meanwhile, at the Castle of the Evil Ladies, Morgan's sinister nun friend (she now has a name, Sybil) paid some dude to beat her up, in the service fostering Morgan's bid for power (don't ask). Morgan was completely down with this, and put on awesome amounts of eyeliner, smeared Sybil's blood on her face, and proceeded to slit a man's throat in front of an audience.

No. I am not making this up.

  • I feel like if someone just made a cut of Morgan being crazy, I would totally watch that.
    • That would be by far the best way to watch it. Eva Green gives some awesome crazy--and wears some gorgeous caftans while she's doing it. (you know those things would look like schmattas on anybody else, but she carries them off like, idk, a beautiful evil queen or something).

      The rest of the show is quite meh.
  • omigosh, SPN was AWESOME.
  • I love your Camelot recaps XD
  • I like the BBC version of Merlin so much better. Lighthearted trumps bizarre in my t.v. world!
    • oh goodness, I like the BBC version better, too. Camelot really shows how well cast BJ is as Arthur (or that he's done a great job with the part)--because he manages to be both prat-like and sympathetic, and to give you a sense that he could be/will be a great king. Whereas the guy they have in Camelot, idk...even with the new hairdo.

      It's almost impossible to imagine fic coming out of Camelot other than PWP because none of the characters are emotionally engaging....

      STILL--there is something so entertaining about it. Clearly--something wrong with me....
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