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the island of conclusions

White Collar canon question

the island of conclusions

bright star

White Collar canon question

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In one of the first Alex episodes of S1, Alex and Neal talk about pulling a heist together in Italy (is it for the music box?). My memory is that one of them broke their leg and got left behind--but can't remember 1) which ep is it and 2) who got left behind.

Does anyone remember?

  • I thought it was in Holland and then they hid in Paris? Or the other way 'round?

    *wreaking my brains, but I can't remember the exact episode either*
  • It's the Amalienborg Palace in Copenhagen, Denmark. They were breaking in to steal the music box, but since it was a "three-man job" it failed, resulting in them each leaving the other to their own devices afterwards. Both showed some scars to each other in the post-sculpture scene in Out of the Box. The impression I got in the scene was that they had had a relationship/fling up to that point, but because they are "who we are," it fell apart. I suppose they meant that they're thieves and shouldn't be trusted.

    Also, we now know, from Forging Bonds, that this was the job that Neal wanted to take Kate to Europe for, but neglected to tell her that it was the real reason he wanted to go, thus she dumped him.

    PS - if you go to afiawri 's journal, she's got all the transcripts for each episode up, so you can quote from the show, if you need to.
    • thank you! (and goodness I misremembered that--I usually have better recall than that!). So is the conversation in Out of the Box/ 1.13?

      Did I make up the whole broken leg thing?

      (it's for your fic, of course! you don't mind a bit of Alex, do you? it's not a pairing, or the majority of the fic--)
      • Hurray! I don't recall if there was a broken limb, just the revealing of scars (so, so sexy!). And maybe I'm misremebering too - LOL! You can browse over at fia's LJ for the answer. It's SUCH a great resource, I can't recommend it enough.

        I don't mind any pairing, actually - in WC, I love any and all, and gen too. I love all the characters. It's that rare show that just hits every level of enjoyment for me.
        • cool! I feel the same way about the pairings--though I think this fic will end up gen w/ a lot of characters....

          thank you for the pointer to those transcripts! It is in Out of the Box, after the statue scene.

          Alex: I have a scar from the jump off the gate house.
          Neal: Healed nicely.
          Alex: You didn't visit me in the hospital
          Neal: You didn't visit me in prison [by which I assume after Peter put him in prison, not that he went to a Danish jail after this attempted heist]

          So, from that I extrapolated a broken leg, and you extrapolated them comparing scars!

          Thanks again for the help!
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